• A young shrew, barely a teen, hooked up her computer to her new virtaul reality headset. She had camped out in line for 2 days with her friends for this! She couldn't wait to try it! On her computer she quickly customized her avatar and typed in the 'username' bar: Stargazette. She lsyed in her bed and shoved on her helmet, and started the game. Immeadatly, she was teleported to a town. She was wearing armor, and was carrying a sword, and looked exactly like her avatar! She raced to the outlying feilds to get some practice, she couldn't wait!

  • On another part of the world, way past midnight and accompanied only by the buzzing sound of the fans of her laptop, a teen ferret browsed the internet in search of something to occupy her boring night life, when she stumbled across what looked like a funny game and decided to try it.

    She joined the game after some minor hesitation and decided to go with her real name for it… didn't expect to play for long. Redmoon joined after picking an avatar and spent the first few minutes looking around, trying to get acquainted with the strange new surroundings that opened up before her. Confusion and amazement both painted on her face.

  • Stargazette Was clicking in midair, a small screen in front of her. She was so busy, that she didn't notice the ferret in front of her. She bumped into her, sending them both sprawling.
    "Oh! so sorry!" she apoligize as she scrambled to her feet, offering her hand to help Redmoon do the same.
    "Hi! I'm Stargazette, but you can call me star!" She peered closely at the air around Redmoons head. "Nice to meet you, Redmoon!"

  • Redmoon was taken aback by the sudden collision with the shrew which stood before her and didn't react when she helped her up. Only after hearing the shrew's friendly voice was she able to react.

    Hi, Star -she said- you can call me Redmoon, as there isn't any practical way of abbreviate it - she awkwardly joked -. Nice to meet you as well.

    Redmoon looked around, still trying to figure out what she had gotten herself into and being careful not to let the shrew out of her line of sight. What IS this anyway? - She finally asked.

  • A teenage rat named Skrivel had also obtained the game. More specifically, she had pirated it from a questionable website, and had bought a headset off the black market. There was no way she would actually go out and go through the hassle of buying it legally!

    Making sure that her brother wouldn't disturb her, she plugged in the headset and booted up the game, entering the username "Taciturnus", instead of her less impressive real name. Upon reaching the character customization screen, she immediately began creating her avatar, which looked similar to herself but more attractive and athletic.

    She was then teleported into town, where she took on the appearance of her avatar. In her hands was a crossbow, and in place of armor she wore an archer's hood and bracers.

    "I'd better get a head start on leveling up if I wanna get ahead of the herd" she muttered. She noticed a shrew and ferret conversing ahead. "It might be a good idea to join a group, in case there are large groups of enemies". She walked over.

  • Star quickly noticed Taciturnus.
    "Hi Taciturnus! Can I call you Tac? You guys wanna be in a party together? I know this is sudden, but if we help each other, we can do lots f stuff!" She brought up her game menu and invited both of them. A small screen came up in front of them, asking if they wanted to be in it.
    "I have been practicing my skills, and I'm already on level 2 in combat!"

  • Redmoon saw Taciturnus approaching and turned around to face her. The impressively-looking and well-armed played made for a dangerous sight and she instinctively drove a red paw to the handle of a concealed rusty dagger.  As she was doing this, she noticed the small screen popping up in front of her face and accepted Star's proposal before she could realize what she was getting herself into.

    "All this talk about leveling up -she thought- shows me just how clueless I'm about this world. It might be a good idea to tag alongside those who know what they are doing". She released the handle of the dagger as the group started discussing.

  • The rat nodded at the proposal, tapping the small screen to accept.

    "Th-that would be a good idea" she suppressed a stutter, unaccustomed to talking to so many people. "After all, who knows what challenges we might be facing."

    She looked around. "Where shall we start then?"

  • "It is a bit early to go into the doungens, so how about we go defeat monsters just outside of town! I was just there! I even got some good loot to sell an' stuff! Come on!" She started running, doging thrpugh the town shd then stopped at the start of the path that led to the countryside, that was spotted with unidentifiable mobs. She waited impaitiontly for the others.

  • Redmoon ran along to meet with her two companions on the makeshift team. She felt more and more confident with every step taken, as it was starting to become obvious that she could trust the uncanny pair.

