Name: Bumble Kranzath
Species: Wombat

Description: Kind of stocky, light gray fur, black eyes, wears green jerkin with yellow shorts.
Possessions: Sword that the Abbot gave him that he wears in a scabbard on his back.

Personality: Easygoing, like his name he is bumbling, best friends with Sayko. He is a good digger like most wombats (Australian counterpart to Redwall mole) but his speech isn't as garbled as moles.

Background: He is among the diggers and laborers of the Abbey, but is taken by wanderlust.

Strengths: Mostly in his digging claws.
Weaknesses: He has much to learn in wielding the sword of destiny, he's a danger to himself if he draws it. He'll have to learn to use it.