Steam Raiders (Private: coolcoyote)

  • The two pirates hide in the safety of the tavern. The hearth is quickly lit and using supplies from the store house the pirates enjoy a simple meal.

    With several more items from the store room substituting for a second, third and forth course. Suffice to say that between Elena and Dylan the supplies might not last as long as they hope.

    Resting at a chair with her feet kicked back on the table Elena finishes scrounging through a small tin can of pudding. "Think the tavern will hold together?"

    Looking up from the blunderbuss he is cleaning Dylan looks up at the room above them. "It will hold up better than our last ship." He laughs darkly.

    "Maybe we should head to the armory. It's made of stone after all."

    "No." Dylan days flattly.

    "Why not? Did you see something there?" Elena narrows her eyes. She sits up, leaning as far forward as her swollen midriff will allow, "Does this have to do with why you won't let me go into the store room?"

    Dylan cringes, "N-no…" Once Dylan laid eyes upon the store room he nearly had a heart attack. It was the same. Down to every last detail. The gem in his pocket seems to become heavier, if only in his own mind. He opens his mouth to speak and Elena interupts, "Dylan if you make one joke about not letting me go into the store room using my weight, diet or eating habits I will James that blunderbuss down your throat."

    Dylan gulps, laughing nervously, "Me? Nah, never." He rubs his neck. "I just got a case of the Willie's, you know. All that's been going on. Even my nerves get frayed ya know?"

    The vixen raises an eyebrow, "Sounds like the perfect beast to take first watch." She stands, stretching and yawning, "Wake me up at midnight." She declairs before heading upstairs. She chuffs at the sound of the shutters banging together upstairs, "As if I could sleep at all..."

  • The night went uneventful during Dylans watch, it wasn't until the Elena took over and he went to sleep. Only until everything went silent and he started dreaming the "vision" came again. Though this time everything stayed dark and he felt as if just floating in a dark void of nothingness, yet felt as if something was there as a faint glow is seen ahead of him.

    ?remialcer eht uoy erA A voice whispers to him from seemingly everywhere.

  • As far dreams go this isnt Dylan's favorite but by far isn't the strangest. It's nothing compared to that time when he dreamed he was leading his ship into battle in only his fur and a hat. Of course he found out later that one actually happened but still.

    Dylan gulps, his grasp of common limited let alone speak disembodied backward speak. "Uh…y-yes?" He asks timidly. "Sure why not. I guess..." Yes seems a simple safe answer for now. "Who are you? And what in de blazes are ya doing in me dreams? Unless I am about to take a bath in gold coins while being served grapes by a horde of scantily clad vixens get out of my head!"

    Meanwhile in reality, or what passes for it these days Elena is busy trying to keep herself awake. She hardly slept a wink what with the storm rocking the very timbers of the inn. During her rest Dylan seemed to barricade the door with a table along with the windows. It's hard to say if he is trying to keep out the storm or something else.

    Elena yawns, drumming her claws against the table. She needed something to take her mind off of sleep. Slowly she leans backward in her chair, peering at the store room. She was hardly hungry but...

    "I wonder if Dylan would notice anything missing..." Licking her chops Elena decides to go for round two with the pantry...

  • (Nice umm uhh…Dylan like answer there coyote. XD)

    A jolt is sent through Dylan that in the dream felt like being shocked for only a split second, while in reality his body only shook slightly from the effect. ".demrof si tcartnoc ehT" Before the darkness enveloped him and the glow disappeared, only for the glow to appear again but from his left eye as his pupil turned cyan.

    This caused him to finally awake with a start in a cold sweat again, but not as much from when he had the vision. In a somewhat intact mirrors reflection he looked normal and felt normal, maybe it was just a dream. Once he turned away from looking at the mirror his left eye flickered to a cyan before fading away at the same instant.

    (Duh,Duh, DUNHHHH. What could this side effect be I wonder? :3)

  • (The powah to summon cookies at will D8)

    Dylan's sleep was obviously not very relaxing. He sits there on his bed, head craddled I. His paws. "You're slipping Dylan. You are totally slipping." Rubbing his eyes he gets up. He holsters his new dagger and the blunderbuss. Elena would make more use out of the steam rifle. His own skills were more involved with stabby beasts than shooting them.

    The stairs betray the marten's steps as he comes down into the main room of the inn. Elena appears to be missing. Rising an eyebrow he opens the door to the store room.

