Gate Report: Rebirth

  • ISAF Joint Operations HQ,Regis Air Force Base;
    Monturno Islands, 500 Miles of the Coast of Usea

    The Regis Air Base, located on the populated Island of the Monte Kurma within the Usean controlled Monturno Island chain. One of the several Usean sponsored joint operation's Headquarters. This base in particular was for ISAF or the Independent States Air Force which was composed of Usean Air Force and Stonewall Defense, one of the world's Largest and notable Private Military Companies known for their diverse branches in Medication, business, robotics and military contracting which originates from the nation of Usea as well. On normal days this base is usually more relaxed as the most action it typically sees is during training exercises and additional training taught by Stonewall Instructors who before joining the Company even had a very notable military career. But this day wasn't like any old day. About 2 nights ago a mysterious stone gate like structure appeared out of thin air on the edge of the base and has caused quite a commotion in the base, island and even the media. The large Gate remained closed and now is constantly monitored by Stonewall Mercs and researchers. Suddenly a black private Jet can be seen landing on the runway of the bases as now soldiers seemed to scramble about. Once the plane stopped and the cabin door opened. A Gray Squirrel that despite being in his sixtes, seemed to be in rather good shape as he walked down the stairs to two beasts. One a Panther in a Usean uniform and a Rabbit wearing eyeglasses donned in a Stonewall uniform variant that was combat pants and boots along with a black turtle neck with the sleeves pushed to his elbows as the Stonewall Patch was stitched onto the shirt. The Rabbit gave a nod to the Squirrel that dismissed the Usean Soldier before speacking in his more lighter Belkan accent. "Ah Mr.Koyzra, You had a good flight?" Mr. Shane Koyzra, the owner of Stonewall gave him a smile as the two walked. "Yes, yes Renvi, the flight was fine. Now then show me the structure that appeared." The Squirrel said as they walked.

    Nikita, or "Renvi" Arratay was a intelligence operative and is a part of the detachment on the base as a Stonewall Officer. He lead Mr.Koyzra to the gate he explained the little information they can get, the gate is large enough to fit some larger aircraft  and for some strange reason will not open no matter their efforts. Upon Reaching it, the Squirrel looked rather surprised for a moment and looked at Renvi. "I need to see one of the men working here. I am sure they can give me more details. Oh and Renvi when you get the chance give your stepsister Fabi my regards. Dismissed." With that Renvi left leaving the Squirrel at the Gate while he passed by aa hangar with what sounded to be arguing, and a lot of helicopters and armored vehicles including several tanks towards the medical bay which usually isn't busy at this time. Upon reaching the med bay he walked up to the Receptionist. "Excuse me Miss is Fabi Arratay busy at the moment?"

  • In Mossflower forest, there is also a big gateway. Starlight, the good,black, fox, had been out searching for herbs, when it appeared. She had immeaditaly rushed to Redwall to tell the news to the Abbot. The gateway had also caused an outroar there too. Messengers were sent out everywhere to tell about the occerence, including the great mountain, Salamandastron. Where lady Birchrose sent her finest hares to envestigate. At the lead was the stern Sargent Willow Shortpaws.

  • The otter looked up at Renvi through her glasses,"Doctor Arratay? At the moment I think she is in the back having a discussion. It's quiet busy here, ever since that gate opened." SHe motioned to the doors leading back.

    A chestnut colored mouse was lecturing a annoyed looking cat over file. Her blond hair with blue streaks was pulled back into a messy ponytail. A lab coat was thrown over her clothes and a name tag identified her as Doctor Fabiana Arratay.
    "Mona, mistakes like that get creatures killed! Yes nothing happened with the soilder since he was stable, but so that out in the field and you just killed someone! It's nothing you can brush off! Do you understand me?" The cat Mona sulked," "yes doctor." Fabi stared at her,"stick within your scope of practice. If you have any questions you don't know how to do, come get may go." The cat stalked off and Fabi ran a paw over her face, she glanced over and saw Renvi. "Brother!!!" She said happily and ran over to him, hugging him tightly, "it's been ages! How was your flight here? Hopefully it was all good!" She stepped back, "Wjats new? How's mother and father?"
    It has been awhile once Fabi had talked to any of her family since working on the base.

  • At a different part of the base a once cream colored now almost completely gray aged mouse seemed to be heading for the medical bay. Shifting the glasses on his nose with blue eyes behind them as he greeted passerby with a smile and replied to those noticing him as he walked. Quite in good health he looked for his age as he wore combat pants, boots, and uniform shirt of Stonewall with the universal medic symbol stitched onto his shoulder. Carrying a bag of medical supplies he soon reached his destination as he passed by the coming and going of others.

