• Full name: Whitewater Rapids

    Species: otter

    Description: blue eyes, dark brown/red fur, wears a dark crimson cloak

    Possessions: a small knife with a sapphire in the blade; given as a gift by shrews for saving their craft from destruction on a raging river


    Whitewater is a strong swimmer, despite his medium build and sleek appearance.  He can maneuver around fast moving rivers that would otherwise destroy a craft.


    Whitewater is practical, and as such, appears to lack a strong emotional side to him.  He'll do the job because it needs to be done.  He is less concerned with emotional connections, therefore, he can turn other goodbeasts off when he doesn't seem as "nice" as they are.


    Whitewater can be a good friend, provided you stay on his good side.  He can get impatient.

    Age: 20 seasons (five years)

    Alignment: Neutral

    Job: ship repair; jack-of-all-trades

    Background: Whitewater was born to parents in Mossflower Wood in a shallow holt.  A river otter, his parents often took him to various otter gatherings around the wood, where he got his name at a young age, having swim back and forth across rivers that most otter pups would not attempt until they were over three seasons old.  His ability to swim quickly allowed him to be of service to shrewcraft about the waterways of Mossflower.  His skills at ship repair came from assisting shrews and otters when their craft took on damage from strong currents and rocky ways.  He journeyed with a small holt of otters over two seasons and learned how to fix and work with everything inside a ship, but homesick for the woods, he returned to Mossflower to continue assisting others repair and fix whatever needed to be done.  His no-nonsense attitude made him well liked among those looking for quick repairs, because they knew he would do the job and do it well, but as such friends are hard to come by for Whitewater.  His closest friend, Riverclaw, often provides Whitewater with his only company, telling jokes to make him laugh, and managing the social formalities between him and other beasts of Mossflower.

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