Dozrir Tin

  • Nickname: Steelmouth, Doz
    Fullname: Dozrir Tin (Däz-rear Ten)
    Species: Fox
    Age: 26
    Alignment: Neutral-Vermin
    Job: Scout
    Description: Dozrir Tin is a scout for a group of vermin, he is toned but overall skinny and considered tall for a fox. He has broad shoulders and long lanky arms. His stomach was flat and pecs were somewhat visible through his conditioned form. His fur is a dull shade of red all around his body excluding the fine white fur on the tip of his long bushy tail and the brown fur dominating his face. He wears a short tan shendyt that rises slightly above his hips, tied off and fastened to his body with a thick piece of blue twine. In this twine, he holds a small dagger.

    The shendyt falls just a few inches above his knees, and other than this he wears no garment beside his leather gauntlets, more akin to wristbands. He had a long snout, with a small chiseled nose at the end. The fox's eyes are dark green and piercing. His face was strong and defined, though it didn't look hostile. He often wore a care-free and happy expression on his face, either smiling or simply holding a blank resting face. He sports two simple looking brass rings secured around the ring-finger of his left paw and the index of his right.  His waist holds a thin leather utility belt and scabbard fastened onto. The scabbard holds his shortsword, and across his back, a large knapsack held secure by a band across his bare chest.

    His mouth is full of shining white teeth, all except the left side of his lower jaw. Towards the back of maw, there were no teeth and the area was covered in a large mass of scar tissue. The scar started at the bottom of his jaw and protruded up into his mouth through what used to be the teeth in the back. The injury was plain of a stab wound from a small blade and was only semi-visible with a closed maw. Even then it wasn't too large of a scar, covering only a minuscule area.

    Possessions: Dozrir carries with him a small shortsword crafted of iron, along with a steel dagger. His clothing, a shendyt, a leather scabbard and leather belt. Leather gauntlet wristbands along with two brass rings, and a leather knapsack hoisted across his back. Inside is several pieces of flint and a finely made stick of steel. Several scrolls made of parchment, sealed glass inkwell, and several feathered quills. A waterskin, and finally a lengthy rope made of manila.

      - Charismatic. The Fox knows his ways with words and how to appeal to almost everyone he meets.
      - Fast runner. He is extraordinarily quick on his paws and often has no trouble outrunning even a hare if it comes to it.
        - Knows how to read/write. Dozrir was taught this fine art by his mother, a rarity among common beast.
        -Unarmed combat. He is skilled in non-lethal means of putting down an opponent, mostly through blunt force or submission holds.

        - Guilty conscience.
        - Unconfident in killing. Part of his guilty conscience, he can't end the life of another without being haunted by it the next day. That doesn't mean he won't however.
        - Easily distracted. His mind is always on something, and never on the same thing for more than a few seconds. He has difficulty remembering things and doesn’t pay attention to details and often makes careless mistakes.
        - Glutton.  Eating more food than the average beast, Dozrir has always been around a ready supply of food and that suited well to his high metabolism. He has grown comfortable eating frequent meals and will often eat until he is sick, but grow hungry again within a short two hours or so.
        - Low endurance. While he may be fast he also runs out of breath faster. While he can outrun most, he can't outrun them for very long.

    Personality:  Dozir is a very happy and care-free individual, he is nice and overall a generous beast. His motive is often to get another beast to like him, and he often makes that clear. He's only often belligerent to the people he dislikes, and that may be anyone at random, for any insignificant reason. The Fox loves to conversate with anyone who is willing and is fond of stories told by others. He is clever and very optimistic, charming, and willing.

    Background: Hailing from the desert riddled lands of Southsward, Dozrir comes from a line of slavers. Born in the vermin camp of Sumket, a community of slavers of about 120 and consisting mostly of Foxes, it was home to more than a few rats, weasels, ferrets, and stoats. He was taught as just a young beast to read and write under his mother, Moshiln Hant. Helping to keep a record of incoming slaves and take stock of weapons, materials, and food. He kept his job as a scribe for many years, all the way up until his adolescence where he began to work under his father, Semut Tin.  There he began being taught the ways of fighting through unarmed means, tracking, and navigating the deserts. By the time he had reached the age of 20 he had already been assigned to work together with a partner to look for travelers, small communities, and other victims for the soldiers of Sumket to retrieve. He held his position as  'master scout' for a few years, appointed by the Queen, a vixen simply known as 'Nuru'.

    Dozrir was often forced to watch over the slaves as they worked when he wasn't out scouting, making sure none escaped during the night. It was his job to make sure they were patted down and searched before entering the holding cells. He eventually grew tired of the process, allowing them to return to the cells unchecked every night. One unlucky evening the Fox had fallen asleep watching the slaves, most unbeknown to Dozrir that had been what one of them was waiting for. Finding himself awake before the dagger struck, the Fox had a blade shoved through his mouth by a small mouse. After defeating the mouse, and living through the wound the other vermin began calling him 'Steel mouth' from the incident.

    Though he had an easy life at the camp, Dozrir decided only a few months after the scuffle with the mouse that he wasn't suited for his work there anymore, and wanderlust began to set in. Through many days of planning, and thinking he eventually set out from Sumket, drifting off through the north and into Mossflower Wood where he resided with a small group of vermin, yet again as a scout.

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