Gate Report: Rebirth

  • Two weeks, much has happened in those two weeks before, during, and after to Mortimer. Though in his case mostly work around the medical ward and paperwork occasionally. After him an his old friend Lennard's attempt to interrogate the prisoner failed, Louis came next and when that still didn't make progress Renvi took his turn next. That rat clearly wasn't prepared for "Belkan" interrogation tactics and even with the problem of a language barrier it seems they did get some information from him little as it may be.

    A name and direction.

    Seems that while such tactics would be in violation of several humane and wartime laws, thats all they could get out of him. Either his apparent fear of this, "Desiox", proved to be a very strong lock, or he knew very little at all in the first place. The aged mouse felt both observations seemed like valid answers as he thought about it. His train of thought soon ended once he entered the medical ward in his work attire and noticed Fabi.

    "Ah, hello Fabi how are you today?" He said with his usual smile.

  • During the two weeks, Star and all the others injured got better. They had joined up with the others, and had adapted to the huge switch between worlds. They still stayed at the accomidations made for them, but some had started to mingle. Star and Willow were not among them. And Willow still made them do drills and whatnot.    Star marveled at how all species got along, and how that attitude had rubbed off onto some hares. Almost no hares treated her bad now! But she stayed with Willow, barely out of range, only going to the hospital to marvel and learn.

    Now word had gotten out on how they were about to go back! Many couldn't wait, not even paying attention to drills! Willow tried to keep them in line, but was having a hard time. She finally just let them loose, but kept many rules still intact. But even she was excited.

  • Two weeks, two weeks from the date and nothing?! After that night Louis has avoided her and kept making up excuses and Fabi couldn't figure out why! Like did she do something wrong? It saddened her a little bit but then she was annoyed to the point of being pissed off. She has been moody and have heard rumors or the interrogation. She was very familiar of the technique of the Belka. A few times Renvi had come to her and had talked to her. Fabi always turned a blind eye to the interrogation even though she knew perfectly well what occurre. Something she didn't want to discuss with anyone

    Fabi gave a forced smile at Mortimer.  "Never better. All I want to do is sing and fly kites and not have a care in the world." She said sarcastically before glowering again. "Anyway, I want you to be part of the escort mission. Thinking of sending Tim and Mona and Marcus out. What you think? Lennard your input is welcome to."

  • Evidently, Fabi seemed to be in a mood and Mortimer wasn't surprised. Considering from what hes heard from rumors alone, "Sound like sensible choices Fabi." He replied back still keeping his same expression. "I think Lennard might come if I ask, but its mostly his decision. It'd be good to have him along again like the old days." At this he chuckled lightly.

    "Later I'll head around and ask Lennard. Until then, I trust your judgement Fabi." He said before giving her a small wave and went back to do his current tasks for today which involved some paperwork.

  • Star watched Mortimer go out of the office, and slipped in after he left. She stood infront of the desk, head low.
    "Ma'am, if you'll excuse me asking, but can I help you in any way? I understand you are in charge of the medical things." She asked voice quiet. She shuffled her paws nervously. She rarely ever spoke to anybeast but her closest freinds. But she wanted to do something usefull. She couldn't just stay by Willow 24/ 7. She had to do something!

  • Fabi looked at Monda, who was watching her with concern. "it will be ok Fabi, I'm sure Louis thing will work out. Anyway I'll go find Tim and Markus and bring them up to date." Fabi smiled greatfully, "Thanks Mona."
    Fabi looked up, "Ahhh Star isn't it? You're from the other side of the gate." She gave a smile, "we can always use help around here, please call me Fabi.." She walked around, "First off let me give you a tour of Medical Bay 1. Aka my domain." She said heading off down the hall guiding star along side her. "There are three other doctors totals, me, Dr Sankit and Dr. Mortimer and his sidekick Lennard." She looked around and pointed to Mortimer, "We have a few techs, Tim, Marcus Mona, and Stacey. They currently work the day shift, we have a night crew, Lily,Kelto and Travis. That makes up most of the team in Medical Bay 1. Also we are the coolest and most skilled team around. Couldn't have chosen a better spot!"

    They went along, Fabi showing Star the 8 rooms, the operating room, triage area, main desk, office, the helicopter pad and the medical supplies.
    They came back in a full circle and was in front of Fabis office again,"Tell me so you have any healer/medical training?"

