• Full name: Riverclaw

    Species: otter

    Description: blue eyes, light brown fur, wears a pine green colored cloak

    Possessions: a small knife with a sapphire in the blade; his closest friend and ally, Whitewater rapids gave it to him as a token of friendship, having earned it through completing good deeds in Mossflower; together they carry identical blades


    Like Whitewater, Riverclaw is a strong swimmer, but is far more socially apt than his friend around other goodbeasts.  He can easily cheer others up when they are feeling down.


    Riverclaw, can be seen as too much of a goof, especially when he is alongside Whitewater and it becomes apparent how silly he sometimes acts around others.


    Riverclaw, while 20 seasons old, has never totally "grown up" but can be trusted to give honest responses, and work alongside you as long as he is well fed.

    Age: 20 seasons (five years)

    Alignment: Neutral

    Job: ship repair

    Background: Riverclaw was born to a large holt on the southern shores.  One of many brothers and sisters, Riverclaw discovered that the way to stand out and make himself known, was to sometimes do things that his siblings would not.  Therefore, he was known as the "clown" and goof of the holt, even though he remained honest and trustworthy all the same.  The holt leaders felt journeying with other otters on the rivers of Mossflower would tone him down, and as such he ended up going with the same crew that Whitewater was on.  Like Whitewater, he learned much of the ship repair trade on these journeys, and often chose to work alongside Whitewater when other otters felt he gave them a cold shoulder.  The bond between them solidified when repairing a shattered railing, Whitewater lost his balance on the slick board and slid off, not before slicing his chest open on the railing he and Riverclaw were working on.  Riverclaw having saved him from falling off the ship, and using his own cloak to keep Whitewater from bleeding to death are what made them inseparable. Whitewater later gave him an short weapon that looked similar to his, and stated that no otter should ever be without one, for you never know what will turn up.

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