'Sup otters and other goodbeasts.

  • Was told about the place by Sierra and decided to pop on over.  I'm one of the older Redwall fans I've come across online (turning 33 in the summer) and used to role-play a long time ago.  I'll give it a go again, provided I can find the time.  I own most of the books, all 3 seasons of the tv series, the otter encyclopedia book that has that huge poster.

    As the profile says, I like the otters in the series.  Keyla, Swiffo, and Grath are my three favorites.


  • So glad you could join, mate!

    This is a really cool place and I'm sure you are gonna love it 🙂

    See ya around 😉

  • Hey there! My character's an otter who's… not exactly the best of people, although they'll help if they want to.

  • Global Moderator

    Hello, Lutra! Welcome to the forum. My name is Tinarandel. I'm one of the Moderators and Administrators on this site. I first would like to apologize for the inconvenience of the approval of your account. I didn't know about these things until earlier today, when Sierra informed me of the matter. But now your account is approved, as is your friend's Lord Ashenwyte. We're glad to have you both here!

    Again, welcome!

  • shoot, i wanted to be the first to welcome you! ah well… hi! hope you have lotsa fun here! ^-^ ^_^

  • Welcome! I play an otter in one of the RP's, a laid back otter named Bomboar.

  • Thank you, its a bit mind numbing looking at all the RP sections.  Like I said, I haven't done this in years….which one would you recommend I jump in with a new otter character that wouldn't disrupt play too much if someone just appears out of nowhere?  The RPs I did glance at, wow, I haven't seen wordy RP stuff like that in a long time.....I like it! 😄  That's my style.

  • um… its not that hard to introduce someone. ex. in sao, you could go to the table and say that you overhaerd, and it goes onn from there. You could enter any rp, really if you have a good intro. but if you eanna keep looking, all of mine are open.

  • Thank you I will see what I can find. 🙂

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