Wooden Travels

  • Pask hesitated at the sight of the cloaked and masked figure at her door. 'What, in heaven's name, is this?' Certainly not Ferrus.

    The vixen cast a brief glance and reassuring smile in Liam's direction. His question, asking if he should let the creature in, caught her notice and wonder. The protective nature of those words and his readied stance were things she had witnessed before in others but never from a mouse toward vermin like her. Yet in a flash her momentary surprise was gone and Pask directed her full attention to the creature in her doorway.

    She sniffed the air again – a cat, maybe, stood behind that disguise. She didn't know any cats out here, and none known to dress like that. Despite her suspicions, Pask allowed herself to relax with the stranger's request. She had a reputation of helping any beast for a cost, and nasty masks wouldn't change that yet.

    "No, please. Let him in, Liam." She stepped forward, subtly taking her knife from the table to tuck into the folds of her dress. "What are you in need of, Sir...?" She held her place before this 'Raven', not allowing entry until her own questions were answered.

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    The masked individual gave a nod before the Vixen cuts him off as he started to take a step into the building. Giving a slight sigh he spoke. "Well Madame, I am simply in need to restock medical supplies and I do have a list." He said as he pulled out a small leather-bound notebook and handed it to her with it opened to the page containing the list. "You see I am a doctor, well a more….. "unique" kind of doctor. Those like myself are more properly trained in dealing with illnesses that are...well far easier to spread and cause chaos. For example these masks and thick robes help prevent the doctor from falling ill themselves. " He said as he gestured his to his attire. "Although Madame, may I please enter now? Forgive me if I sound rude but you did seem to block the entrance after allowing me to come in. Are you sure there is no issue? If there is, could you at least provide me directions to the Abbey known as Redwall? I have business there."

  • Pask took the book and skimmed the scrawl. She was no creature of letters but thanks to a trade in her youth, she as able to pick out the names of the plants and tinctures listed. Two she did not know; a set of four caused her pause.

    "Forgive an old fox for not being especially trusting." She looked up and offered the beast a wan smile. Pask openly surveyed him again, letting her gaze linger on the ugly mask and robes.

    "I don't do business with folk I can't see and whose names I don't know. My name is Paskflaur, though as you have find my home, I suspect you may already know that. Take that mask off; you're in no danger of sickness here."

    She stepped back into the house, allowing him entry. "I can provide you with most of what you need, but some of these are rare and especially expensive. What can you give in trade?"

  • The beast gave a nod as he stepped inside and once again gave a bow. "Considering it is only polite since you introduced yourself I shall do the same. My name is Armello  Casco Darkpaw, plague doctor of the Église de guérison,the Healing Church from the city of Athel." He said before adjusting hs mask. "Now Madame like yourself I to cannot be very trusting hence why i do prefer to keep the mask on. Especially considering the…..social interactions between some of the species of people seem...rather negative because they are different." So I prefer to just be known as a masked doctor for now." He said before glancing over at the mouse. "So you said you have heard of me? I didn't expect a simple plague doctor who wears a black mask instead of a white one would become so interesting." He said rather curious. "What have they said about me if you do not mind me asking."

  • "It depends who you ask," Liam replied as he closed the door and faced the hooded figure. "I met an aging squirrel a season or two ago who spoke of the black-masked plague doctor, who worked tirelessly to help those suffering of the Ague. He kept admiring and praising you until he ran out of breath."

    Looking Armello straight in the eye-hole of his mask (and maybe shuddering a bit at the sight), he continued: "However, more than one goodbeast in the various inns I've visited have cursed you for taking the lives of their loved ones, or being the bearer of plague itself. Some vermin tell unsettling tales of the way you deal with threats to your life, how your dispassionate manner scares them as much as your appearance does."

    Liam folded his arms. "As for my own opinion, that will wait until I've gotten a measure of the creature Armello, not the legend of the Raven."

  • Armello gave a sigh as he listened. "Of course I'd be cursed for being responsible for their deaths. They do not understand that I am just a doctor. Not a miracle worker, some illnesses all I can do is allow then to die peacefully." He shook his head. " Regardless I respect your judgement." He said as he remained standing by the door a but behind the monotone demeanor and mask he unsure of where this go next.

  • Paskflaur listened to Armello's conversation with mounting dislike. In addition to his accent, there was something in his tone, a certain pretention, perhaps, that grated against her. Plague doctors, honestly. That was a problem for foreign lands, where beasts believed in superstition over fact and put their faith in so-called doctors in costume.

    "Respectfully, Armello, you are in no danger in my home. I think you will find that beasts here are more frightened of your current visage than of whatever lies beneath. No one likes to be tended to by a grim crow and unless you brought your plague with you, you will find no use for it in these lands." She offered a placating smile before moving to the wall of dried herbs and bottled potions. "Your mask, please, and your method of payment. Normally, I accept trades in labor and goods, but seeing as you are a traveller, I will take coin. The raw herbs will cost two gold coins; the tinctures and salves ten."

    The vixen set the book on her countertop and waited.

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  • Armello suddenly froze up as it dawned on him that this vixen is hellbent on having him remove his mask. Looking back at Pask and the mouse it was clear that his calm demeanor seems a bit more unnerved. He silently placed the 12 gold coins on the table and began to take off his hat. After that  he slowly began to undo the neatly tucked in hood and slowly removed the mask revealing the bobcat underneath.

