• Nickname: Dirk

    Full Name: Dirk Shadowfur

    Species: Ferret

    Age: 20

    Alignment: Neutral

    Description: Tall and skinny, as most ferrets are, with dark grey fur and green eyes. On his face is usually a neutral expression and darting eyes. He typically wears a black cloak.

    Possessions: Carries two daggers and a set of lockpicks.

        - Stealthy
        - Agile
        - Cautious

        - Untrusting
        - Not very strong

        Dirk prefers to keep his emotions to himself, and doesn't trust anybeast. Deep down, he'd really like to, but past experiences haven't really given him much reason to do so. He wouldn't harm a beast for no reason, especially if he could help it. However, if somebeast had something he wanted, Dirk would absolutely try to steal it for himself.

        Dirk used to roll with a group of bandits, stealing vittles from beasts to feed themselves. However, bandits aren't known for being the most friendly creatures. So, when it became clear that they would benefit from it, they betrayed Dirk and abandoned him. Dirk has since survived on his own in the woods, using what he knows to keep himself from starving, and always looking upon others with weary and untrusting eyes.

    (First time making a character on this site, so any feedback would be appreciated!~)

  • I like it! ^-^ it is sad that he doesnt trust anyone, being a vermin- speceis, he probably gets mistrusted too. Can't wait to see what you will use him in!! ^-^ ^_^ all my rps are open… where does he stay? in mossflower? or a random forest?

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