New RP idea

  • Sorry that I've been gone for a long while, I just have a lot of trouble actually doing things, particularly when it comes to writing.

    In any case, I'm back and I have an idea that I want to try out if anyone's interested.

    A Redwall Steampunk RP. I'm not entirely sure what I want the story to be, or what the various important areas would be like. So, I would like to hear your ideas.

  • Seems like a neat concept.

    I'd be interested it seeing evolve if nothing else.

  • Sounds like fun. Steampunk is pretty awesome

  • I've given it some thought, and here are some of the things I've come up with:

    Salamandastron has become a large coastal city and capital of the Mossflower region. The top portion of the mountain has become a dock for the many airships that move in and out of the city. The Long Patrol are kept busy patrolling the city and the countryside. The city is governed by the badgerlord and a council of representatives.

    Redwall abbey has changed very little. The most that happened was a small farming village forming near the abbey.

    As for the story, I have two ideas. First, the location of several artifacts have been discovered and the badgerlord has put up a reward for each one found. Second idea, a strange plague has struck salamandastron and several ships have been sent out to try and find a cure.

    The technology is approximately mid 1800s era. Just with a lot of steampunk/clockwork tech. I am also debating having some kind of magic, but I'm not sure.

  • Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions to add on?

  • I can't think of anything for now, what you've got is pretty good.

  • Yay. Sounds good to me

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