  • Meanwhile there was a convoy being set up Louis was talking to a soldier when suddenly a medic arrive "Captain we have a change of plans Medical team 8 is going to be remaining at the base on the other side due to then needing more medical staff at ready…..Team 6 will be accompanying your team on this mission." The mouse gave a nod as he adjusted his black baseball cap. "Alright Sargent I am guessing that is the list of medic accompanying us......wait isn't team 6 a Stonewall task force?" The Sargent gave a nod as he handed Louis the papers. The mouse began to read them over before stopping and going pale for a second. "Wait.....since when was Fabi on team 6?!?!"

    Suddenly Fabi hears a someone shouting there name and sees a larger  Lizard in a Usean marine uniform approaching. "Fabinie Arratay correct?" He asked after wards he then speaks up and hands you a new orders. "You and your medical team will being going to assist the scouting operation. Report to Captian Diaz in a hour."

  • Star gaped at the huge facility and its equipment, saying small hellos to the personel. She was just about to say that she had some, nothing compsred to this though, when the officer came.
    She looked to the floor again, twisting her paws.
    "Your going too? Most of the hares are. Most likely not me, though. I'm not fast, nor know the lay of the land as some. It is very nice though, not really as grand as it is over here, but it is home." She told Fabi, softly. Home. It was still new to her lips, but was comfortable. She meant what she said. It wasn't perfect, but it was HOME. But she most likely would not see it till they all went.

  • Fabi just gapped at the officer as he thrust the papers in her hand. "But..No.." she said, getting over her shock and scanning the papers, her face went a little pale, "You are sending me out front lines? I haven't been in the field for a few years." She stammered, "there is a reason for it."  Fabi look at the list and sighed. "But," she claimed her mouth shut, fury in her face she glares at the officer before turning around and not paying attention to him she looked at Star, " I will see if you can come, I'm sure you'll be able too, I'd not you will go home sooner than you think. Maybe you can work on this site while I'm gone and learn new stuff to share when you return home." She gave a small smile. "Tim!" She called and a fox came over, "Yes doctor?" "Star is going to shadow you, Dr Sanket is on in a hour, I'll let him know that we have a new intern for a few days possibly, make sure she is well received and comfortable. Star this is Tim, Tim…Star."
    She glanced at the officer again and back at the two, "I'll be back soon."

    She was off to find Renvi" she passed Mortimer, "Come with me please." She said as she explained to Mortimer what happened as she walked to Renvi office. "I need to talk to Renvi, he would know why." She sighed, "I haven't been in the field in two years... None the less with Stonewall..." The thought terrified her, what was worse she would be working with Louis. She glowered at the thought and dismisses it from her mind*

  • Star thanked Fabi, and greeted Tim. She set straight to work, following, learning, and helping. By the end of the day she was exhausted, but happy. She was learning to be a better healer! She was already a great one for Redwall standards, but it was insignificant by the ones here. And she might be going home soon!

  • The mouse had barely finished most of the paperwork when he heard the some sounds and looked to see some papers being given, or thrusted in this case, to Fabi. New orders it seems and from her reaction ones she didn't expect to happen right now. A few ideas came to mind at what kind of orders they were and one soon became confirmed when she passed by and explained to him the reassignment.

    Making sure the papers kept some form of organization he soon got up to follow along with her. Already Mortimer could tell where she planned on heading to, "I know the reassignment seems so sudden Fabi that I can understand, but you seem more troubled by it then you should be." He said to her as they walked along to Renvi's office.

  • "I haven't been out for two year, and now this?" She said shaking her head, "and HE will be there also. I'm stuck with HIS team for the whole mission. Like seriously? I don't wanna assoscaite with him, every since that interrogation everyone has been avoiding Reni and me. It's not my fault that I know the Balka tactics of interrogation but that doesn't make me a bad person does it?" She said her voice cracking, "But apparently everyone thinks so. Maybe that's why HE isn't even talking to me. And now I'm stuck on a mission with HIM? Not to mention that I'm heading into unknown lands and have to bcome potentially in combat again" She angerly wiped away tears and arrived in front of Renvi office. She entered without knocking,"Renvi? Brother? I need to talk to you. Now. It's urgent!" She said looking around.

  • As Fabi banged on the door a skinny and older Shrew approaches. "Uhh I am sorry Miss Arratay, but your brother is in a important and very private meeting with Mr. Koyzra. You know the CEO of that mercenary company your brother works for." The shrew looked at you up and down for a moment. "Is something the matter dear? You seem very stressed out and you haven't even been deployed yet."

