Gate Report: Rebirth

  • Willow nodded, and started shooting. She quickly observed how others reloaded, and copied them. She was careful, fast,precise, and deadly! She moved the gun to and fro, killing hordebeast everywhere. She moved, covering Lous's back. She stood silent when it was done, keeping the gun up. She noticed the 50- some vermin retreating, and she rushed over to Starlight. She carefully picked her up, while manuvering the gun to hang on her belt. She marched over to Louis.
    "Where can I take her? And here is your weapon back."

  • Louis looked rather impressed as 3 Humvees zoomed into the area along with medical trucks. 2 of the Humvees pulled over with the medics rush out and began to tend to the wounded and bodies while one of the trucks went after the 50 to firing teargas and rubber bullets in attempts to capture them. Looking back at the hare Louis gave a nod. "Nice shot, your a natural with my piece. I don't think your mean will need to be restrained or anything. You earned a good word from me Sargent. Regardless I have my orders you still need to be detained. "He said as he holstered his weapon as a Weasel walked over. "Captian Ortiz? I am Petty Officer Reno, We are your relief. " The mouse gave a nod as he looked at Willow. "Come on you can ride with my unit on the trucks," He said as he climbed up on the tank. "unless you want a ride with us." He said as he handed he rifle to the raccoon inside the tanke. "Gun's hot Artie, careful." He said as he passed the rifle.

  • Willow nodded.
    "I think I understand. And if it is all the same to you, I would like to stay with Starlight. She don't have many friends, being a fox an' all, and I want to make sure she wakes to one of the few she has."

  • Fabi heard the panic on the radio and her heart sank. "Oh no…" she whispered and then looked at her team. They looked at her, "alright guys, just a call came in, an attack. Casualties are reported. I need team B out and get into the hum red bring them in. The rest of you get ready!"
    She packed along the rooms, muttering to herself. "Hopefully non on her team was among the fallen."

  • Unfortunately, the wolverine heading them had the foresight to set traps on their escape route and cut trees down to block ways through. By the time the pursuit would reach the encampment they were long gone, the camp site and any tracks erased. Two wolverines had been in command of this horde, one who unlike his compatriot rushed headlong, planned his ambushes and escape. The latter was who still lead the 50 survivors Northeast through the forest, the diminished horde at a forced march to get far away.


    Some shifting motion could be seen as small groans are muttered from a horde, still alive and underneath a fallen corpse. Barely conscious and hanging between life and death from wounds sustained from the fighting.

  • Louis shook his head. "That is a no go Sarge. Your friend will be tended to by the medical team and detained as well. Legitimately cannot let you stay here. I have orders and can't let you stay. Trust me Sargent, You earned my respect in the field, don't do anything this going to have to make me retrain you." He said taking off his helmet and placing it inside the tank and leaving his head fur all messed up from his helmet. "Trust me, you and your men will receive some of the best medical care you will have ever received, ISAF forces are going to be securing the area and establishing the perimeter of the area and secure it. You have to come with us." He said taking a seat. So is there going to be a problem?

  • Willow sighed deeply, but shook her head.
    "No problem, sah. But there might be a small detail that you might have missed, by you securing the area. You see, there is a place near here, Redwall Abbey, full of warroirs and other such people, and with you 'detaining' us, they might take it as a sign of aggrestion, nevermind my Badger Lady, Birchrose! Wot! By the way, where can I put Star?"

  • Mortimer sighed as he heard the panic over the radio as well, that gut feeling coming back to him about that birds sighting. An ill omen it seems as he nodded to the greying hare beside him who shrugged in response as he went to go get prepped. Both older beasts slipped on vests and forgone the helmets as Mortimer gathered his medical gear, while Wesly got a rifle and strapped a combat knife to his side.

    "No rest for the weary eh?" The mouse said to his compatriot as he walked.

    "FUBAR is what I think you meant Morty. And yes," He cocked his weapon, "Seems theres always someone to fight, here or through some bloody mystical gate."

    Both gathered into the humvee with the other medics through the Gate and arriving to see the carnage. At this the hare whistled, "We bloody well missed some right brawl." He said as he got off and stepped over some corpses.

    "Indeed, though brawl," Mortimer said while gesturing for the medics to begin tending survivors from both sides, "may be putting it lightly." The hare's ears perked up as he went past bodies and those still standing to a certain spot. "Oi Captain!" He yelled out to Louis as he shouldered his rifle and grunted as he lifted the half dead horde rat. "Seems we got a survivor from the other side. The only bloody survivor,
    bloody hell what mad beasts would charge a gun position like this with swords and spears?

  • "Team B, how many survivors are there and whats your ETA?" Fabi said over the radio, everyone in the medical bay had stopped a listened. Some of the hares muttered among themselves as did some nurses also. It was one downside that Fabi hated about the medical field, is times like this where you have casulties and you don't know how bad it is and you just have to wait and see. It is also times like this when you determine not everyone can be saved and you will have some losses under your watchful eye.

    Fabi's face fell as she remember that she had a few members succumb to their wounds, and it still haunted Fabi to this day.

