Dallas Irontail (Updated)

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    **Name:**Dallas Irontail
    **Nicknames/Aliases:**Dallas "Woodmaster" Irontail
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Otter
    Occupation: Architect/Carpenter/Swordsman
    **Weight:**235 lbs
    Height: 6'2"

    Tall in height for an Otter, but slightly heavier in weight and well built with plenty of muscle. Dallas sports a traditional brown colored fur, but with a large scar coming down from the top left side of his chest near the upper right part of his abdomen. Dallas' light brown eyes are brought out by his fur color which give him a more humble side to his well aged body. He has ruffled headfur that hangs to the middle of his eyes and a scruffy beard that he keeps trimmed to stay the same length. Dallas let's it grow longer from time to time, usually during the winter months to keep his face warm while wood working.

    The adult Otter mostly wears a green tunic equipped with a jeweled scabbard holding a wonderful Middle sword, lighter than most. He chews on a piece of straw from time to time which is usually before building or fighting. His belt has many little helpful gadgets such as ropes for escaping and a hook for climbing walls. Dallas also conceals a sharp jeweled dagger that has its own beautifully crafted hilt.


    Dallas is normally a quiet beast, but will mildly interact with others if spoken to. His temper is low, but could be angered very quickly, usually if another beast gets into his face and starts taunting or show boating. Besides that, he's usually a happy creature. He's very serious when it comes to training or when fighting in battle, never wanting to fool around. Dallas is pretty laid back, usually when hes relaxing or when there's nothing do to. Nonetheless, Dallas has a kind heart and a is very spirited when it comes to helping other beasts.


    -Well trained with a blade.
        -Uses quick blows with his sword and sometimes with his fists.
        -His specialty with the use of his rope for climbing up large walls
        -Excellent swimmer, fast in the water.
        -Well known for his carpentry and architect skills.


    -Quick with his paws but slow on his footpaws.
      -Defense isn't as good as offense. Knocked back easier.
      -Harder time fighting smaller, quicker creatures.
      -His scar is his major weak point, always feeling tender. Hitting his large scar could cause him to collapse or blackout.


    Dallas, originally from Redwall, lived a simple and peaceful childhood. His parents were normal, hardworking Otters, usually picking flowers and strawberries for the Abbey. This was an Otter that had no intentions of being a warrior, or any kind of fighter for that matter; Dallas wanted to live out his life in peace. As time went on, the young Otter babe became a young adult. At the age of sixteen he decided he wanted to travel and become an architect or be a rough carpenter. With the help of his family and friends, he could make all this come to reality.

    He had great love for working with wood and other materials to build something, usually homes, reinforcing them with wooden frames and brick. He read many books and parchments about old buildings, their blueprints, and their measurements. Dallas picked out the best books and parchments about the subject that helped him with his studies.

    Dallas learned about many different places while in Redwall, but he wasn't too strong when it came to lifting heavy objects. He also learned that he needed to defend himself when traveling. He read his books, and trained his body heavily. He was taught the way of using a blade properly and how to protect himself and others.

    He built his first home in the abbey out of wood and brick, making a special type of cement with mud, sand and water. He made furniture and other things with wood. He kept his body in shape through his work with wood and materials. Dallas didn't stop training his swordsmanship either; it was at it's peak. He eventually said his good byes and left Redwall, four years later, age twenty. He promised to return someday to visit everyone he cared for.

    Dallas was able to live his dream, traveling everywhere in Mossflower and helping others out, which was a plus. He built small homes for homeless beasts and things that would help them live out their lives. Dallas even went beyond Redwall to places where legends like Martin the Warrior and Luke lived. He traveled north, south, east, west, and by sea. He helped build large ships as well. It was the greatest experience of his life. He grew larger, his body became thicker and more muscled, and he became battle and labor hardened. Dallas sent parchments with the help of a carrier bird back to the Abbey to tell of his adventures and later, of his accident.

    The young Otter experienced one of the worst scenarios for any woodworker to face. At age twenty six after coming back from traveling the sea, Dallas was helping a creature fix a big section in their home made from an accidental fire. He was hoisting up a stake that would hold up part of the foundation. The top part of the rope snapped and the sharp javelin like stake fell, slicing open his chest and upper abdomen. He blacked out.

    Dallas woke up bedridden, being cared for by the goodbeasts of a nearby village. They thought he was going to die, but with his strong will and their medicines and herbs, they had high hopes. It took many months before he was completely healed and was able to move again. Years later, the gigantic Otter now resides in his home next to a river in the middle of Mossflower, making a living from fixing homes for many beasts and still practices his swordsmanship.


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