    With an unsurprised look Dylan finds the vixen fast asleep, leaning against an empty crate. A good deal of their provisions and ale have been relocated to the vixen's terribly swollen midriff.

    Dylan sighs before simply closing the door on the sleeping glutton. She wouldn't be much use right now anyways and he has some stress to walk off. Shouldering the blunderbuss Dylan does a quick patrol of the inn to see if the storm is still going on…and if anything came in while Elena was taking a break from her duties...

  • (As tempting as that sounds, no. XD)

    As strange as it sounds the storm seems to have finally passed as the sun seems to shine through a parting of clouds in the sky. Clouds were beginning to part all around and show what seemed like a peaceful scene, as if things seemed normal. The burnt out buildings though brought back the dark thoughts of what happened yesterday and who seemed to be responsible for such actions. It seemed a good time as any to find a working ship and fly out if they can.

  • Glancing out the window Dylan sweeps the street with his eyes before closing it again. It takes a moment to move the table out of the way of the door. There really is no reason to stay here longer. He should wake Elena and leave.


    The marten feels his heart quicken as he glances at the door to the supply room. It was only a dream, but watching Elena die felt so real and the room looked almost exactly like...

    He shakes his head. "It's just stress and bad ale Dylan. Get yerself together." Still, he lingers. Then an idea comes to him. Pounding on the door to the supply room Dylan shouts, "Hey Elena! I'm heading out to look fer a ship! You can gather supplies, right?"

    The marten hears the fox yelp beyond the door. There is a crash of supplies followed by cussing. Chuckling Dylan turns for the open door to the tavern, next stop the port.

    Elena meanwhile sits up in the supply room. She blows a lock of hair out of her eyes, "Im going to kill that man." The vixen begins the long struggle to stand. Her belly ached, her head hurt, and her back was stiff from passing out all night here in the pantry where she drank herself to sleep.

    "One of these days Elena, yer diet is going to get you killed." She says softly to herself. Her eyes fall upon a bag of jerky. Her already taught stomach growls in protest. In the end she shrugs, "At least I'll die happy. Can't say the same of Dylan when I catch up to him. Making me pack all the supplies..." The vixen grumbles as she begins her work.

  • As Dylan walked out of the tavern he felt…something. It seemed hard to describe, it felt as if something was beckoning him to head in a certain direction. A compulsion of sorts that seemed to grow stronger when he turned in the right direction and as he got closer to this unknown destination.

    Eventually, he found himself in front of a somewhat standing warehouse with a partially collapsed in roof and the door open. The compulsion seemed to want him to go inside, maybe helping him find what hes looking for perhaps unknowingly?


    During Elena's packing of supplies some clutter toppled over nearby with a thud.


    The clutter has seemed to have fallen on top of and broken open a secret compartment in the floor. What it contained couldn't be seen without moving what fell on top of it.

  • Well unfortunately for the compartment his fox is mlre lazy than currious.

    Elena stands there staring down the mess she just witnessed created.

    Or was she? "Now what do we have here?" More than likely it was more food which just the thought of makes the vixens engorged stomach turn. But who hides away a secret compartment to store food? Thinks the vixen as she clears away the debris over the compartment.


    Finding himself unexplainably drawn to the warehouse Dylan pauses at the enterence. He stands there for a long moment just watching the building, feeling the wind ruffle his fur.

    The silence is broken by the sound of him cocking the blunderbuss before he steps inside..

  • Within the compartment it seemed to hold what looked like something wrapped in cloth and some scattered papers. The papers seemed to be pieces of old war propaganda for both the major powers, The Alliance and Axis, that held sway two decades ago. These powers lost much of their influence but still held some form of power diminished as it may be in current times.

    Mayhaps someone working in the tavern had been one of the minority that advocated for the war to stop back then, before the Argonne Disaster put an end to it dramatically. A battalion made up of defected soldiers from both sides held a last stand on a well-fortified port, until the massive stores of Suspendium within the port combusted. An explosion so large it engulfed the island Argonne rested and chunks of both air-fleets who unluckily were nearby.


    Inside the warehouse seemed to be a storm had just come through, much of the crates and items within had either split open or were in broken heaps. Much of it seems to be of little use if even one looked hard and yet...a small light could be seen near the back that seemed to flicker behind the heaps. Perhaps a survivor did indeed exist, or a lantern that  seemed to be still lit?

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