Armello "The Raven" Darkpaw

  • Full Name: Armello Casco Darkpaw

    age: 22

    Commonly known as: "The Raven"

    Family: Casco Darkpaw the third(father, died  to plauge), Mari Darkpaw(mother), Henri Darkpaw(brother, died to the plague),Luigi Darkpaw (brother,died to plague)

    Species: Wildcat (although it is very difficult to even learn this)

    Items: He is always in black robes that with a leather hooded mantle and his tricorn hat. His robes,leather gloves and boots tend to be able to obscure his cat like shape although the most iconic thing he has is the black as night leather mask that somewhat resembles a bird. Many know this mask as the symbol for the plague doctor. The very sight of these mean means one of two things, one is it is just a simple doctor which can be a relief for many…or death illness is within the town. Yet many of the doctors of this caliber prefers to wear the more easily identifiable white masks. This mask is quite the opposite of that with it's color of leather which ended up causing Armello to simply be known as "The Raven". He carries a medicinal bag on one side with a white cross stitched on it, then there is a bag filled with dangerous poisons and whatnot on the other side. This bag is far smaller and has a skull pin on it. He also carries a cane sword that looks simple like the iconic plague doctor staff.

    -very calculating and strategic
    -perhaps one of the most knowledgeable individuals in medicine and poisons
    -capable of handling himself in a fight

    -his appearance is rather mysterious and terrifying due to what these kinds of doctors as associated with causing a lack of trust with people especially since he doesn't talk much
    -a very curious individual(curiosity killed the cat)
    -not really able to make friends (for reasons below)

    Personality: It is rather difficult to get a idea on his personality due to the fact not many really has seen who he really is. If anything he is more secretive and doesn't say much to people unless they have proven themselves to be trust worthy. Even then he still isn't very revealing. If someone manages to get him to willingly remove his mask and show you his face it is perhaps the ultimate sign of trust from him. Typically when someone asks who he is he shall simply respond with "I am your doctor but many calls me The Raven." and say nothing more.

    Background: Armello is from a small town of Pyat in the west. The town was well pretty much a average village and there was not much except for one thing. This town was home to what people simply called the Healing Church. Although part of it was a place of worship in the town, a good portion of the Healing Church was dedicated Doctors, Herbalists, and others who have dedicated themselves to medicine and healing. Here many individuals came to train under and eventually become a member of the Healing Church. Armello was one of these aspiring individual who from the young age of 12 spent almost 10 years as a apprentice to the a well known and respected member of the church.  Although other members whom has connections did not like Armello personally so when he was offered to join the church instead of being a traditional healer Armello became the feared Plague Doctor. These Doctors was known to go straight into town suffering plagues to tend to the sick. Although a admirable job to some, many believe in the superstition that these doctors are the symbol of death and that once these doctors are seen in your village it means the village has been given a death sentence. Regardless things possibly would had been fine until, the home of the healing church was stricken with a plague. This plague took the life of his mentor along with many doctors who wasn't trained like Plague Doctors who conditions like this was normal and they was more prepared. As a sign of mourning for the lost of his mentor and some of his family Armello replaced his traditional church plague doctor mask to a solid black version that typically is worn by the Plague Doctors that mainly deal with the dead. Now Armello has gotten a name for himself being known as "The Raven" for the appearance the mask gave and for his mysterious way of acting and stories have been told about how The Raven is known for being just as capable of taking life as he is to preserving it. Now he still serves the Healing Church going to various places for his duties.

  • Couldn't help noticing… Armello? Like the awesome game?

  • they know! my cover is blown flees

  • Lol! I love that game! Only won 2 though…

  • I haven't won once :'D

  • It's hard though.

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