Gate Report: Rebirth

  • ( part of me was considering a world war 1 version of this buuttt more like wonder woman. lone solder ends up in a strange world)

  • ((( I haven't watched wonder women yet. I will tonight tho!! Also modified my post, I guess we can get to chatting with Renvi and such about the Belkans and everything))

  • (heh…about Renvi.....))

  • @RodoWodo:

    (heh…about Renvi.....))

    ok I fixed my post…I won't time skip anymore...but whats your grand plan and whats up with Renvi. Is he behind the attack? A DOUBLE AGENT!? lol

  • just know that those casualties isn't the only ones yall gonna get. and as for  Renvi you shall see.

  • ((Poor Fabi.. her world is gonna turn upside down. Lol

  • (Im so sorry! I meant to post, but RL caught up and then  the worst case of writers block…ugh.)

  • (((How about you post Unknown, and I'll modify my post to fit yours! 🙂 ))))

  • Mortimer listened as she spoke and even still as she let her frustration out and he knew the feeling well once before that one couldn't forget easily. The frustration, fear, sorrow….emotions the old mouse knew very well and understood in their line of work. Its never easy, knowing a life of a fellow can die from your hesitation in a moments notice under such circumstances. Such lessons you learn the hard way when coming into the field for the first time.

    Once she finished speaking he put a paw on her shoulder and gave a weary smile, "I understand." Then he sat next to her as he looked back up at the stars with a sigh. A few moments of silence passed, then his paw soon lightly touched Fabi's paw and looked at her with a warm smile, "Your not alone, we're here to help support you Fabi. Even if one of them is a old timer like me and a grumpy hare." A lighthearted chuckle came from the last part, but did not last long when Louis ordered to RTB.

    A sigh escaped from the mouse as he put his glasses back on and wearily got back on his feet, "No rest for the weary it seems." He turned and headed back to his humvee where Lennard waited for him in the driver seat. As he got close a slight limp could be barely seen as Mortimer got into the back with a grunt, a paw moved from his side to show a hole in his vest and slightly bloody bandage beneath.

    "You sure bloody love to keep a straight face don't you Morti? Even with a hole like that in ya."

    The greying mouse wearily chuckled, "Even with 20 years of sitting around, I can still keep a good poker face." Soon he was fast asleep as the meds he took a bit ago kicked in finally.

    "Yeah." The hare started the vehicle, "Bloody feel those 20 years still, wot." Turning to follow the rest as they headed back to base, Lennard driving the whole way as Mortimer slept in the back with a peaceful look.

  • ic:
    Fabi still curled up, fast asleep.
    Stacey slid the window open and poked her head through, "Hey guys," she said, "Once we get a breather I want all of you to get checked out, and I mean everyone…" she said pointedly looking at Lennard and Marcus. "Got it?" She looked at Mortimer sleeping and frowned, she awkwardly reached a paw through and poked Mortimer, "Mort, wake up." she hissed and then poked him harder and frowned, "What you guys give him? He is out like a rock." Stacey growled and looked at Lennard, "What he take?" she reached for his wrist and felt for a pulse, it was slow and weak. HEr heart skipped a beat and she looked back at sleeping Fabi before facing the front, her eyes scanned Mortimers body and stopped when she saw a bandage under his jacket. "No....Marcus! Lennard! Morts injured." she said her voice quaking in a whisper. "We need to check the extent and get him stable at least to base." she looked back again at sleeping Fabi and made a decision, "I"ll grab an IV and some clean bandages, Marcus wake up Mortimer, now, if not..." she drifted off, she knows what could happen, if someone was to fall into shock, they would be in a coma and then die. She couldn't bare the thought of Mortimer dying and she knew Fabi would take it hard. "Thats NOT gonna happen."

  • (Poke)

  • @Unknowsoldier so is Mortimer gonna die? Are you gonna have him pass away? Let me know so I can modify my most to get this started again

  • (bloody hell this rp is still alive?!?!)

  • (No hes not gonna die. And all I did was poke rodo, just trying to think of what the order was again. :P)

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