• ((OOC: here i am! i don't know much about sao but i'll try my best to learn as i go!))

    He couldn't believe the days events so far. The chubby otter sat at a table in the corner of the room, the large plate of food hardly touched. He drew little designs into the soft wood of the table with his claw, trying to seem calm while the inside of his head felt like static. He looked up at his username "wango_django" that he was originally so proud of but now just looked like a childish gag at his name.

    Django thought about the amount of time and effort he had spent fixing up his old computer to run the new game, his fingers still sticky from the orange juice that was spilled on the keyboard so long ago. He thought about the helmet he had saved from being thrown away by a friend when she received a newer and fancier model. But most of all, he thought about the avatar he had made, muscles shining and the generated body the definition of fitness. Only to be ripped away from him to show the world what an unfit loser he really was.

    The otter looked out the nearby window, unsure of how much time he had spent moping. He grabbed his cup and drank slowly, trying to clear his head before departing. He'd have to find a group to join and how could he if he was in such an unhealthy state of mind?

  • Star continued, becoming more unsure of her role as she kept talking. She WAS the youngest there, after all. "And we need more members. So we can be strong. Nevermind the fact that everyone needs as much help as they can get here. In fact we should probably put up a few ads on the bulletins. It only costs 1 gold."

  • OOC: Any ideas as to which of the many plotlines of the SAO universe we should be focusing on? I feel that going at the pace and order we are going will drive us to an endless loop (not that there's anything wrong with that, but we haven't made much progress).

  • OOC: ya… well, who says we have to stick with the original plotline! ^-^

  • OOC: That's why I luv ya, Star :D

  • OOC: thx! ^-^ But I dont have many ideas…. But we should keep the group small. DIBS ON MONSTERTRAINER!

  • Should we try and buy info from Argo, the rat? The only downside is that she is gonna go and put the info of us buying tips from her for sale immediately. And I personally don't want to spend whatever col we have trying to buy her silence over and over… still, it's better than going in blindly, I suppose.

  • Star nodded. "It is a good start. I have the col for lodging, so someone else would have to supply the info. And while we're at it, we should open a guild bank and storage account. I have enough col to pay for that too." As she was talking, she had opened the game menu, looking for the cheapest inn and the nearest banking house.

  • Redmoon cleared her throat before speaking:

    It's very nice for you to take initiative and help us, but we are all gonna have to pool our resources together if we are gonna beat this game of death. I think food should be the least of our worries, as we can get bread for less than two col. If you are all up for it, though, I suggest going to the nearby hunting grounds and hunt for EXP and upgrading materials for our weapons. Beware, though -Redmoon stopped mid-sentence, as it reconsidering, before speaking again- it is very possible to either run into an upgrade scammer or just get our weapons broken by a failed attempt.

    Let's try to get to LVL 5, at the very least. Let's that be our goal. Is that ok with you all?

  • Star nodded, "I'm good with it. But we will have to quit fighting and go to sleep. In that case, I have the col." She quickly memorized the places and put her menu away.
    "With any luck though, we could get to the next town before nightfall."


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