Desiox the Defiler

  • Nickname: Renegade

    Full Name: Desiox the Defiler

    Species: Wolverine

    Age: 49

    Description: A dour faced wolverine who stands taller then a badger with an imposing stature and muscle beneath his shaggy, black fur. Few wrinkles and scars permeate his muzzle along with white war paint splotched on his face, along with a long braided beard tinged with grey that stretches to the top of his chest. Thick of build like all wolverines and yet more lean, along with having minor scars all about his body from different battles, the major one being his right paw that suffered extreme burns leaving it furless. Forcing him to don a permanent gauntlet as any contact with the air antagonizes it with extreme pain and even with said gauntlet he still feels minor pain through it. Much of his body though is covered in metal armor scavenged from those that fell before him, though it mostly covers his upper and lower body with a forearm shield on his left arm and heavily armored gauntlet covering his right paw up to his elbow. Pauldrons rest on his shoulders with the right side being a bit more armored then his left as to provide more flexibility with his weapon arm. He dons no helmet as he believes it shows weakness and so the last thing his opponent would see are his reddish orange eyes as he crushes them with Defiance.

    Possessions: Scavenged metal armor and battle trophies, two handed flanged mace called Defiance, forearm metal shield.

        - Great strength
        - Battle-hardened experience
        - Cunning tactician and charismatic

        - Burn injury on his right paw can flare up from extreme actions and occasionally must re apply healing salves to keep it in check.
        - Can't swim
        - Slow physically

        Always a stern and silent individual even while he was young, many in his clan always thought it strange for a wolverine to be so silent. When he did speak, he spoke deliberately and his words had power behind them that just seemed to roll the right way as he spoke. Words can only take one so far and Desiox knew this at a young age as he trained with blood relatives to fight. Part of a clan that hires out their young, fledgling warriors as expendable muscle he already had a long life filled with bloodshed and trail by combat, along with teaching him how "The strong survive and the weak perish". What set him apart though, was how he viewed battle from afar even as he charged as the tip of the spear on suicidal charges on occasion and how he implemented tactics in the midst of battle. Many a battles fortune turned when Desiox appeared where such a large best should not be as lines crumbled and many dead littering the field from his carnage. Eventually, many a battle and skirmish tempered his skills in battle, sharpened his mind to battles as a whole, and how such ways to rise up as his clans new Chieftain ruler. As of present, he enforces his rule over his small horde with fear and strength, convincing, or strong-arming, many to join his ever growing ranks and constantly looking for more ways to expand his rule.

        Born into a northern clan of wolverines, his life in the beginning was harsh and cruel at the same time. This clan hired out their young, fledgling wolverine warriors as expendable muscle and to help enforce their rule as mostly those sent are those that pose some risk of attempting to take power. Already he stood out a bit different from the others and this secured a spot on a warband as he was sent to fight in a war he knew and cared little for. Battle after battle, 10 warriors sent in at a time to break the line or storm the wall, 9 kin lost in every encounter yet he returned alive with growing resentment…and hatred. Eventually, both could not be contained and hidden from his Chieftain as they ordered for his death publicly and to make an example of him.

    This is when he defied his clan and rose up, killing his supposed executioner as enemies surrounded him. His actions sparked within him, as he act of defiance...inspired others as the next 9 warriors sent to fight with him attacked and killed his assailants. So began the birth of Desiox the Defiler as he led his kin with him on the warpath against his own clan and destroy them. Raiding known towns associated with his clan and gathering vermin of all types he formed a horde as they assailed the homelands of his former clan, burning down everything and killing all within it. During this bloody siege is during his fight with his old Chieftain that his weapon had been set aflame and in order to block it he suffered extreme burns to his right paw to achieve the killing blow, victorious over his bloody revenge.

    Years later, he cleared out the remnants of his old clan and began to enforce his rule over his horde as he trained them. He had a new target for himself as he gathered and trained more recruits for his horde, a vermin recently recruited had come from the south and spun stories of grandeur of a place called Redwall Abbey. Many vermin hordes had tried to take it over in the past and all have failed spectacularly in trying to do so, while further south a mountain called Salamandastron stood watch and protected Mossflower from invaders by sea on occasion making forays inland to assist Redwall in times of need. A rare smile broke on his face from hearing such stories as he prepared his horde for travels down south, two locations of such story and renown, even more so then his former clans history of battles. Such challenge is hard to come by and ones he relished the thoughts of him testing his capabilities to their fullest.

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