Liam Stoutheart

  • Nickname: Li/Liam
    Full Name: Liam Stoutheart
    Species: Mouse

    Description: Liam is an average-sized mouse, possessing light brown fur and green eyes, and wears a faded (once brown) traveler's tunic; it has so many badly patched spots that it looks like a seamstress's worst nightmare. When not in combat, his spear doubles as a walking stick while he travels. Wears an amulet that is the only remainder of his unknown past (a stone wheel on a bronze chain).

    Possessions: Plain unadorned spear, short sword,  traveler's tunic, traveler's pack with rations, rope, sewing kit, amulet of his past

        - Very competent at spear fighting
        - Optimistic fellow
        - Can sew things
        - Can forage

        - Has problems fighting armored opponents
        - Obsesses over tiny details
        - Clumsy (also affects his sewing)
        - Whistles horribly (and refuses to acknowledge that)

    Personality: Liam is something of a carefree spirit, traveling from place to place in search of new sights. He has a personal motto: defend the innocent at all cost, and many a time has gotten into life-threatening danger as a result. Despite knowing how to sew, his clumsiness makes it come out wrong, and more than once an irate mousewife has scolded him for it. Liam has picked up the habit of making bad puns from his (deceased) master, and will rant at anyone who tries shortening his name (shortening names is serious business).

    Background: Liam Stoutheart has a vague memory from before the age of 13; all he knows is what his master told him when she found him huddled at her doorstep one night in Mossflower. His master, an old red squirrel, took the young mouse in, and passed on her knowledge of fighting arts to him, along with the skills of foraging and sewing. Five years passed; Liam came back from a long walk to find his master brutally slain and their home trashed. He swore to avenge her, and that he would give the vermin who did it justice.

    Age: 21
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Job: Traveler (mostly lives off the land as he travels, could do sewing if he wasn't so clumsy)

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