Interest check for an adventure…with stats

  • I was curious if anyone would be interested in testing out a dice system o.o

    This one is very simple and uses a single D20.

    Stats are the bonus you add to your roll. You get 2 points but you can subtract from you other stats to redistribute them else where.


    Body -HP bonus
    Might -Strength
    Agilty -Speed and Mobility
    Focus -Speed and aim
    Logic- Intelligence and will power
    Wit - charm

    SKILL You start with 1 skill. It adds +1 to your roll if you use it.

    TRAITS. You get 4 traits with at least 1 being on your species. TRAITS are mental physical or personality attributes that can be added or subtracted to your roll.


    When faced with a challenge you roll a D20+/- skills and traits. If you roll 10+ you succeed in the action. If you roll below a 10 you take 1 damage. If you roll a 1 you also take a long lasting condition. If you roll a 20 all your conditions are removed and you gain 1 hp.

    Each player starts with 5 hp +/- Body. When you reach zero…your character dies.

    There are only so many challenges in a story, all of which are randomized. Some challenges have HP as well.

    I was thinking of running a group of redwall themed adventurers through a small ruin filled with traps and baddies.

    I don't expect this story to last too long but would anyone be interested?

  • I think it would be cool! but would I have to roll? I dont have anything like that avalibale.

  • 20 sided dice all the way. You can find electronic apps or emulaters easy 😄

  • I'm interested on the concept. Maybe I'll give it a try 🙂

    And this seems like a good app for it:

  • nice!it works well!| so, how do we make our stats? ???

  • Remember to set it to just one die roll, otherwise the results would be… complicated* 😛

    *I seriously couldn't comprehend what it was telling me 😉

  • Let's keep the trial run simple. Imagine that your character is an adventurer hired to retrieve some lost relic.

    You get six ATTRIBUTES. Attributes are bonuses added to your roll. Normally they start on zero.  You get 2 free points, but you can subtract from other Attributes to give you more in another area. Min -5/ Max 5

    Body: HP. When this hits zero you DIE
    Might: strength endurance
    Agility: speed, stealth, dexterity
    Focus: awareness, accuracy, attention to detail
    Logic-: will power, Intelligence
    Wit: charm charisma

    For now let's just go with stats 🙂 you will get bonuses and penelties as the game progresses. Your starting weapons and armor are cosmetic

  • EDIT: Before you go maxing out your HP score, you automatically start with 10hp +/- Body


    Dice rolling is fairly simple. Each turn I will spawn a new challenge, be it enemies, traps, or an empty room (Empty rooms let you recover +1 hp…sometimes.)

    I will spoof what the challenge does...or is...and then the players roll 1d20 +/- ATTRIBUTE. So if Buck the barbarian hare has 2 Might and he attacks a rat he rolls 1d20+2. If he is confronted with a puzzle and he tries to solve it logically with a Logic stat of -2 he rolls 1d20-2

    Unless stated otherwise, roll 10+ and you pass the challenge. Some challenges, like boss fights, will have HP of their own.

    Rolling below a 10 means that you did not pass the challenge and suffer 1 damage. Roll a natural 1 and you suffer a condition that inpacts your roll.

    But don"'karmic' fret too much. If you roll poorly the next player can sacrifice a few points from their roll to aid you. Icly they are exposing themselves to attack to save you. Example. If you roll a 7 the next player can roll -3 to their roll to keep you from taking damage.

    Dying: Since death is possible, at random even, I suggest bring chars that you don't mind losing unexpectedly.

    Example sheet! Buck the Barbarian Hare!

    Body: 2
    Might: 3
    Focus: 0
    Logic-: -2
    Wit: -1

  • I'd be very interested in joining

  • Asterina the squirrel.
    body- 2          might- -1        agility- 1  focus- 0    logic- 1  wit- 2
    is this good? i kinda lost you in the explaining, so im just trying my best.

  • You have an extra point to spend 🙂

    I'm still fleshing out the details.

    When I have the system set in stone I can explain it easier xD

  • I think I fleshed out the idea enough to start it soon. I stole, er, coppied the idea from a web comic that stole it from another web comic that probably got it from somewhere else.

    This time around people will roll a 20 sided dice, when they chose to do something rather than in each scene o.o

    Before I begin however I should ask, do we want to play with fatalities or not? If not your character can get injured but can not randomly die. If so then we get to have an HP bar that determines when your alt suffers a grizzly end.

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