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  • Hi, all,

    I am starting a new non-traditional Redwall type RP based in Australia. I'm playing Barzon, a Tazmar-Lord (Tasmanian Devil)

    That's a good picture of him. Not somebody to mess with. I'm looking for others to join up. Star has already joined. This should be fun. I don't know yet what would be the equivalent of Redwall Abbey yet, but Ayres Rock is the counterpart to Salamandastron.

    All is open, and if any has any ideas, please put them here. I look forward to it. It should be fun!

  • This looks like fun, I would love to join. I love Australian species.

    Do recently-extinct species still exist (like the Tasmanian tiger), or are they assumed to have become rare or died off because of dingoes?

    Also, do you have some ideas on what specific species would be considered vermin vs. goodbeasts?

  • I'd say you can use any Australian species. Including Tasmanian tigers, which I know nothing about.  🙂 As for vermin, I'd say dingos are at the top of the list. I can't think of any others at the time, but there are also many venomous snakes in Australia who can be the counterpart to Redwall adders. I still haven't figured out a counterpart to Redwall Abbey, but anybody's suggestion would be appreciated.

    Here's a list of the animals in Australia that can be used. It would be interesting to have somebody do a koala or a platypus.

  • Great! I am considering doing a platypus, but a koala also sounds interesting too. I guess it depends what other people do.

    I think goannas can be a counterpart to monitor lizards (I think they are a type of monitor anyways). Tasmanian tigers and quolls, which are carnivorous marsupials, which could both be considered vermin in addition to the dingo. Aside from that, there are plenty of reptiles to work with.

  • You have some great ideas on vermin, and I like your proposed platypus character. It should be very interesting.

  • Also, I would like to know what will be the general plot of this RP? That is something I need to consider when making a character.

  • I'm not quite sure yet. It's only in the planning stages now. I'm planning it to begin at Ayres Rock, which would be a  counterpart to Salamandastron, but what yet, I'm trying to figure out. It may be pretty much the same as Redwall but with an Australian accent.

  • I'd like to join this rp with a blue-tongued skink! I think an adventure taking in a very different place with very different animals is a really cool idea!

  • I like it! And welcome!


  • I agree, Star. All those who have suggested characters please enter a bio so we can start. Here's a template for a possible bio:

    Each new character should be introduced in the following format:

    Nickname: [Display Name]

    Full Name: [Character's first and last Name]

    Species: [Water rat, Giant Otter, Black sea otter, Bank vole, etc…]

    For example:

    Nickname: Jarg/Jargle

    Full Name: Jargle Sliteye

    Species: Brown Rat

    Then fill in the following Categories:

    Description: (Eyes, fur, height, typical expressions, scars, typical clothing etc…)

    Possessions: (Weapons, jewelry...)

        - Example
        - Another Example
        - (No "He was the best in the world/Mossflower at Swordplay/knife-throwing/archery/swimming")
        - (No "Impossible to kill" or "COuld smell a rat from fifty feet away")

        - Example
        - Another Example
        - De-ja-vu
        - ("Gets mad easily" or "Has BloodWrath" or other stereotypes are not weaknesses, no matter how you try to rationalize it)
        - (True Weaknesses equal "Can't swim," or "Dislikes and cannot use polearms of any kind," or "not physically attractive" are weaknesses. In my experience, Scars don't detract from most charas' appearance very often, either. So don't add it unless it's truly hideous and no one would want to come within  fifteen feet of them)

        (Character history, take Mary-Sue test in other thread before writing this. It really puts things in perspective. Also, posting rules apply here. Separate the paragraphs, but in this case keep it short and sweet)

    This will make it very easy for people to find and understand your characters and to get some detailed information on who and what they are.
        It is suggested that as you creatures get promoted, resign, get demoted, killed, win victories, ect... that you create a detailed history, this will help to make RPGing more realistic.

  • I accidentally thought of too many characters, now I have to decide which one to use…

  • We'll be waiting. I'm going to go ahead and do an opening post to get us started. Any can jump in when they get their characters settled.

  • Got my character ready!

    Nickname: Shrak

    Full Name: Shravell Linto

    Species: Australian Blue Tongue Skink

    Description: Of average height, he looks rather chubby, but is in fact quite strong. He has light brown and grey scales. An intricate symbol is burned into his chest. There are a few large scars along his arms. He normally wears a buttoned vest and large, white cloak.

    Shravell tries his best to not draw attention to himself. A very stoic individual, it takes a lot to get him to react significantly. He is polite, but doesn’t actively try to make friends. He is somewhat slow, yet methodical in most things he does.

    Possessions: A large, old walking staff. He has a large satchel filled with various preserved foods and a few personal items. He keeps a journal on him, keeping it from other’s sight. A small hammer is affixed to his waist. He also has a slate board and some chalk.

    -Fairly strong
    -An accomplished blacksmith
    -Very good at surviving in the wild

    -Mute since birth
    -Socially awkward
    -Rather poor fighter

    Background: Shravell was born in a band of nomadic lizards. The entire band takes it upon themselves to care for all their children, so his parents were, technically, everyone. Primary among his many caretakers, was the smith. Shrak spent most of his time with them, learning everything they could about crafting tools and armor with few tools. His lack of speech and general disinterest in socializing meant that he had very few, if any, friends. What made him leave, and where he got his strange scar, is anybody's guess.

    Hope you like him! I'll try and post sometime soon.

  • Sounds good! I can't wait to see him in action.

  • Two things: I don't know how to write an Australian accent. And, I think that Kata Tjuta might make a good spot for this place's Redwall Abbey, really just because of distance.

  • Don't worry. I don't know much about an Australian accent either. And your suggestion about Kata Tjuta is great! I say go for it.

  • I have posted my vermin warlord's profile, so that they can be incorporated into the rp. I will make an introductory post for them in the main thread soon.

  • It looks great! now I need to make plans.

  • Made the intro post in the main thread. Anyone is free to make a vermin general or other position in the horde if they wish, and otherwise I will just fill it with same randomly named extras.

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