    There was two rather striking thing about Armello. First off was his vibrant blue eyes that seemed to almost shimmer when the sun strikes his youthful face. Yet those eyes did show a sense of maturity. The other thing is far less appealing to look at unfortunately. From the lower part of his left cheek and jaw stretching down until vanishing behind his robes was a massive scar that had a very thin and almost nonexistent fur on it. The scar did also appear that initially this was once a very gruesome and agonizing burn but now all tat is left is this faded scar on his face. Armello did not look up.

    He seemed almost humiliated as his kept his gaze on the ground, silently swearing at this pushy vixen in his head. Why was she so fixated on having him remove the mask? He thought to himself. If only instead she just sent him on his way he wouldn't be standing here forced to show the face he tired so hard to hide.

  • Liam watched the exchange with mixed feelings. It was more than a bit uncomfortable watching Armello be forced to remove the mask that he obviously wanted to leave on. Still, it wasn't as if Pask had no excuse for requesting such a thing as payment for her services. He had seen plenty of odd and strange requests in exchange for goods and services, like that time where-

    Without warning, the window near the door shattered; a stone tumbled through the tinkling glass and rolled onto the floor. The sound of hooting and jeering was clearly audible, and a voice rose from amidst it: "You old crone! Yer gonna get what's comin' t'you!"

    Quick as a flash, Liam grabbed his spear and risked a glance out the window. Three weasels and a stoat (young ones from the looks of it) were laughing among themselves, hefting stones and ripping up the garden.

    "It seems we have…unwanted guests," he announced to Pask and Armello. "What should we do about them?"

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  • The coins vanished into a pocket tucked in the folds of Pask's apron. The vixen watched closely as Armello removed the hat and then the mask, revealing a wildcat underneath. She took him in, from the odd tipped ears (perhaps this is what wildcats look like to the east), to his blue eyes (fetching), and the terrible scar that ripped through his fur. The vixen's expression softened and she searched for his gaze again. "It's healed well, and nothing to be ashamed of," she said, whiskers twitching in a respectful smile. "You'll find your beside manner improved–"

    The shatter of glass behind Armello sent her ears pinning, tail stiffening. "What in the hells." The stone rolled to a stop at her paw and Pask snatched it up, nodding to Liam and his assessment as she rounded the other side of the table and left Armello to his own devices.

    "How dare they," Pask snarled, her ears pricked forward in aggression now. "You two wait here. I don't know what this is about."

    The vixen threw the door open with her hip and stormed out to her porch, fur on end, and a savage wrinkle in her muzzle that only vermin could muster. "Get out of my garden, whelps! I will have your hides and don't think I don't know you, Wego's son." She hurled the rock at the stoat. "I saved your baby sister of dying of colic just this last season and once your father hears of this, he will skin you for me! What is the meaning of this? Get out!"

  • Armello sat down at a seat looking at his black mask before listening to the angry vixen shout at the 3 troublemakers. But something caught his attention when she mentioned helping a infant dying of Colic. At the sight of this he looked out and started to recite the information he know about the condition. "Colic…also known as Baby Colic, a severe crying bout that can last for several hours. Cause of this is unknown but it is assumed that the baby could be allergies and the temperament of the baby...." He said before pausing as a thought crossed his head and looked up. "...It is rather harmless and should end once the child is around 4 months....How can a baby nearly die of that?" He said leaning back and looking at his journal again to see if there is anything else he is missing.

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  • The young stoat easily dodged the thrown rock. "Oh, like ya really did anythin’ special", he sneered in return at Pask. "It was nothin’ that some time woulda cured. Ya think that yer herbs are so special, and tha’ you can cure anybeast wid yer fancy woo woo. Face it, you old bag, we’re all tired o’you pandering to those goodbeasts! An’ I’m not th’only one who’ll say wot’s on everybeasts’ mind!”

    He nudged one of his weasel buddies. “Ey there now, don’ just stand there, say somethin' too!”

    Startled, the weasel nearly dropped his rock, but then caught it at the last second. “Er, yeah, wot Bregin said!” he shouted, voice straightening out. “We ain’t gonna stand for them goodbeasts hangin’ round here no longer! We’re gonna run them outta here, along with any vermin who support them!”

    “There, ya see?” Bregin turned back to the vixen, gripping his rock tightly and crushing a tomato beneath his paw for good measure. “Plenty of vermin agree with me.”

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    Armello gave a sigh after his train of thought was derailed after more obnoxious yelling. He soon stood up and refastened his mask on his face back to the errie appearance as he placed his book down ,picked up his rather interesting cane and began to walk out the door revealing his presence to the younger vermin as he placed himself in between Pask and these rather rude individuals. "Excuse me monsieur. Are you sure your parents will appreciate finding out you all have been harassing a healer? Perhaps you all should depart….it would be within everyone's best interests."  He said with a unsettling pause as he tightened the grip on his cane. Although there was something interesting about that cane puts it off but not many are sure what it is as it appears to simply be a fine crafted and made of redwood. But the secret of this cane is not the cane itself, but the blade hidden within the cane.

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