    He waved a greeting to the Receptionist as he walked by, "I'm back from my rounds, and keep up the good work." Smiling as he walked in he noticed the cat Mona in a sulk as she left and Fabi hugging Renvi. "My, my, I do hope I'm not interrupting a reunion of sorts?" Mortimer said with a warm smile to the heartfelt reunion as he walked up to them.

  • (language alert!)

    Renvi returned the embrace with his older "sibling", Fabi has been his adoptive sister since he was born and the two almost seemed to be inseparable aside from when Fabi  attended medical school and Revni enlisted in the Belkan army in the Special Forces. Due to his military history it explained why he outranked his elder sister. "I am fine, although mother and father have been a massive headache since I last spoke to them. They refuse to flee the country regardless if the civil war has gotten worse. I am a concern for them." Renvi said before giving her a nod to follow. As the two walked the rabbit began to give her more updates on the civil war since before the gate he was assigned to gathering intel on the civil war.  The two then walked past the hangar as in a clear latin accent the words "THAT IS BULLSHIT!" can be heard from the inside of the hanger. Renvi shook his head as he looked at his sister. "Looks like another pilot from that Usean Ribbon squadron  is upset again." The squad that he was referencing to is the well known Dreamcaster squadron. A well decorated squadron composed of only of "Ribbons", a title bestowed upon top aces that is signified with a blue ribbon painted on the tail of the plane. The pilots had been stationed at the base under orders to assist training rookie pilots. Although with the lack of flying and now the gate it seems that some of the pilots are starting to get restless.

  • Fabi looked up at the voice and smiled, "Mortimer!" She said, surprise in her voice as she saw her old mentor. "Renvi this is Mortimer. He was my mentor during medical school. He taught me all he knows!"
    She gave Mortimer a hug,"it's been along time old friend. How ya been?"

    All three walked towards the hanger as Renvi spoke about the war. Upcoming she heard say me yelling in angry voices and carefully poked her head in to look who was throwing a fit.

  • The mouse chuckled as she hugged him, "It's been pretty good Fabi. I just came back from doing medical rounds for certain personal." He soon heard the arguing voices as he walked with them.

    An aged ferret wearing a combat uniform of a paratrooper group and officers cap, "I'm just repeating what I've been told, if you don't like the order then tough luck." He said sternly to the Usean pilot from the Ribbon Squadron.

  • What Fabi saw was a tall tan furred otter wearing his fight jumpsuit with the upper portion tied around his waist as his tattoo protruded from the sleeve of his white t-shirt and seemed to be furious. "This is a load of shit and you know it you freaking gun for hire! You have zero jurisdiction to come over to our hangar and ground us without any approved orders from Usean command! ZERO! You Stonewall guys may be a part of ISAF but that doesn't give you the right to try and boss us around. You already had denied us from flying our F-22 and made fly these freaking 30 year old outdated F-4s and your guys was lucky to have that approved. Now you try to walk in here and act like you run the show! Get real and go boss your own men around or even better why not you go talk to Commander Mercer and see what he has to say. I know for a fact what your saying is trying to override the commander's direct orders." The otter said clearly furious at the ferret.

    Meanwhile as the argument progressed a Rottweiler also in a flight suit similar to the otter's walked past Fabi before pausing and spotting Renvi. "Oh Hey Nikita, I guess your not responsible for this one?" He said nodding toward the clearly audible argument. Renvi shrugged. "Nyet, Lieutenant Redding. What is going on?" Lt. Redding shook his head before looking back at the two. "Bah looks like one of your guys is trying to ground us. Some of your higher ups has been giving us a rough time for a bit and now well this was the last straw for Petty Officer Santos." Redding said looking back. "Honestly I can't blame Oscar for going off, but man it is crazy to see him get this riled up. He is always so happy and easy going. oh and who is this?" The Rottie said nodding towards Fabi and Mortimer. Renvi smiled and gestured towards them. "This is my older sister Fabi and her former mentor Mortimer. they are from the medical wing. Fabi this is Lt. Otis Redding, also known as Dreamcaster-4." He said as gestured now towards the pilot.

  • Fabi gave a salute, "Nice to meet you Lieutenant." She glanced at the otter and looked around, seeing if her old friend Louis was here. Not finding him she turned back, "Your friend the otter, he might want to take a walk to cool off before it becomes a show around here." she quickly added, "Just a thought, shouting never got anywhere."

