Chisk Softclaws

  • Name: Chisk Softclaws

    Nicknames: The Sun-snatcher, The Child of Light

    Species: Taz-Tiger (Tasmanian Tiger) (

    Description: She looks like a typical member of her species, with short ears, a long snout, stripes, and a thick tail. She wears a necklace of teeth, and a sleeveless silk tunic.

    At first glance, she looks nothing like a typical warlord. She is cheerful and lively, like a young maiden, and is only just entering adulthood. Even her name sounds harmless. However, the bones around her neck, and the jagged warclub she carries, suggest otherwise. She is whimsical and cruel, and treats everything like a game.

    She leads her army of dingoes, quolls, goannas, and other vermin. She has her sights set on Ayres Fortress, which would serve as the ideal stronghold for her plans to destroy the armies of the dingo chieftains that have dominated for so long, and take back these lands for her own kind.

    Possessions: Warclub studded with chipped stones


    • Deception and trickery: she is very good at acting cheerful or oblivious to fool others


    • Gets tired out easily, sometimes falls asleep at the wrong time
    • Easily bored and somewhat immature (despite her age); sometimes changes plans on a whim, even when it makes no tactical sense

  • Name: Duskbiter
    Nickname: Dusky (only by Chisk)

    Description: Female Dingo, light brown fur. Wears a white shirt and brown vest over a green kilt.
    Possessions: Simple crossbow, binded parchments and writing quill

    Personality: Duskbiter does the hard work of actually managing the horde. Practical-minded and organized, she disapproves of most of the rowdier generals. She isn't easy to impress, as she tends to be overly critical of anyone who isn't Chisk. There are only a select few, like Swiftpaw, that she considers reliable. She is easily cowed by beasts that are large and intimidating, like Siltscale. Most of the horde dislike her, since she is always criticizing or rebuking people for not reaching her high expectations, though she means well and just wants to encourage others to work hard and take things seriously. The rumor whispered among the soldiers is that she and Chisk are really close, which explains why a meddling busybody like her was appointed to such a high rank.

    Background: She and Chisk knew each other since childhood. Duskbiter grew up on a farm, and her parents were simple agrarians who lived peacefully. She learned how to use a crossbow, in order to defend the farm from occasional bandits. After a passing horde killed her parents and torched the farm, she started traveling with Chisk. At first, when Chisk revealed her ambition to become a warlord, Duskbiter was furious, since a warlord was responsible for the tragedy that happened to her.  However, she warmed up to the idea when Chisk promised to destroy the clans responsible for the attack.

    Although she wishes Chisk had less dangerous ambitions, she is determined to ensure that Chisk doesn't take on more than she can manage. She learned how to fight better so she can protect Chisk if necessary (although she knows Chisk probably doesn't need protection).

    She affectionately calls Chisk "Chisky" out of habit, but Chisk insists on hiding their relationship from the rest of the horde.

    Strengths: She has decent aim with the crossbow, but not great. While she's not a genius, she is diligent and organized enough to manage the horde well.

    Weaknesses: She is not good at close combat, and is easily bullied by stronger beasts. She is widely disliked, and has few positive relationships with others.


    Name: Inventor-General Iretooth
    Nickname: Toothy (only by Chisk)

    Description: Female quoll, reddish brown fur with pointed ears. Tall and lithe, very pretty. Wears goggles and brown longcoat, which she leaves open.
    Possessions: A dart launcher, strapped to her arm.

    Personality: Conceited and vain, takes every opportunity to brag about her ingenuity or beauty, or insult others. She refrains from insulting Chisk though, since otherwise she'd be out of a job. Still, it's too much to expect her to be nice to more than one person. Despite her brazen attitude, she is a coward who immediately folds when anyone confronts her.

    Strengths: Intelligent, able to design and build useful devices.

    Weaknesses: Cannot fight at all, because she believes someone as talented as herself shouldn't need to put in the effort. To defend herself she relies on her dart launcher, which does little damage. She is also cowardly, and immediately runs away or surrenders when the situation gets bad.

    Name: Infiltrator-General Starpelt
    Nickname: Starry (only by Chisk)

    Description: Young male quoll, black fur with white spots, short and pudgy with round ears. Wears simple grey tunic.
    Possessions: Poisoned dagger, satchel of food

    Personality: He is very casual, and rarely takes things seriously. He's almost always eating, and he insists it's because he's going through a growth spurt. He rarely speaks, since it would blow his cover.

    Strengths: He is skilled at entering and sneaking around enemy territory, and blending into a crowd. He looks so plain and unremarkable that he is able to escape notice in a crowd even when standing in plain view. His small size and dark fur allow him to easily hide in obvious places.

    Weaknesses: Very perceptive beasts (such as Chisk) are able to notice him right away unless he hides out of sight. He has slow reflexes, and gets tired easily, especially if he hasn't eaten for a few hours. His small size makes him physically weak, and he's not very clever. Once noticed, he can at most take down one beast before getting defeated.

    Name: General Siltscale
    Nickname: Scaley (only by Chisk)

    Description: Female goanna, tall with black scales, covered in white bands and jagged scars that blend together. Wears a shoulder pauldron and blue cloak.
    Possessions: Spear

    Personality: A serious and intelligent general, but prone to argument. She disagrees with many of Chisk's decisions, and isn't afraid to make that clear to all. Very enthusiastic about voicing her disagreement, tends to shout. Everyone is at least a little afraid of her. She's not overly violent though, and is one of the more reasonable generals. She comes from a peaceful settlement of lizards, where she received a good education, and previously worked as a guard. She tries to appear refined, since goannas are often viewed as unintelligent brutes, and has been working on fixing her speech impediment.

    Strengths: She huge and strong, and looks terrifying. Her thick hide protects her from severe injury. She's also intelligent, and keeps calm even in the thick of battle.

    Weaknesses: She is unaccustomed to fighting with a weapon, and often falls back to clawing and biting without realizing it (it embarrasses her). She is more susceptible to cold than other reptiles, and even the nighttime chill is dangerous to her, so she avoids being active at night. She has an illness that makes her easily exhausted and short of breath, which she tries to hide lest she appears weak.

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