    She sighed again and got to work, it was gonna be a long night

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  • As everyone at the gate was dealing with casualties, a young hare was running for his life. He had went to gather some berries and such, when the rest had been struck by the tear gas. As soon as he saw them being captured, he ran off to Redwall. It was 2 days after the attack when he got to the road. He had been running straight, almost never stopping. He arrived panting at Redwall at about noon, hoarsly calling out to be let in.

  • Louis looked back at Willow and jumped off the tank drawing his sidearm. "Looks like one of those bastards are still kicking…." The mouse said as he started to walk towards Mortimer, As he approached he saw the severely injured bodies of several members of team 2 that was unlucky enough to be closest to the charge. Looking back up to the elder medic Louis shook his head. "Heh this is the lucky one?" Louis said before pulling out a waterbottle he was carried and pour on the rat waking him up. "Well well, looky here. Still in the land of the living I see." Louis said with a look on his face that practically showed death in his eyes as he crouched down and looked at the beast square in the eye. "Ya know your buddies killed some of my men. Good men, you all look like a sorry excuse for bandits or raiders judging from your piss poor strategy." The mouse said giving a wink to the hare who knew exactly what Louis is planning. Raising his sidearm the mouse looked at it and back at the rat. "You see this right here is a m1911, 7 shots, 45. caliber rounds. Just enough power to put a nice sized hole in your head like some of your buddies earned during that charge." Louis said as he moved the slide back and fourth with the gun's hammer now pulled back ready to fire. With that same look of death in his eyes Louis pressed the gun against the rat's head right in between his now wide eyes. "I could kill you right now ya know that? Just one squeeze of the trigger and your brains will go everywhere, make it even for what you did to my boys. In fact....." Louis said as he squeezed the trigger with almost no emotion.


    That was the sound the gun made. No bullet,no bang, Just the sound of a empty gun trying to be fired. With the gun still poised against the rat's head Louis spoke again. "Remember this fear, let this teach a  lesson. Don't mess with me and best think about who's side your gonna be on." Louis said as he stood up and holstered his handgun looking at Mortimer. "What? The false executioner trick, works every time when you need to let someone know who is boss." He said now back in his more casual self. "Anyways get this scumbag some treatment and load him up on the trucks. Once he is well I will be interrogating him myself." At mention of that last part Louis looked back at the rat and tapped his own forehead as a reminder for the rat of what Louis could be capable of doing if he doesn't cooperate. Just then the radio came on with Fabi's voice asking about casualties. Grabbing the radio Louis took a couple of steps away from the group responded. "This Cobra 2-1, Team B is busy teating wounded at the moment. So far we have multiple wounded some in serious condition but so far no confirmed deaths…..unless you want the count for the enemy forces....In that case there was is only one enemy survivor of the attacking force, remaining forces retreated leaving their dead. It aint pretty HQ, thing really went FUBAR fast." He said before putting the radio down and looking at the two. "Anyways Me and my men are going to be heading back since the relief unit arrived. You guys coming?"

  • Willow followed, and watched Louis and the rat. She was angry, and would probably have killed him if she had the chance. She watched a.azed how Louis pretended that he was going to slay him. but didn't. She had never seen anyone do something like this. Why? She shook it off, and followed Louis.

  • Mortimer saw Louis walk over after giving a quick check up of the half conscious rat, "Indeed. The semi-" To which Louis poured the contents of his waterbottle over the rat, "Wet, and semi conscious patient." The hare gave a grunt at the correction as the young mouse began his fear tactic. Both older beasts knew the tactic from experience and training in their younger days quite well, so both knew where Louis was going with his speech.


    Though what caught both the older mouse and hares attention was how the rat reacted to this. Silent. Staring back unfazed even though having witnessed first hand of how the weapon worked. The carnage around gave more then enough indication of the firepower being used, but to the rat, half dead and barely awake, just had a blank expression.

    "I'll be staying here until-" Mortimer began to say until the rat began to slowly chuckle at first, then hoarse laughter followed after as if an unknown joke became known to the rat. At this Wesly groaned, "Bloody hell, hes one of those fanatical types."

    "Er það það músík?" The rat said in a hoarse voice with a delirious smile and giggling laughter.

  • Willow stopped when she heard the rat.
    "It sounds like the bally old vermin wants music? Wot?" She reasoned. She grinned as an idea occered to her. She gave a small whisleandall ablebioded hares got up and formed ranks. Willow stood in front.
    "Ok you old lot! lets show these blighters some of our stuff! On the double,one,two, left,right!" The hares followed behind her, perfect formation. They started bellowing out a marching song.