    Fabi hated conflict and tried to avoid it best she could.

  • Mortimer gave a salute and smile, "Lieutenant." The order for grounding the pilots did not escape his notice, he can understand why such pilots can get…restless. For such a decorated squadron to get ordered to fly older by about 3 decades planes and then ordered to be grounded, such venting wasn't a if, but when.

    The ferret surprisingly kept calm in front of the otters loud rant, "As I said Petty Officer, I'm merely relaying the order."

    "Is everything alright here you two?" Mortimer inquired with an inquisitive smile, appearing as if out of nowhere next to the two. Maybe a bit of peacemaker can help keep tensions low.

  • Oscar narrowed his eyes at the ferret. "Well guess what buddy, piss off and don't come back unless you get orders from Commander Mercer saying that you can ground us. Until then we do not have to follow that order as under due to it being not approved by the proper individual." He said before looking at Mortimer and seeing the Stonewall uniform on him. "Why you care, essah? Your friend here thinks he can ground us without approved orders. Until he gets those orders el carbon can go bother his own men." Oscar said before Redding called out. "Santos, forget about. Like you said he can't do crap. Come on over here is blow some steam off, you know Major Willis will take care of this. Besides Nikita is here." Oscar looked at the ferret waving him off before walking over to Otis. "Guys meet the one and only Dreamcaster-7, aka Lucky. If you can't tell he is by far the luckiest pilot in the squadron." Oscar nodded before suddenly the alarm went off. "Attention all units this is red alert! That Gate is now opening. This is not a drill. We need a combat detachment to report to the gate immediately!" Suddenly the base came alive as suddenly armored LAVS and soldiers rushed over to the gate along with meanwhile a tank with the name "Bloody Valentine" drives past the hangar towards the now opened gate.

    Suddenly some soldiers surround the gate weapons drawn and start to move in with the tank up front. suddeny tank top opened up and a mouse donned in his Stonewall uniform stuck his head out and manned the 50. cal turret. "Hey Louis hows it look." Said one of the voices inside. Louis looked down and responded. "Looks like the tunnel is a mile long….it is longer then the gate itself. Regardless We are approaching the exit soon." He said as the voice responded. "Gotcha Louis! Stay up there and man the gun." Louis gave a nod as he adjusted his helmet and pulled back the slide putting a bullet in the chamber of the gun. "Lock and loaded."

  • Fabi jumped as the alarm went off, that only meant one thing, the gate was opening. "Dang it.." she muttered. They definitely didn't need this right now, well maybe they should of, to ease tension between the members.

    Curiosity was tugging at Fabi and she took off back to the medical bay. She slid into the medical ward, "Alright crew, gate is opening up, I don't know if blood will be shed, but we need to be prepared for casuities." she said addressing her crew. "Mona, Markus, Lulu! you come with me and Mortimer to the gate, grab stretchers and med packs. The rest set up for triage." she took off her coat and donned on a lighter jacket, with the universal symbol of the red cross on both arms. Showing her as a medic. "Lets go."

    If she know one thing from working with Stonewall, they loved bloodsheld, what was it she learned, shoot first, ask questions later. She shook her head as they made their way over to the gate. Staying behind the line, they halted by a few crates of ammo and waited to see what would happen.

    Fabi saw the tank roll up to the gate and a familiar head poked out, manning the gun. Is that Louis?" She thought to herself.

  • "Seems a hubbub has started." He turns away from the otter as the ferret officer had already went off to prepare, "If you wish to continue venting to staff, I'm always available if you have concerns Petty Officer Oscar Santos." Mortimer said as he turned his head slightly to give him a salute before following after Fabi.

    As he made it in just a bit after Fabi he noticed the way she took action effectively. A smile showed as he knew he trained her well as he went to go gear up. Donning a ballistic vest and blue beret with a universal symbol of the red cross, grabbing a revolver and sub-machine gun as he shouldered his medical bag. "Once more unto the breach it seems, figuratively and literally." He took a position beside the young mouse, "Certainly not a dull day isn't it?" He said to Fabi calmly and with that same smile.

  • Starlight was just giving the members of the long patrol (who was keeping an eye on the gate,) some food, when the gate opened. She screamed and pointed, seeing the tunnel and the tanks moving into it.
    "WHAT ARE THOSE!" she cried. Sargent Willow was immeadatly up on her feet and started shouting out orders.

