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  • The mercenaries in the village pause in the middle of their looting and murdering and dragging woodlander captives away from their very homes. The beasts are certainly vicious looking enough to send the common dingo thing running.

    These dingo's however exchange glances before charging at the New comers with a shout of glee. The mercenaries converge on the new fighters like rabid animals, some even breaking down to closing the gap on all fours, foaming at the mouth as they do.

    It's hard to tell if they are hyped up on Nightshade, drunk or insane…or perhaps all three.

    "Well, ain't this interestin..." Vraksar scratches at an ear with his hind paw as he watches his beasts resume the fight. Standing up he cracks his neck and draws his short sword. Rolling the shoulder carrying his round shield he says to his men, "Gather up all the supplies you can carry and meet back at camp." He chuckles darkly, "I'm going to collect me a wolverine hide..."

    "Well, poop on a stick." Kyra says as she puts some distance between herself and Chisk. Her fearless leader seems capable of defending herself, even so she doesn't plan to leave her too much in a lurch.

    There are those in the horde, even among her fellow mercs, who mistake the dingo as a civilian. Or worse, a scout who rides the coat tails of her brother the leader of the pack. Which was, of course, completely true. Kyra is indeed a lazy glutton with more fat on her bones than muscle and by far isn't a lethal fighter.

    Compared to the rest of the Sawtooths barbarians.

    "I'll eat yet tail fer supper scamp!" Kyra shouts as she charges the nearest lizard. She drops forward into a roll, finishing with a one two combo punch, the second a Savage upper cut...after sending the first punch below the beasts belt.

    (Quick recap. Who is in the village battle? I have Vraskar there.)

  • (Liam is still in the inn, along with Duskbiter)

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  • Skalla smiled wickedly as the, seemingly rabid, dingos charged him. He leaped into the air as the wolverine below him met the dingos head on. Quite literally as they lunged forward, latching their jaw onto a dingo's neck. Skalla landed on top of a bandit and thrust his sword into their neck. He was forced back as several bandits charged him. They fought without any strategy or thought, as if they were wild beasts. He didn’t care, a fight was a fight. Skalla stepped forward and sliced at the throat of one of them, but that left him open for two others to jump on top of him. He was barely able to keep them from tearing him apart. He managed to catch glimpses of the wolverine being swarmed, ignoring wounds old and new as they crushed and tore apart their assailants.

    Suddenly, an arrow pierced the skull of one of the bandits on Skalla and he managed to throw off the other one. He glanced back to see that several of his companions had set up on top of the buildings with bows and throwing spears. A thorny lizard darted past and planted a fist into the face of a bandit, their spines ripping open the skin. They stepped forward and punched the bandit's chest, pushing them backwards. The thorny devil looked at Skalla, “You really are insane, aren’t you?” they muttered. Skalla shrugged and turned back to the fight as several lizards with various weapons joined the fray. There was still a lot of work to do.

  • (Just want to make sure this isn't dead)

  • (we should probably re establish turn order. There are multiple scenes and not each player needs to wait for everyone in a scene to pose before replying)

  • Duskbiter decided not to push the topic further with the intimidating foreigner, with the fight outside being the more pressing issue at the moment. She ran outside, cautiously skirting around the thickest of the fight, looking for someone to blame. Upon sighting Vraskar, she stormed up to him.

    "You there, what is the meaning of this ruckus? I thought you cleared out the village already! And would you do something about those interlopers before we run out of troops? The chief will not be pleased if we don't finish up here, and it's my head on the line!"


    Chisk looked around at the remaining assassins, and furrowed her brows.

    "This is taking too long. At this rate we'll never make it to the mountain before daybreak, and that'll look way less impressive, ay? Iretooth, wouldja put a stop to this already?" She then ducked out through the tent entrance with haste.

    Iretooth paused at chief's the use of her full name for once, before taking out a pawful of small capsules and throwing them into the nearest brazier, then similarly bolting out of the tent while hooting with laughter.

    Upon contact with the fire, the capsules released plumes of white smoke that filled the enclosed space of the tent within moments, dizzying the beasts remaining inside.

  • Krya bolts out of the tent seconds later, coughing and gagging after taking a sniff of the toxic air. She bolted right as her fearless leaders retreated but was not fast enough to escape completely unscathed.

    "Bloody Heck! Give a beast some warning will ya?" She growls, falling to one knee as she struggles to regain her breath.

    "Ah general, I thought you would never ask." Vraskar Draws a sword in one paw and holds a buckler in the other. "We got what we wanted. Do me a favor and give the order to retreat ma'am while I vanquish yonder heroic doo gooders for the glory of yer leader eh?" With barking laughter the Dingo charges into the fray, followed by six of his nearest warriors. They are all taller, beefier dingos but none have the look of unparalleled glee in their eyes that their leader has as they enter combat…

    (Who wants to be Vraskars opponant? Also the six dingos are cannon fodder, feel free to spoof them as you fight them :D)

  • Liam breathed a sigh of relief as General Duskbiter retreated. With all the focus on the battle outside, nobeast was going to check inside the inn. He lay his spear against one of the walls, then started restacking what was left of the furniture next to the remains of the door. If there were going to be more vermin, he could at least slow them down again.

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