• Nickname: None as of yet.

    Full Name: Redmoon.

    Species: Ferret.

    Description: Obsidian eyes, dark-reddish fur; skinny, tall figure. Wears a black, hooded cloak which covers the entirety of her body and a belt underneath which sheathes a small dagger.

    Possessions: A small, silvery dagger with a somewhat rusty blade.


    • While not particularly fast or strong, she can travel long distances at a consistent pace without having to stop to regain energy.


    • Can't use any sort of long-range weapon due to a lack of accuracy.


    • While it is easy to get along with her, Redmoon is easily-offended and tends to take stuff to heart.

    Age: 17

    Alignment: Neutral.

    Job: Carpenter.

    Background: Redmoon was born to a moonless night at the end of the winter on Mossflower Wood. She spent the majority of her growing years trying to make the most of her surroundings, dividing her time between trying to master the art of carpentry -with little success- and wandering around, farther and farther from home as she grew up.

    With time, the need for exploring was stronger than that of settling and she became a wanderer ready to join any adventure which promised a bit of a thrill, often regretting that very thought.


    It's been years since I wrote one of this, so I'm pretty sure this is below average in terms of standards. Will try to polish it up as I play along. Thanks for reading 🙂

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