Nickname: The Axe

Full Name: Barzon (pronounced BarZOHN) Long O.

Species: Tasmanian Devil (Tazmar)

Description: Height: 6'2" Weight: 245 Eyes: Black Fur: Black with white shoulder/chest markings

Possessions: Two-edged battle-axe, bullroarer

    Has strength of a Tazmar Lord, ferocity, Bloodwrath, strong will

    Is extremely stubborn, his rage against vermin sometimes get him into trouble, and his kangaroo soldiers have to bail him out.

    Barzon the Axe has been a Tazmar-Lord at Ayres Fortress for ten seasons. He has assembled a Kangaroo contingent who are fiercely loyal to him. They guard the outback against vermin incursions and defend all goodbeasts in the area.  He uses his bullroarer to summon his armies.

Here's a picture of what he looks like:

Not one to mess with or meet in a dark alley, LOL!