    Meanwhile Louis decided to shake off his concerns over Fabi being assigned to his team. If it wasn't for the chat he and Renvi had after the "interrogation" He probably would have actually has a good relationship. But now seeing her get angry over him not talking to her…..well she really is scary when she is mad. Meanwhile a soldier walked up and gave him a salute. "Captain Diaz sir,  I have a report from he drones that returned from the unmanned aerial recon and another file giving a update to your mission. "The mouse gave a nod to the soldier and took the file and began to read it as he started to look slightly confused. "Wait the indigenous birds are estimated to be how big?!?"

  • "Of course he is." She said bitterly and looked at the shrew. "When he comes out of the meeting can you please tell him that his sister needs to talk to him and its urgent." She said, giving a smile and keeping her voice light. In one second Fabi was emotional and in a fury, the next she was calm, cool and collected. "You're right, I'm making to big of a deal about this." She shrugged and turned away, "have a good day." She called over her shoulder. Fabi was still furious inside, but she didn't show it. It can't be that horrible right?

    She turned to Mortimer and took a deep breath. "Mortimer can you round up the team? Thinking you, Lennard, Mona, Marcus and Stacey. It's a pretty good medical team. Tell them to meet me at my office in 30 minutes with full field gear on. Should be pretty quick, usually we have the packs all ready to go."

    30 min later

    Fabi was in front of her office, she had ditched her everyday clothes for a military uniform. Her hair pulled back in a night ponytail and a large pack next to her feet. She had outfitted herself if a bulletproof vest and her favorite gun and two knives on her hip. It felt weird putting on the uniform after two years and Fabi was nervous.

  • Clearly Fabi had planned to chew out her brother for such a reassignment, but seemed to have missed that encounter by a important meeting. Merely delaying it it would seem as she came over to the older mouse who stood a bit away from the short burst of frustration. "Mortimer can you round up the team? Thinking you, Lennard, Mona, Marcus and Stacey. It's a pretty good medical team. Tell them to meet me at my office in 30 minutes with full field gear on. Should be pretty quick, usually we have the packs all ready to go."

    "I'll gather the team then Fabi and remember to keep a level head." he said before walking off.

    30 min later.

    He had gathered the team Fabi had requested along with Lennard, who after some convincing, was waiting in field gear along with them. While Mortimer had his usual field uniform he had a different, slightly older smg that looked remarkably well kept, and Lennard had less bulkier looking vest compared to the mouse though he carried a rifle and visibly on his left arm a stiletto in its sheath.

    "Can't believe ya pulled that on me again Mort." he grumpily said as he adjusted himself while Mortimer merely chuckled.

    "As I said before, somethings do indeed never change old friend."

  • Fabi looked at the team, "Right guys. We get to go on a mission to the other side of the gate. I have chosen you guys since I know you are best suited for the job at hand. I wish I would tell you what we are getting into, buuuuttttt they don't tell me much. So keep your wits about you and work together, cover each other's backs." She looked around. "Let's move out." She said and lead her team down to where she found Captian Louis Diaz.  She halted a bit before, her step faltering, suddenly she was nervous and mad at the same time. A price of her wanted to slap Louis so hard that he flew to another continent, and considering her options she decided not to. She took a deep breath, adjusted her bag and walked up to Louis Diaz.
    "Medical team six reporting for duty Captian Diaz." She said , giving him a cold look. "here are the papers, awaiting further information on what we are getting into, sir." She said rather forcefully, the last part.

  • All tge hares and Star were in a big building that was given for meetings and mess. Tgey were all called there mysterously by Willow.
    After everyone had come in, Willow went to tge front of the building.
    "Everyone, thank you for coming here so quickly. You all have heard tge rumor that we are going to go back to our world. It is true. Stonewall needs guides to get around. We will be their guides. I will need all of you in these 5 teams. Team 1, I need private Fleetfoot. Private Hodbunch… " Willow went on and on, till almost everyone was called. "- And Star on my team. Everyone repot to me at 6 am tomorrow. Dismissed."
    Hares flowed out of the hall, the a buzzing with exitement. Star immeadatly made her way to Willow.
    "I'm going?Why? I'm not a part of the Long Patrol?" She asked.
    Willow winked. "I said everyone was coming, didn't I? Besides, I wasn't the one who said that you would go. I heard that a medical 'fficer recommended you. Besides me, of coures. Wot! Top hole! Jolly nice of her."

