Realm of the Mad Badger King ooc

  • It seems like interest is good for this idea soI am going to place it here 🙂

    This is a story about a group of adventurers, treasure hunters, and others with delusions of grandeur who follow a treasure map to a lost Badger Kings castle frought with traps and other dangers. The goal is to survive long enough to reach the treasure horde rumored to be inside.

    This story involves STATS and HP! Because who doesn't like the prospect of potentially dying on random dice rolls 😛

    Here is your character sheet:

    Character: Your name, gender, tital and species. (Bob the Male Bandit Fox!)

    Description: A brief description
    HP: 8+ BODY
    STATS: Stats add a bonus to your dice roll. You get 2 free points to spend. You can however su tract from 1 stat to build up another. Min -3 Max 5.

    STATS are normally set to 0.

    BODY: Adds to total HP. Endurance and Constitution
    MIGHT: Strength and power
    AGILTY: Speed, nimbleness, dexterity
    FOCUS: Awareness, accuracy, attention to detail
    LOGIC: Intelligence, reasoning, problem solving.
    WIT: Charm, charisma

    RULES: The gm posts what you see in each room. Players then choose the action they take, rolling 1d20 +/- the STAT they are using. 10+ is a success, anything below a 10 is a failure that costs you 1 hp. Rolling a natural 20 gives you +1 hp. Rolling a natural 1 makes you suffer an additional 1 dmg.

    You can also choose to aid others, making up the difference in their roll by taking a penalty to your own. Example: if another player rolls a 7 you can take a -3 to your roll to keep them from suffering a failure.

    HP AND DYING: When you hit 0 HP, you die. So don't get overly attached to your character 😉 you can get HP 1 of two different ways. Coming into an empty room you can roll BODY to recover 1 hp. Provided no one else sets off a trap that you need to dodge. Or you can roll a natural 20 to gain back 1 hp.

  • Character: Rioko the female fox theif.

    Description: A portly grey fox with a tan underbelly. Wears a tribal outfit and carries a glaive (more to come)

    BODY: -1
    STRENGTH: -1
    AGILITY: 2
    LOGIC: 0
    WIT: 2

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