    She sighted Star at the entrance of the town and prepared herself to battle, holding onto the dagger's handle for good this time.

  • As redmoon came up, Star got out her rapeir. She pointed to a muntant flower mob.
    "You wanna get tyat one first? They drop pretty sweet loot, I'm told."

  • Red Moon took out her dagger and brandished it at thin air, getting rust particles all over the place. Taking Star's advise, she ran and engaged the first monster with swift stroke, getting some loot for her effort. Then, she signaled the other two as an invitation to join the battle.

  • OOC: Hope your fine with me joining in, as I have seen all three arcs of SAO or seasons I should say. Do I remember much from it? Not really. XD

    A lanky badger teen had recently got the game that everyone seemed really excited about and decided to try it out. Putting on the headset and booting up the game, using "Fierent" as his username on the top of his head as he entered the character creation screen. It didn't take him long to make his avatar as when he finished he appeared in the town through teleportation.

    Wearing armor and wielding a spear, he made his way through the town with amazement and confusion on his face. Eventually he managed to make it outside of the town. He noticed the strange mob creatures a group of other players fighting and decided to find some to fight as well since it seemed like a good idea.

    A few moments later…

    Yelling was heard some distance away as the badger ran away from a group of flower like mobs he accidentally aggroed and didn't notice the group of others ahead of him. "Help!" he yelled out before tripping on a rock and falling facefirst onto the ground as the mob got closer.

  • Star saw the predicament of the fallen badger. Her narrowed, and she rushed forward, sword glowing a deep red.
    "LOGALOGALOGALOG!" She yelled the ancient warcry of shrews, slashing, cutting, and destroying the mob. As the flowers hp was getting to the red zone, hers was in the orange. With one last cry, she finished it off.

  • Redmoon finished up the last enemy that stood on her field of view and took a look around, trying to figure out why her companions hadn't joined her in battle. It didn't take long for her to see that Star had aided a new player and waited in the sidelines until the commotion had calmed itself enough for an approach to be possible.

    Marching slowly down the path, she stood a few steps away from the two other players.

    She then helped the large badger up with some hesitation.

  • Though it had only been moments it felt like an eternity as he awaited for the mob to surround him. Only to hear a warcry and what sounded like glass shattering as he looked up to see a shrew destroy the mob only a few seconds ago he was running from in fear. Another player, a ferret, come over and gave a paw to help him help.

    "Th-thank you." He accepted the help as he stood up, easily taller then those currently around him by quite a bit. Already he felt nervous and embarrassed by his blunder. "I umm…didn't think it would be so hard to fight."

  • Star lifted her rapeir, twirling it.
    "Yeah, it does take at used to. Hey, you should join our party, so you will always have us gaurding your back! Heh, we could even make our own guild!" She laughed, inviting him to join.

  • Redmoon couldn't help smiling as she heard the badger's statement. It was great meeting someone who was struggling and at her level for once.

    She then nodded frantically upon hearing Star's proposal and spent a good minute dreaming about the loot that will soon lay upon them, until the sight of the shrew's war-marked weapon threw her back to reality.

    "So, will you join us?" She finally asked.

  • The pop-up appeared in front saying if he got an invite to join the party, just as he was about to press yes he hesitated. After some moments of thought, he pressed to join the party. "W-well you did save me from getting mobbed, i-it'd be wrong to refuse." A nervous smile could be seen on his face as he thought this was probably the best way he could repay Star for helping him.

  • Star shrugged.
    "It was the least I could do, it probably sucks to die. In this game, I mean." She was about to go further, when she got teleported to the town square. "wha-" She was interupted by a huge cloaked figure that materlized in midair.
    "Hello players. I am the maker of this game. I am now in control. As many of you already know, you cannot log out. And if you die, you never come back.." he paused, letting it sik in. "In the real world, your brain will be melted by the hemet. Outside, if someone tries to take it off, you die. The only way out, beating the 100th floor. good luck." He again paused. "I also gave you something."
    Star looked into her inventory in it was a new iteam. She clicked on it, and a mirror materlized. She looked at her reflection. It was her. Not her avatar, HER!  She gasped as she felt her body changing. She gasped as she saw everyone around her also change. The figure spoke again.
    "Think of it, as a gift." With that, he vanished, and they were able to go.

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