Gate Report Reboot?

  • I sent a message to Star… hopefully she posts soon

  • worse case scenario is that star and characters will become unimportant until she returns. basically what I could do is we can have a different person as our group's guide and let them do their own thing or have em on autopilot

  • And when she returns we can make her important again? Shall we do that?

  • that we can do. now how we make her relevant again is gonna be the interesting part cause it is gonna depend on where we at when they arrive

  • Time skip maybe?

  • biiiggg maybe. what ill do maybe is have star message me so I can create a scenario where they get caught up or something. I will not do a time skip if we reach the point where things are supposed to happen.

    Speaking of which, I only have two things currently planned so I'd appreciate it if yall toss out ideas for what could happen in this mission. Bear in mind your all in a heavily armed military convoy with orders to use lethal force when deemed necessary (only reason why the mercenaries probably wont be so aggressive is cause of the actual military forces they are with. for example Half of the Unit Louis is incharge of (Including Louis) are Marines.)  Reason why I say that is cause ideas like "lets go make friends with the abbey and have tea"….yeah I can say that attempting something like that will end very....very....very badly with all things considered.

    on another side note I really wish this site had a dice roll function so I can incorporate things that people could actually fail at trying to do. make things interesting

  • EDIT:
    I will willingly fail and stuff with my characters. It's all in fun rpging it out.
    So they go to the point to find the downed drones… let's say they get attacked by the birds, but warriors are riding the birds? , then team gets caught and taken to Redwall or somewhere?

  • Thats umm…an interesting train of thought there. o.o

  • Fine. Scratch that thought. What if, group get attacked and Stars long patrol saves the group?

  • i'd say that is a good idea and I would incorporate that cause it really wont interfere as much with the main event aside from the obvious bird battle. But there is two issues…..Star's patrol is currently under ISAF's (the military) watch since they was the ones that got shot at with a bloody tank (Louis is not apologizing for that one xD) and then there is the fact of the convoy itself.......actually hang on I could make that work if we make it a different group of the Long patrol, preferable another party from the Abby itself. cauuuse I got something planned for Salamastradon. any more ideas we can have that I can add in as well to keep things interesting?

    Speaking of which TJ are we gonna keep the original idea we had with Fabi's origin going on even through your "real brother" isn't a thing here? I still have ways we can do it

  • I guess we have to since this is kinda like a continuation from the first Gate RPG. But let's not bring it up yet? It could be set in later. Fabi sees something that brings her back to a flash back when she was a child

  • yeah something to trigger Fabi's memory be nice. also big hint here Renvi did drop a massive hint earlier about these gates so he knows more about this stuff then others. Also I wouldn't look at it as a continuation. it is a restart basically. same setting and plot different rp per say. Hence why it is no longer just Stonewall, there are different characters I wanna include more character arcs and stuff but we will see how things pan out

  • Sounds good to me. Shall we continue to post?

  • go for it

  • I hate starting posts. Lol give me til end of tonight. I'll have one up

  • Idk guys, been randomly writing. What should happen?

  • sorry that I have been quiet yesterday I had to evacuate cause of  Hurricane Irma decided it is gonna come over to say hi


    anyways with the story it depends yall want some travel time or a time skip to go straight into events?

  • No sweating Rodo! I'm glad you are ok tho! Irma looks like a horrible storm.

    Ppls thoughts?

  • Yeah, its good to know your alright considering how hard the East coast is getting pounded.

    I'm fine with anything really.

  • Admin decision! I timed skipped for all of us. So we take place outside the "no data zone" we start from there.

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