• Esiarr is a 13 yr old human girl who falls onto a portal and turnns into a redwall beast, called Sarier, a mouse. as a human, she has brown hair, light skin, freckles, and blue eyes. as a mouse, she still has blue eyes, but has brown fur. she wears a red dress in both dimensoins, though the real world one os shorter. she is freinds with starlight in the redwall dimension.

  • She is in junoir high but was on a tour bus going to a old castle when she fell through the portal.

  • few extra things. She is a heavy sleeper. but will wake in the mornings if.."persuaded". She had a uneventfull life with her parents and 4 siblings. She is a good student, but isn't very athletic. Many poeple say it is because she is lazy, this she denies. She always tries to be friends with everyone. She is also gullible. In Redwall, her favorite weapon is a staff/walking stick.

  • More extras!; Her hair is usually in a braid, even as a mouse. She is pretty skinny. She also tries to fight through it, but she has a low pain tolernce, she also heals fast. Esiarr gets random headaches for no reason, but they usually go away by morning. OOC: plz comment if there are things that you think I need to add/take away/change.

  • yep, there is more. she is christain. not fast, and cannot run for long peroids, though once she stays in the redwall dimens for a while, she does get fitter. She reads, ALOT! she also has a wierd memory. bad at names and faces, (and math) but remembers almost everything in books.

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