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  • I have this idea for a rp in my head for a while, but I didn't know how to list it as Traditional or Non-Traditional. I only ask is because it could go either way since my idea is of a group of pioneers on a journey for new lands to settle, in a Redwall setting of course. The settlers could be either random folk who decided to join up or from known places like Redwall Abbey or Salmandastron and such, a mixed group to be sure on their way to lands unknown.

    So, in regards to characters If one does want to try this out, I have questions that I ask myself that can help set a good backstory(and sound advice). The other is a vote I guess, on what kind of new land the settlers find themselves in initially and try to thrive while building a settlement.

    I give kudos for Fernleaf for a good character bio format.

    Nickname: [Display Name]

    Full Name: [Character's first and last Name]

    Species: [Water rat, Giant Otter, Black sea otter, Bank vole, etc…]

    For example:

    Nickname: Jarg/Jargle

    Full Name: Jargle Sliteye

    Species: Brown Rat

    Then fill in the following Categories:

    Description: (Eyes, fur, height, typical expressions, scars, typical clothing etc…)

    Possessions: (Weapons, reasonable)

        - Example
        - Another Example
        - (No "He was the best in the world/Mossflower at Swordplay/knife-throwing/archery/swimming")
        - (No "Impossible to kill" or "COuld smell a rat from fifty feet away")

        - Example
        - Another Example
        - De-ja-vu
        - ("Gets mad easily" or "Has BloodWrath" or other stereotypes are not weaknesses, no matter how you try to rationalize it)
        - (True Weaknesses equal "Can't swim," or "Dislikes and cannot use polearms of any kind," or "not physically attractive" are weaknesses. In my experience, Scars don't detract from most charas' appearance very often, either. So don't add it unless it's truly hideous and no one would want to come within  fifteen feet of them)

        (Character history. Also, posting rules apply here. Separate the paragraphs, but in this case keep it short and sweet)
    Here are said questions I found useful in asking myself for character background.

    • Where was he/she born?

    • Who are the parents? Are they alive and are there more?

    • What were they doing before?

    • Why leave it all?

    • What did they leave behind?

    • What does your character want?

  • Interesting o.o

  • Just something interesting i wanted to try out. :3

  • Sounds  great! All I have  to do is figure out a character.

  • Thats awesome to hear. :3

  • Nickname: Trus

    Full Name: Truslo Mcfinninagen

    Species: Hedgehog

    Description: Truslo is a bit small in height for one of his species. Though he does have the natural brown fur and quills of a hedgehog. He does not have much muscles showing at all. He wears a simple brown tunic, belted by his cloth belt pouch, and has on a green travelers cloak. Also, he has on his back is his backpack, which has his provisions and gear in it. He always has a kind face, and sincere looking hazel eyes.

    Possessions: For weapons, a sling and a dagger, which he barely knows how to use. The dagger is in a sheath on his cloth belt pouch. In his cloth belt pouch are a few craftsmen tools and medicinal supplies. In his backpack are, a bedroll, provisions, canteen, flint and tinder,and cooking utensils. For clothes, just the clothes hes wearing on right now.

        - He is a very excellent cook and Brewer.
        - He is also a good craftsman.
        - Has a great sense of whats edible in the wilderness.

        - He is a bad fighter overall.
        - If drawn into a fight, he will curl into a ball.
        - If all else fails, he will attempt to run away.

        Truslo was born into a small family of nomadic hedgehogs. As he was being raised, all Truslo ever knew was to always move, find a good place to stay awhile, and then move on. This was how his family lived for generations, and Truslo was happy to do so for his time spent with his small family.

    Once old enough to hold a weapon he was taught how to fight, but from the few sessions he had only proved on how bad of a fighter he was and how he either curled up to hide or ran away. Instead, much of what he learned were tools of the trade of what his parents and grandparents knew from Cooking to Sewing and Brewing.

    Eventually he reached the age where he had to strike out on his own and travel on his own. A prospect met with both equal curiosity and apprehension of being a lone traveler out in the big world.

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