The Adventure Begins (OPEN)

  • Dirk trudged through Mossflower woods, his eyes staring ahead, and his ears open to the sounds around him. It had been about a week now since his old "friends" abandoned him. The memory left a sour taste in the ferret's mouth, so he tried to keep his mind occupied with other things. Like finding food. He hadn't stolen anything since the bandits had left him, so he had resorted to scavenging around the forest. Of course, that could never compare to food that was actually prepared by somebeast. Dirk was certainly no chef, nor did he really have any desire to be. His talents lay elsewhere, mainly in the art of stealth. Although, perhaps he should expand his repertoire. Tracking was certainly something he could benefit from learning, seeing as how he had not been able to find anybeast lately. Tracking was a skill of one of the bandits he used to be with, so Dirk never had any reason to learn it. Now, though, it seemed like it would be a very useful thing to know. Unfortunately, there was nobeast around to teach him. And even if there was, it was highly unlikely that Dirk would trust them enough to learn from them. So, for the moment, the ferret just kept walking.

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  • Mother Calian hummed as she walked out of her home, which was a hollowed out hill. She was about to grab her supply of firewood to light her oven, when she saw Dirk.
    "Hey, young'n, are you well? You look hungry. Come on in! I was about to make supper!" She called. She patted down her spikes, and straightened her apron. She was a mess,for she had not had guests in a long while.

  • A bit farther back within the woods there was a unusual looking beast walking through the forest. His rather unusual attire and his entire presence practically screamed foreigner. From his silken martial arts attire to the triangular straw hat he wore with a cloth on the back that protected his neck from the sun and the hat covered the upper portion of his face. For beasts that have traveled to the more exotic lands it is cleat that this beast is what is called a Red Panda and his attire was that of a martial artist. Yet what is one doing this far out west? Another notable thing about this individual was large rectangular shaped leather case on his back that was actually appeared to be taller then the Red Panda as he walked through the woods. Also the rather unusual ball like shaped sealed bottle that seemed to be attached by a small but strong and elegant looking rope protruding out the bag that seemed to be attached to whatever the object within the bag was. As he resumed to walk he began to approach what looked like a clearing and continued to walk through although the fact of his unusual attire and the hat causing a inability to make out the beasts face one could almost be scared of the rather mysterious and strange looking individual.

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  • Venrig was lost, as usual. The hungry otter had left Redwall early that morning, but had gotten lost among the labyrinth of Mossflower after no more than half an hour. He had left with the intention of gathering some shrimp and hotroot so the friar could make his favorite soup; he thought that he could at least find his way to the river without getting lost, but he was proven wrong in the first thirty minutes of his expedition. He ambled sheepishly, as he was apt to do sometimes, among the trees of the great wood, and stared at the ground in hope of finding something to eat. Unfortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful. Seeing something move in a clearing up ahead, he quickened his pace while still using caution.

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