  • Louis looked over at Fabi. He seemed rather stressed out and confused as he was holding the report providing mission detail. "Oh hey Fabi." He said as it was obvious that he mind was still back on the files he was reading. Looking over at the papers she now just handed seeing the official orders he simply shook his head and sighed. Why is it always papers and reports arrive just before the operations? Someone in intelligence or mission control is clearly not doing their job but regardless Adapt and over come is the Usean Marine way. "Okay Fabi you and your team can take five here while I go get the rest of the task force. I think we got some really important intel that needs to be reviewed." He said as he handed the file to Fabi particularly on the page about the local wildlife right on the page with the info that has been concerning him. "By the way Fabi, to set the record straight. I get it your pissed off at me but right now but these orders  are Stating your in command of team 2 so I'd appreciate it if we can at least put the fast couple of weeks aside especially since that is what destroyed 3 of out larger drones that was deployed." He said pointing at a blurry image of what looked like some sort of predatory bird yet the data collected on the file seemed off….it says that the bird is estimated to be about the size of a F-16....and is clearly hostile.

    Several minutes passed as Louis returned with the rest of the unit. to being briefing. Louis walked up to the folding table and for the quick briefing and placed a map down. "Alright gather round guys we only have enough time for a quick briefing so I'm gonna get to the point. Our mission is a little different then the rest of the scouting parties that already or is preparing to be deployed." He said as he pointed at the map. "Alright as you can see we almost have about a 100 mile radius covered except here along the coastline. Right here we lost 3 large UAVs and several smaller drones that went into the area to gather intel. Now the smaller drones can be dismissed as the local wildlife such as the birds defending their territory.... we will get back on the bird thing in a moment. Right now we need to discuss the larger UAVs. Now those UAVs fly at a altitude higher and faster then the smaller drones so the fact that 3 of them went down in this unknown region is strange so our mission to locate the downed UAVs and recover the data recorded so we can understand exactly what happened in the region. Another thing I might add is that things are different in the other world particularly how most predatory birds are about the size of our fighter jets and really pissy so we are going in 100% lethal this operation. If things work out you shouldn't even fire your gun once. Still it is only gonna be just us out there since HQ is still trying to set up some radio communication in the area we wont be able to radio for backup. So stay on your toes. Any questions?"

  • "What?" Fabi said in shock when she heard she was leading team 2. "But..I…There is a mistake?" She said as Louis walked away. She was taken aback at the sudden news and rubbed her neck nervously. "But I don't know how....." She muttered looking ather medical team. "Well, take five guys." She said and sat down on a rock, looking absentmindedly at the file. "Huge birds..." She said scanning the file trying to concentrate.
    Several minutes later.....

    Louis came back and Fabi joined in the group around the fsing table. She was samwhitched between two buff guys and she look at either one of them and seemed to shrink back, listening quietly with a worried expression on her face. How on earth could she live up to the expectations of a leader. Mona came up behind her and gave her a shoulder in support. And to make matters worse, large aggressive birds within the mission which lethal force will be used.
    any questions? she heard Louis ask. Fabi met his eyes and then quickly looked down, "Nope." She said. "Crystal clear." She went back to her bag and fiddled around with the zippers. Making sure everything was closed and orderly.

  • "Well thats bloody unexpected."

    "The giant birds? Or the drones going down?"

    "The bloody birds obviously." The hare gruffly replied as the short conversation continued until the group reconvened around a folding table. Both older beasts were present and while still chatting to themselves still heard what was said around the table. "Bragoon would be having a field day if he was cleared for duty by now."

    "Aye, even with the one eye the birds would be not as much trouble even be'in the size of a jet. Hell, even Bently would have a trick or two in dealing with the flying buggers."

    "Indeed. Though if it were just the birds taking out the drones, then it be a simple thing to work around."

    "Aye, if only it were that simple."


    Miles away to the north of the Gate two red kites were carrying a few of the missing small drones in their talon as they flew along the thermals. The big ones proved the most troubling to catch while the smaller ones were far easier and plentiful. It was pride that hurt between the two birds with their small catches, two fierce hunters of the sky and yet even together could not catch one of the big ones that flew higher then most birds.

    With their meager catches they swallowed their pride to return north and hunt again to make up for their shortcoming of failing half of their hunt.

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