Mary-Sue Litmus Test

  • Alright, just something I figured I would post for your (any my) improvement. This isn't a contest in any way; it's supposed to help give you a guage on how much revision the character could use. Just a note, some great characters will still peg high on the test.

    If any of you don't know what a Mary Sue is, just think of Wesley Crusher (of Star Trek fame) and you have a prime example.  Typically found more in literary works, they're characters quite dull and over-powered.


    Case in point: Muramin scored a 46, which would be considered dangerously high on the first test above. She scored a 20 on the second link.  As you can see, different tests reveal different results. Just a note, a lot of things are subjective. For the tests to work, be in favor of clicking something if it's a "Maybe…" or a "Well, s/he could have..." type of thing.

  • I scored 57 on the first one, but I'm honestly not sure how well I filled out the questionnaire. Then I scored 32 on the second one.

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    I scored a 25 on the first one.

  • Ya, allot to the questions are about personal apperence of my chara, Ensis, to which I don't usualy put to much ephasis on, my fault.  Plus, when our chara's are animals, it kinda screws up the hole system. 
    I took the second one and got an 11.

    I'm going to go add some stuff to my chara profile.

  • Actually, being anthropomorphic doesn't change much in the way of the questionnaire. There's still a lot to be said about unusual colours by species, cultures, hybrids, and the like. As a rule, I'd think we should score less than par because we don't use magic or have lots of wonderful gadgets at all. shrugs But, that's just my two cents.

  • I don't know if what I'm about to say makes much sence, I'm not a good anilizer, but I think it those tests were made more for plain fiction with modern charas.  I'm probably wrong so prove it.

  • How about the comment that says to disregard anything that is normal for the setting?

  • Where was that?

  • At the beginning of the first one. Where it says read carefully.

  • My bad.

  • Just about two 29's. I think that's decent.
    I suspect I forgot who I was taking the test for a few times and checked the wrong boxes… I'm a very forgetful person. Though I'm not sure if that would have hurt or helped my score. It probably evened out quite nicely. I'm too lazy to take either one again.

    To be fair, there is magic in Redwall, it's just not generally regarded as magic. For instance, some of the characters if I remember right had almost magic healing abilities, and Martin continues to show up in peoples dreams possibly hundreds of years after his death... so... that ones really pretty debatable, but you get my point.

    And it is after all, Martins "Magic" Sword.  😉

  • I scored a 11.  Then a 4.  (for my RPG chara)

    19 on my novel chara.

    I guess I have a problem sometimes with OVER simplifying my charas. I feel like they should be pretty normal, and only win if they want the goal bad enough to sacrifice EVERYTHING and give every ounce of their life to obtain it. Winning should be painful. That's my perfect story world…. Just my thoughts.

  • Wow, I just decided to see how low I could realistically get a character's score and look to see what the chara was like. He was:
    1. Across breed of rat/mouse/vampire-bat with only the  disabilities of both species and none of the advantages
    2. Overweight, ugly, lazy, acts more like a rat/mouse than a human and is 70 seasons old
    3. Cannot overcome his dependence on blood
    4. Is phobic of water (hehe)
    5. Is a cruel, mindless, killing coward
    6. Is anti-social, steals, lies, cheats
    7. Is mentally handicapped

    There was probably more, but I don't remember all of it. Anyway, I scored him about a negative 30. Hilarious. Could you imagine RPing this character? He's so un-sue, he's sue!

  • I tried to make a really sue character and got an 11. I mean, the character was beautiful, exotic, has many talents, good friends, smart, quick, physically powerful etc. etc. but man … LOL I got an 11!

  • I wonder what some charas like Voldamort and such would score! They would be off the scales! 😄

  • Actually, I've never thought of using an existing character from other books before. Let's try Harry Potter himself!

  • haha! I was just thinking that last night!

  • LOL! That would be like a 60-70! She should have ditched him from the beginning! One less rotten book in the world!

    Hey, what about Twilight?!

  • Okay guys, get this:

    Harry Potter scores an 82!!!

    dies laughing

    Edward Cullen gets a 70.

    Maybe you can reach a point where it's just so absurd that it's cool to be sue….

  • Keep in mind that the scores are just for an example.  If you took Bono's information and ran it through the tests, he'd score really high.  However, he IS a real person.

    The idea is to prevent characters that are typical of fanfics, less so of RPs.

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