If you are not going to põst for a while

  • ïm not gõïng to post for a while srÿ --  ++ :`(

  • chnge o plans i will post but not as often.

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    Two important announcements to make here:

    1. I am leaving this Thursday for Utah to visit my brothers in Provo. They are taking me to Comic-Con in Salt Lake City! I will return the following Sunday, the 19th of March.

    2. The first week of April, I am leaving with my college choir for New York. We, along with many other choirs, an orchestra, and one of the top choir directors in the entire country, are performing at (wait for it)…Carnegie Hall! This is a lifetime opportunity for me that I promised to be a part of. Like my trip to Utah, I return on the Sunday afterwards, the 9th of April. We are performing one of the greatest religious contemporary works ever written in the history of music: John Rutter's Requiem.

    Thanks for your attention and understanding of these details. Just wanted to make sure to get these out, so as to explain any sudden absences within the next few weeks. During the time between my upcoming trip to Utah and the school time in New York, I will remain at home attending school and hanging out/posting here. On both trips, I go by plane. I'll try my best to get some posts in tomorrow before my afternoon flight on Thursday.

  • sorry i havent been posting the last few days. my internet was wonky. I will probably not post in easter or in may much. i will tell u qll if anything else comes up.

  • Greetings, and farewell, amazing forum members. I'm here to tell you the worst news . I will not post for a very long time. I do not know how long this will last. Life has become too much to handle, plus these rps. I'm very sorry for any inconvenance.

    On a more personal note.  I cannot tell you how hard this is for me to post this. To come close, it feels like a knife has been plunged into my heart, twisted a few times, then used a blunt blade to cut it out. I have made what I hope to call friends on this forum. Fernleaf, Tinarandel, Sierra, to name a few. And I wish I didn't have to do this. You might have thought I had gone for good already, and I'm sorry for that. BUT I PROMISE I WILL RETURN! I WILL NEVER FORGET! I'm sorry. sorrysorrysorrysorry…

  • Oh Star, hearing that makes me so sad… You are one of the people who made this place so engaging and enjoyable for me.

    I will be waiting for when we are blessed with your presence once more.

    Hugs tightly.

  • Hugs back. Thank you so much! As I said, I will try.

  • Let priorities be priorities, though.

    We will wait for whatever free time you can have 🙂

  • Yep! Every spare moment! 😉

  • Hello! So I will be gone the last weekend of May, starting on that Friday - Wensday. I MIGHT be able to, but very unlikely. Just warning you all, It shouldn't be that big of a deal. Just don't do anything exciting without me then! 😉

  • Just don't do anything exciting without me

    Well, that's easy… things aren't too exciting when you are gone: D

  • … But You would still be there?!

  • @stargazette:

    … But You would still be there?!


  • Sorry about being idle. Had a family emergancy. Will post when i can

  • Oh, I hope whatever it is got better now 🙂

  • Yeah! ^-^ hand you ice cream

  • Ill be able to reply to pillars post and The City by tomorrow

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    Coyote, do you want me to post first or are you going to? I ask because I don't yet have a post ready.

  • Sorry xD i havnt had a chance to read the last post yet.

    Im house sitting for people, helping others move, and had to pull a couple of 8 hour shifts this week end.

    My weekend however starts today, after work. Ill get to it today (ducks for cover from life throwing him something each time he says that)

  • Yay! Im back! As back as I usually am anyway

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