  • As the tanks rolled down and approached the gate the soldiers, which was not wearing Stone wall's iconic black and tan uniforms but all of the soldier donned a distinct multicam styled camo with a bright blue band around their arm with the ISAF insignia of a triangle formed by 3 smaller triangles all suddenly stopped and rushed to the sides of the walls shouting about enemy contacts spotted. Louis grabbing a pair of binoculars spotted the "enemies" scrambling about and taking up defensive positions. "Alright we got a large group of hostiles taking up defensive positions. At approximately 200 yards away from the gate near the treeline 15 degrees left." Louis said after placing the binoculars down and said to the rest of the crew within the tank. "I see them Louis they look like they might attempt to engage but I can't makeout their weapons. Duke load up the teargas canisters and Louis stay on the gun incase they decide to charge." While the group inside was prepping the tank Louis gave the response force orders to hold position as the tanks pushed up ahead and was the first to come out of the gate and into clear view. The mouse up top started to hunker down to prevent from being a clear shot as he relayed the degrees and elevation where the group in the treeline was. The tank barrel started to turn as the sounds of mechanical whirring broke the silence that has taken over the area. Once the tank was in position Louis looked down at he squadmates inside. "Lets smoke em out boys, you got a clear shot." Suddenly there is was, the sound of the tank firing. it wasn't as loud as if it was firing actual rounds but more like a loud pop and air rushing out  of the barrel of the tank. From the tank was a canister that midway began to produce a trail of smoke before landing dead center in what ever defense the hostiles took as teargas started to smoke up the area. "Alright reload and prepare for another round! Squad 1 and two move up!" Louis shouted as now the soldiers started to move into the clearing and started to take their own positions ready for a response from the enemy.

  • Sargent Willow saw the tear gas being fired, and yelled.
    "Give em' blood an…" She immeadatly started coughing and all those around her soon did the same. Starlight, who was farther away, shrieked and rushed in to help. She was by Willow, when the gas overcame her too.

  • Fabi looked at Mortimer, "the day hasn't even ended yet." Tension her her voice evident.

    She winced as shouts where heard and the tanks fired off. Fabi looked at the teargas flying. "Please say we have enough saline solution." She muttered as they followed after the tanks but hung back, not entering the gate, unless told so by a ranked official. Fabi preferred her crew not get in the way and not lose a single member. She turned and address her crew, "I don't know how this will turn out, but we aim to save the lives, friend or foe. " She quickly added, "Save our guys first, then asses the for, remember we are all creatures and we do have loved ones waiting for us. Stay on guard and stay alert."

  • "Indeed young Fabi," a click is heard as he checked his weapons magazine and safety, "It has not."

    His words couldn't be more truer when the tank fired off teargas at something. "Depends on how many canisters fly." The mouse knew of the effects well enough to know what to expect, what he tried to anticipate were the casualties from those unlucky enough to be caught nearest the initial point of contact from the gas. Hearing Fabi's address of the crew, Mortimer nodded in approval of her words and quick addition to said statement. Tear gas is certainly better then the alternative, not that hard to treat either. He thought to himself as they waited.

  • Louis stuck his head out into view getting a better look of the smoke cloud. "Alright Adjust the aim 5 degrees west. then increase elevation by 2 degrees." Louis said as the tank moved and made its adjustments. The tank fired once more as the canister flew towards another side to allow the gas to spread out more. At this point the mouse looked back at the soldiers. "Alright Squad 1move up and neutralize the enemies check your fire and only engage if you have to. We don't need the media to make ISAF look like killers. Squad two keep and eye on the ridge until Squad one makes it there then move up. Medical Squad, hold position until otherwise!." Louis said. It was interesting that ever since ISAF was formed Louis was promoted to a Squad leader for this armored infantry unit, Iron Paladin. Knocking on the side of the tank signifying it to move up  into a better spot he waved the medical team to move up into new positions before the squads gave the all clear. Now at this moment soldiers began to approach any unconscious individuals that failed to get away and began to zip tie theirs arms together while another teammate kept their gun trained on the beasts as a 'Don't even try it' message. Eventually the all clear was given. "Alright medical team move up Squads 1 and 2 will move to secure the perimeter."

  • As the tanks and teargas to different and fast to accomidate, noone had escaped, though the ones at the edges,(like Starlight), had the least effect on them. They were the first to stire. Starlight moaned, and tried to move, but (obvously) her restransts stopped her. Starlight noticed this, and the sqads, and tried to make herself as small as possible. She also shied away from anything that came near.

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