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  • @stargazette:

    O.O nevermind.

    Don't be afraid of joining the conversation, my friend. Both doggo and I have stated knowing of the world of Pokémon and would love to discuss it with you :)!

    Besides, I'm very interested on Sword Art Online… can you tell me more about it? 🙂

  • @stargazette, yeah please do join!

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    crashes through the wall in full costume Did someone say Pokemon?!

  • Who thinks Snivy is the best starter? 😉

  • Charmander for the win. Fire types rule.

  • What gen are you guys fans of? I'd say Gen 1 without a doubt, as it is still my favorite one twenty years later 🙂

  • I also love gen 1, it's still got the classic appeal. gen 7 has a lot of my new faves, so it's my other favorite generation. Gen 3 has nostalgic appeal to me, even though I don't really have many faves from that gen, just because it was the first new generation that came out after I got into Pokemon. I have weird mixed feeling toward gen 4, cause on one hand it wasn't that great, but on the other hand those were the first games I played, so I also have nostalgia for it.

  • Gen 1 is what got me started, the original 150-151 got me hooked. Gen 2 also got me even more hooked with its new additions and then Gen 3 just added more icing to the cake.

    Gen 4….it felt okay.

    Gen 5 is when I met my FAVORITE water starter, Samurai otter most honarabue.

    Gen 6....brought a bit of life.

    Gen 7 instantly got me hooked back in. XD

  • Gotta admit that Gen II is my favorite one to play.

    Once your rival shows up with that Sneasel -which the game won't allow you to have until the very end, when it's useless… darn you, game xD- there's no coming back.

    I don't really like Gen III nor IV, save for some very specific Pokémon such as Treecko, Lucario and Buizel. In fact, I only beat Ruby and Pearl just once and never got back to either one. I don't know, I wasn't much of a fan of some of the changes made around those... especially getting rid of the day/night cycle on the aforementioned Hoenn one. That was the main thing that hooked me to the Gen II games.

    Gen V I like a lot, but I'd consider it pretty forgettable hadn't it been for the anime.

    Haven't played anything since.

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    I started playing Pokemon on my Game Boy Color with the Gen 1 games. I grew up from there, and discovered every following Generation onwards. Nowadays, I have no preference, though if there was only one choice, it would have to be Gen VI (X and Y).

    Gen V (Black/Black 2 and White/White 2) are quite nice and enjoyable. But X and Y blew my mind. I have yet to get my hands on Sun and/or Moon, but from the gameplay I've seen, it obliterates X and Y.

    There is no other video game series that has impacted my life more than Pokemon. I've even cosplayed as Pokemon Trainer a few times going to Comic-Con!

  • … great. i have never played the games. only ad som of th books and ached some of the epsodes. my officail fav. is the lendengery Suicune. love him. my fav. types are the tie of water, dragon, and fire.
    Sword art online (sao) is a series where this guy create virtaul reality. REAL VIRTUAL REALITY! or... as real as they could get. and the creator is evil. he made the players STUCK in it. they cant log out,if they die in the game,the really die, and if anyone tries to get tyem out in the real world, a feature in the helmet... melts their brain. the series foces on the player kirto (kitty-toe), who was a beta- tester (also known as a beater. [beta-cheater]) and got to the highest level in tye game. They have to get to the 100th floor to get out of tye game.

  • Ah cool! My favorite types are bug, ghost, and poison.

    I am familiar with the plot of SAO, but I have never watched the series, only read some crossover fanfiction that reference the plot. It's definitely a very interesting concept.

  • Thanks a lot for the quick summary, Star 🙂

    Much like doggo, I have heard of the series but have never watched any episodes. You made it sound really interesting, though… I'm gonna give it a try at some point!

    My favorite Pokémon types are Dragon, Poison, Dark and Ice 😄

    Also, I would like to say that I'm enjoying this multi-topic conversation way too much. You guys are awesome to discuss stuff with 🙂

  • anytime ^.^ im glad we arent boring! lol. …hmm an Sao rp... interesting... you guys agree? SAO rp? ???
    warning. Sao has a little romance !

  • @stargazette:

    anytime ^.^ im glad we arent boring! lol. …hmm an Sao rp... interesting... you guys agree? SAO rp? ???
    warning. Sao has a little romance !

    I'm dying to RP, so yeah… sounds awesome, actually.

    You can even introduce us to the story in better ways than the anime could.

    I'm in (although, we would probably gonna need different characters for it).

  • I'm gonna use a chara not unlike esairr and arries… acully, a lot like them!! x) my fav. charas. are bast off of me x) ... but more epic... im not going to bother with a chara sheet.

  • You know what? I'm gonna go with Redmoon anyway.

    Man, this could be really fun -and just silly enough-… my kind of thing.

    But yeah, back on topic... I recently caught on with the latest Pokémon season and, while I don't like the new animation style, I think it's a really fresh and cool take on the series. But seriously, stop the whole Ash thing... I spent way too much time putting up with his losing tendencies XD


  • An RP like that sounds like fun! I would love to do it.

    I am definitely enjoying the newest Pokemon season. The animation style does seem to be divisive, but I'm just glad they are trying something new for once. I haven't enjoyed the Pokemon anime for years. I agree with you about Ash though. One of many reasons why I generally prefer the manga is that they don't stick to one protagonist for too long, so it doesn't feel like the characters regress in skill every time.

  • @Star: Red would eat Ash for breakfast xD

    @Doggo: I think that the big problem with Ash is that he's been traveling for a VERY long time now, so you expect him to be awesome and nastily strong… yet he -somehow- manages to lose to inferior trainers or those who are just starting. I mean, I can accept that he lost to Trip because Pikachu's electric power wasn't there, because that's what happened and completely demolished his strategy... but what about the other million times he got smacked by him? I honestly think they should ditch him and start over with someone fresh.

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