Mercenary for Hire

  • (I will RP as Rakesis the lizard in this RP, you can see his profile in the character profile thread. I would like to mention that if you want to join in, I expect of you good writing and possibly longer posts. I have no interest in playing with people who constantly keep posting one or two sentences with little or no detail at all.)

    Ansalon was the largest city in the area.  Well, it was kind of like the only city in the area as the few smaller villages and towns couldn't really be called a city. Ansalon was a mighty walled metropolis, build in the centre of a huge valley and surrounding a large oasis. The land outside Ansalon was mostly dry and wasteland, containing little more than a few oases and the small villages and towns surrounding them. Nevertheless, despite the wastelands, Ansalon happened to be quite an important and lively place, for it was within reach of various routes and paths, and thus frequently visited by traders and travelleres alike who sought rest or refuge.

    It was that reason why Rakesis the lizard choose to come here. The lizard was both, a mercenary and adventurer who also happened to be low on gold. He knew that Ansalon constantly visited by all kinds of travellers, and in times like these where war lurked around every corner, he was bound to sooner or later find someone who was in need of a skilled mercenary. As long as there were beasts out there who had something to fight on, there would be always work for a lizard like him.

    Currently though he had made himself comfortable in one of the various tavern's, his weapons sheathed, enjoying a nice, cold ale and surveying the crowd of customers for any potential customer in need for his services.

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    Seawolf  came upon Ansalon with his crew. He was a well respected Captain with a murderous crew who followed him. HE came here looking for information, information about Redwall.

    Seawolf was a red fox with boots and brass earing's covering his ears. A necklace of bones donned around his neck of his victims.  He always wore gloves of black and had a sabered at his side.  Seawolf grinned revealing sharp golden k-9 teeth. As he strode into town. His co-captain Mar, a jangly small rat with a crooked nose followed him closely. Snickering he said, "Captin' what tis' dat Redwall place? Is it full 'er gold?" Seawolf  hit Mar on the head. "Not hear, you understand?"
           Mar nodded, "Aye Captin, right away captin'!" then added quickly, " 'Er wher' we headn' to find dat place?"
    "Right here." Seawolf said as he stopped by a tavern and stepped inside. His crew melted away from him around the tavern being ready Incas their captain was in trouble. As Seawolf came in he kicked Mar out with his boot. "You stay out here.."

  • (Well, it's a start. Thoug try to work more on your writing for while it has the amount of sentences that I like, it doesn't read very well.)

    Rakesis sighed, taking another sip of his ale. So far, no one interesting had shown up. Traders and travellers, but they all ignored him which meant that they had no work for him. The lizard shrugged and took another sip. It was only a matter of time, he thought.

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    A tall cloaked figure walked into the tavern.  Over his back, was a large shield and his single-pawed sword bounced against his hip.

    He, upon entering, stopped and looked around.  He saw that there were several would be warriors sprawling across the room, many of whom looked as though they were nothing but stupid beasts that thought all you had to do was talk big and swing to be a fighter.  He also noted the corsairs scattered across the room.

    He moved towards the back of the tavern when two rats started to brawl.

    "Fogfritter yourselves, toadstool.  Take this."  said the large as he pushed his smaller into the cloaked figure.  The force pushed him into the lizard, knocking his drink all over Rakesis' shirt…

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    -bic- One plain rat at one of the tables wacthed with disconcerting interest, analizing the situation:
        -Two rats fighting, unintelligent beasts that didn't know up and down, but it added to the atmosphere considerably. Any fight could wind up changing the course of the day easily.
        -A large lizard at a table by himself. Odd. He was likely there on bussieness like himself seeing as he was also analizing visitors with extreme care. As the lizard's eyes passed over him, he pretened that he was only sipping his drink carelessly.
        -An otter and a fox entered. They appearred not to be average vermin. They carried themselves like they were important, like leaders of some kind.
        Highly intrigued by this crew in the tavern, the rat watched carefully to see how each would respond one with another.

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  • One of seawolfs minions shoved the two idiots apart from each other. "Quiet fightin' or I'll do the bouncer's job for him." Ba-jade had had enough bickering for one day. Then one of the rats kicked him in the stomach. "Shut your food shoveler and mind yours on seawacks. So what if cap'n finds out?" Enraged the large stout kicked the two out one by one. he was sure that that would silence the unfortunate accusation. But, no….

  • Rakesis growled in annoyance, discarded the shirt and threw it on top of a backpack in a seat beside him. Normally he would teach those low living troublemakers a lesson, but since a stout already did the job to him, the lizard decided to repay these troublemakers for their trouble in a more subtle manner. Upon snapping his fingers, a mousemaid waitress approached him, ready to receive his next order. "I'll have a cup of your most expensive wine or ale you got… The bill goes along with the damage costs to these troublemakers." He said, collecting his belongings to move to an undamaged spot. "But sir, this..." The mouse tried to reason, but the lizard silenced her with a single gesture. "They will pay... I think I'll stay around here for a day or two... If they shouldn't pay, I'll make sure to collect the money for you." Rakesis explained, giving the mousemaid a toothy, but friendly smile. "For a cutey like yourself I'd even go as far as playing tax collector for free." He continued with a slight wink. The mouse blushed and scribbled the order onto a piece of parchment. "Very well sir... Please enjoy your further stay here..." She said, then left him while Rakesis made himself comfortable at another table.

  • Ba-jade made over to the table that Rakesis was sitting at. nodding to him the same mousemaid came along and took his order. After ordering grog he asked "so wat be yours name? I have seen you sittin' here the entire time without so much as a wink to any beast."

  • Rakesis shrugged. "I'm just a mercenary looking for an employer and a contract. That is all." He replied, then took the cup and carefully sniffed at the deep red liquid withing. It smelled sweet and fruity. He took a small sip at it, and found the wine very much to his liking.

  • The rat across the room watched. The lizard was a mercenary for sure. He was using tatics intended to impress the others in the room it appearred, though he wasn't positive. Still, he kept his eye on the lizard, interested.

  • Huinse, after being pushed, moved quickly to the back of the room.  His job wasn't to get into a fight, it was to scout and spy.  This place was far from the Green Isle but that wasn't any reason to abandon causious fear.

  • Ba-jade shrugged at the lizards reply and said under his breath, "you and me both." His eye caught sight of the cloaked figure on the other side of the tavern. He decided to keep a close eye on that indeffanet character. He was cloaked for starters and he was making no interaction with any beast.

  • Is eyes drifted slowly across the room untill he saw the quick glance from the ferrit that had seated himslef with the lizard. "Was he watching me or is all this time in the wilderness making me peranoid?"  He though to himself.

    As the mouse maid walked by, he tapped his paw on the table.  "I'll take an October Ale if you've got any.  If not, any ale will do."  He then added haistly, "With the exception of sea weed ale."

  • The lizard nodded. "I see… So I take it you haven't been very successful yourself into finding an employer, right?"

  • "Well, I got me an employ'a, but troubles stir'n for that'n." he ended the sentence pointing at the fox in the corner with the Dangerous looking saber in his belt loop. He looked sea captain all over. "Just signed for 'im to get me over 'ere. Now I gotta ditch 'im. I got me reasons."

  • The lizard shrugged. "I thought so, but that's your business… I'm not the one poking his nose into other beasts businesses, you know." He replied, taking another sip. "Hey, if you're leaving your employer anyway why don't we join forces? Together we might get a job with a better pay than the usual solo assignments."

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