• Trok ran through the woods, charging through brush and slicing clean through saplings and vines that blocked his way. Adrenaline rushed through his limbs fueling him as fear creapt into his mind, clouding his thinking. behind him he could hear the sounds of pursuit. the thuds of heavy armored bodies crahing along behind him reaching his ears. He felt pain all over as fatigue wore him down. He stumbled once on a stump, but he was on his feet again instantly, cursing at the loss of momentum. the he was running at full speed again.
        A sword suddenly slashed through his black forest cloak, drawing blood. Trok spun around and slammed the hilt of his sword into the body of the attacker, not even looking at the creature. It span off into a stream as Trok continued running. He knew what it was, he knew what the other pursuer was too, but didn't dwell on what they meant if they caught him.
        Once again he turned his mind to merely being able to outrun them no matter how unlikely it was. His eyes began to loose focus and his legs burned with pain. everything in his body sreamed to stop, but his mind raged with determination that very few could posses outside of a life-death situation.
        Suddenly the trees disapeared and he was running across a ditch and up the other into an open area of grass and then after a few more seconds of running he noticedsomething else. His pursuers were gone. He didn't glance back to find out though, all he cared about was reatching the abbey and gaing safety.
        As he tumbled to the ground, unable to move any farther, he blacked out. But just before he did he had the vauge impression that his wish had somehow been granted.
    *                              *                              *

  • When Foremole found the beast, he was immediately worried. There was a long gash in his back, and blood stained his cloak.
    "Pore critture." Foremole said, "Don't zee wurry zurr. I gets zee to za Abbey"
    As Foremole reached down to pick the beast up, he thought he felt some movement.

  • Suddenly, a black fox, dressed not too shabbily, stepped out of the woods (from a different direction than Trok had come), and frowned. He said in a silvery voice, "Well, look what we have here. What a terrible thing."

  • The fox might have said more, but If he planned to he wouldn't have gotten far. From the woods where Trok had been coming from there was a stange whistling sound. Trok stirred slightly at the recongnition of the sound.
        Another whistle cut the air. The shrill note cut to the bone and warned of danger. But only to those who knew the sound.

  • Rosen ran out from the front gates of the abbey and onto the lawn. She didn't speak to any of the creatures. She just grabbed Trok and backed away.
        Something in woods was getting closer and louder. The sounds suggested an animal of unusual size. It was huge.
        Rosen hissed at the talking beasts, "Get inside you dunces! Do you want to get killed?!" And with that she hefted the bundle up higher and disappeared back into the abbey, holding Trok carefuly. It was a wonder she could carry him at all, but years of traveling and running helped.


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    The sounds got louder as the creatures neared. There were thumps and growls, twigs snapped and hisses sounded. Eventually their massive, shadowy silhouettes appeared at the edge of the woods and the sounds stopped. The animals were waiting for something and hadn't yet seen the fox or Foremole. They were preoccupied and wouldn't see them for some time yet.

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  • The fox smiled, and follow the beasts toward the Abbey, noting the eerie sound.

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