Aksha Zuul

  • I don't remember where this guy came from but apparently I never posted him before.

    Nickname: Aksha
    Name: Aksha Zuul
    Species: ferret
    Job: Fighter
    Age: Approximately 20 though not known for sure
    Gender: Male

    Physical description:
        Aksha has dark brown fur of a similar color to that of a Brazil nut except for his face which looks like he dipped it in a bucket of white paint keeping only a crescent of dark fur around his eyes.  Bright eyes twinkle from the depths of this crescent and any astute observer would notice the mischievous twinkle in them.  He carries an assegai, a short spear with a long leaf-like blade, like the one used by the Zulu king, Shaka.  No shield does he carry, but a belt crosses his body and in it are stashed a knife, a pouch in which he carries food, and a water flask.
        Aksha is quick, light on his feet, and extremely limber.  When he straps his weapon on his back, he moves in short bursts like a lizard, darting forward, pausing to observe his surroundings, then darting on again.  To an unknowing beast, he would often appear a dark streak moving from place to place.


    • An assegai
    • Belt
    • Knife - A sai
    • Belt and pouch


    • Quick and light on his feet
    • Trained mercenary and fighter


    • Often overconfident
    • Lives a life as a fighter so often at an extreme risk of death
    • Only knows the fighter's life and has difficulty taking care of himself

        Uscara had trained him well.  Swift of foot and persistent in spirit, Aksha was a beast to be reckoned with.  Gumba knew this but he had challenged him anyway.  Aksha could not understand why Gumba had chosen to challenge him.  Sure he had pestered the smaller ferret and nearly drove him crazy but that was no cause to challenge him to combat was it?
        Despite his small size, Gumba was older than Aksha.  Although slightly different in age, they had grown up together and played for many seasons together.  Even when they got old enough to join in clan wars, they had fought side by side.  Until they had gone on to train with a master Aksha and Gumba had spent almost every moment together.  Slowly they began to lose contact and in this way, their friendship began to disintegrate.  After several months, they had again spent time together.  Aksha's master had a sense of humor but Gumba's was strict and had no patience for joking.  Aksha had pestered Gumba and thus the whole problem came to a head.
        The next afternoon, Aksha found himself facing a fearsome Gumba.  The ferret held a mace in his braced paws and appeared much larger than normal.  Both were allowed a weapon of choice but neither was allowed armor according to tradition.  Aksha held his assegai ready in his paw but felt overpowered.  He sized up his opponent.  Gumba was slower than him and with the weight of the mace he would most likely be even slower.  The mace also gave Gumba an advantage though.  The weight of this weapon would easily crush anything or anyone who got in its way.
        Aksha's eyes narrowed as a referee stepped into the arena and held up a paw.  He stared fixedly at Gumba while the leader counted down to the commencement of battle.  As the referee called for them to begin, Aksha made up his mind to not harm Gumba if possible.  If he had not pestered, they would not have been there anyway.  His mind away from battle, he nearly didn't escape the first blow aimed at him.  He managed to dodge out of the way but his tail was struck to the earth  by the blow.  From then on, he swiftly parried the fast raining blows until Gumba left his guard open and Aksha stabbed his dominant right paw with a swift attack.  Gumba lost concentration and Aksha was able to swiftly rap him on the head and knock him out.  Although the referee stepped forward and proclaimed him winner, Aksha was not sure he had won. Gumba would still be angry.  After Gumba woke, Aksha decided, he would apologize and see if he could talk sense into his friend but for now he would enjoy the position of a victor.

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