  • If Willow was looking in Louis's direction she would be able to see him facepalm so hard one can hear the smacking sound it makes as Soldiers suddenly got up with rifles at ready shouting at the singing hares as they moved in to restrain them. While that was going on another beast walked up and waved towards the captain. "Captain Diaz, I am Captain Renolds. I am in charge of the your relief, HQ is expecting a full debrief on the situation before we decide to send in Stonewall to conduct recon. The mouse rolled his eyes at the mention of the PMC company. "I doubt we need those guys. But whatever man. I pass the torch to you." He said patting the other Captain's shoulder as he waved his hand out signaling his team that it is time to move out. "Alright Iron Paladin! Move out!" Louis said as he climbed back up top of the tank and the original force left through the gate leaving the hares and medical team with the new unit now resuming the original groups job of establishing a perimeter.

  • "And they think he wanted music, well can't exactly blame her making the assumption." Mortimer said with a light chuckle as he resumed his duties as a field medic. The hare meanwhile led the still delirious rat over to get restrained and prepared transport across the gate for interrogation. After having a lull in his work the elder mouse radioed to Fabi, "This is Mortimer of Team B, much of the casualties have been treated and others are being prepped for transport back across the Gate. One patient native from this side is being brought along under restraint as well for further treatment."

    "A word of warning though Fabi, whoever comes here for pickup to be prepared for what their going to see. And for that one patient coming across, keep him in isolation and under watch as they show signs of possible delirium. Mortimer out." With that he put his radio away.

    "You certainly have a thing for that young doctor…Fabiana I believe, eh?" Wesly said as he finished on his end and met up with Mortimer. "A student of mine, one of my best really. She has a lot of potential for her future, reminds me a lot of how I was when I was her age if I took a different path."

    The hare merely gruffed, "Sentimental and optimistic as always Morty." he patted the mouse on the shoulder. "Hard to tell if your acting like her father or mentor." At this the mouse chuckled, "Maybe both old friend."

  • ooc: I'm skipping ahead to were everyone is already in the Medical bay and Fabi and crew are treating them. Any objections and I"ll switch my post around

    The last of the wounded arrived into Medical Bay 2 and Fabi was busy patching up, applying stiches, splinting etc. Her hair was frazzled and tireness was etched on her face. But determination was what kepts Fabi going, she wasn't going to stop til everyone was resting comfortably. The rat that the team brought in, was in his own room, door locked and shut and a solider standing outside, Fabi didn't want to take any chances.

    Fabi stood up from splinting a leg with a nurse and spotted Dr. Sanket, "Hey, how is it on yourside?" she said indicating to the OR where he just came out, "Well, I believe we are almost done, stopped the internal bleeding and now that hare is resting comfortably." he said pointing to the sleeping hare. "Thats good, I think we are all about done." she said wearily as she stepped into her office. Fabi gave a loud groan as she saw all the reports piled up on her desk. Dr. Sanket whisled, "Quiet a lot, but I"m sure a lot of information is complied what our medics have gotten from the hares and such." he said, Fabi looked at him and back at the folders, "Great..I'll get started, Can you do the final rounds through and send the team home, we will have the night shift coming in soon." she said looking at the watch on her hand. Dr. Sanket nodded, "As you wish." he left. Fabi gave a rather pathetic sob and sat down in her chair. Grabbing the first folder off the top stack she opened it, looked at it and then closed her eyes, leaning back in her chair. What a day, she didn't not see this coming. Opening up a drawer she took out a drink and pour a glass for herself before staring blankely at the packet again. She shook her head and started to read.

  • Willow was silent after her parade was done, and when she was going across the gate. She looked at Louis, and now spoke.
    "Sorry for that. It was innapropratly timed. Though my men loved it. A good old march with song never fails to bring up moral, wot? Besides, things have been happening too fast, and strange. We needed something familar." She looked away, gazing at the foreign base.
    Starlight slowly stired in her hospital bed. She tried to get up, but decided against it.. She was too tired. In pain. On her head was a huge bump, and her left arm was broken. She could tell by how she felt, and when she moved, her arm felt heavy. She opened her eyes, to see a cast on her arm. She opened her mouth slightly and croaked out one word.
    "Willow." She then collaplsed, falling back asleep.

  • It took about 2 hours for everything to settle down and medical trucks to finally arriveWhen the truck finally arrived and Louis was assisting the hare off the truck into the base on the tropical island, a stark contrast from the more temperate woodlands on the other side of the gate. Listening to Willow the mouse shook his head as he now he was no longer in his full combat gear as he wore a white t shirt now showing  some interesting tattoos sticking out of the sleeves instead of his combat vest and camo uniform top piece. "Sargent, it was beyond inappropriate. One of your men could had been shot." He said shaking his head before giving Willow a gesture to follow. "Welcome to Regis Air Force Base here on the Monturno Islands, 500 Miles of the Coast of Usea. This is a joint operation base for ISAF, the Independent States Air Force. ISAF is basically a force composed of Usean military such as myself and a private military force known as Stonewall Inc." He said as the walked with the hare y the runway as a 3 fighter planes began to take off being lead by a clearly older looking plane with a rather interesting white and purple color scheme. " Here we conduct special operations, R&D along with as you can see operations and training exercises for aerial combat. But yeah right now I am taking you to speaking with the Commander and Mr.Koyzra. Since your the only highest rank here amongst your men they will want to speak with you. But still any questions?"

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