Redwall Rpg version 20…something

  • Ive been working on and off on a redwall themed rpg and decided to post what I have.

    This one is a pass/fail system and more set to narrative than cold hard numbers. In otherwords its geared for role play over stats, but there are a few.

    Here is an example of a character sheet.

    Character: name, gender, species and job. (Bob the fox thief)

    Attributes: you get 12 points to spread across 5 stats, min 1 and max 5. Each stat is the number of dice you roll for a given action. You may only roll 1 attribute at a time.

    Might: feats of physical strength, endurence
    Agility: dexterity and speed
    Focus: grace and accuracy and awareness
    Logic: knowlege and reasoning
    Wit: charm and expression

    Feats: You start with 1 feat. Feats are player made, they are experience, jobs, skills, qualities you posses and provide 1 bonus dice to rolls they apply to. They can be used for carious situations but should not be general enough to apply to ALL. The max level of a feat is 1, but feats stack with other feats.

    Traits: You start with 4 trait points, at least 1 needs to be spent on your species. Traits are physical, mental or emotional aspects of your character that can both hinder or aid you. The max level is 3 for each trait. Trait level determins how many dice it +/- 's to your roll.

    When confronted by a challenge your character rolls ATTRIBUTE + FEAT +/- traits, conditions, and gear. 4-5 =1 success, 6's count as 1 success and let you roll 1 extra die.

    Narrative: When you take damage, fail challenges, lose quests etc you take narative points. When you gain 10+ NP your narative track resets, you lose all stress, and you take 1 condition.

    Conditions are realitive to the situation, if you are in battle you can become wounded, if you are at the market you can become flustered, at a tavern? You become drunk etc etc. Conditions add or minus from your dice roll, like traits.

    Example: An enemy rolls 3 success against you and you roll 1 success in defense you take 2 NP. If the gm asks you to roll for a challenge and roll 2 or more success and you roll 1, you take 1 np.

    Your NP decreases by 2 at the end of each scene. You can also burn NP for bonus dice, up to 5, taking 1 STRESS per dice rolled.

    STRESS: stress is the only official condition in the game, all others are made by the GM. Each stress -1 from all dice rolls and it stacks. If the stress causes you to roll a negative number of dice it counts as successes AGAINST you.

    Example: you roll Might of 3, but have 5 stress. You take 2 Np + the number of successes the gm rolls.

    You get rid of stress in 2 ways. Reaching the end of your narative track erases all stress from you. Or you can rest for a turn and take no actions, -3 stress from your character.

    Experience: every 20 xp grants you 1 level. You gain 1 feat every odd level, 1 trait point every even level to upgrade an existing trait, down grade a trait, or gain a new one.

    You gain 1 xp for each successfull action (NOT per success rolled) you gain 3 xp each time your traits are used negatively and cause you to fail an action. You gain 3 xp each time your Narrative track reaches 10. You gain 2 xp for completing a quest or scene.

    DRAMA: The drama meter is collective across all players. It determines what happens when you reach the end of your narrative track.

    Drama rises when:

    At the start of each new story you gain drama equal to all the player levels added together.

    You gain +1 drama each time a character reaches the end of their narrative track.

    +1 drama for each quest completed.

    Drama does NOT go away, but is reset at the end of each campaign.

    1-10 drama, players take lvl 1 conditions at the end of their NP track.

    11-16 players take lvl 2 conditions.
    17-19 players take lvl 3 conditions.
    20+ Things get…interesting. Instead of conditions players get 2 options. One, their character DIES and they reset the DRAMA meter to 0. OR, they take a trait, long lasting condition, or flaw that works against them.

    In battle? Lose a paw or suffer a crippling injury. At the market? Your  character gets into an argument with the local sherrif, put in jail and banned from the city. At the tavern? Your liver starts to fail. Etc etc.

  • hmm…. cool! i myself prefer normal rps, or bizarre ones. ex; character: Grape. squirrel. item: salmon of rot. quest: going to fight a pretzel monster. etc.
    (no. im not hungry.)

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