A New Arrival

  • The otter winked jauntily as he replied: "Venrig Rudderwake, pleased t'be making yore very pretty acquaintance! So this be Redwall. Slit me rudder!"

  • Tessa showed him inside, "Tis Redwall. Have you traveled from afar?" She asked curiously. Not many new creatures come to Mossflower that she doesn't know. "Tell me about your travels?"

  • Venrig smiled mysteriously. "Ah, well that is indeed a very long story, an' I'll gladly share it with ye sometime over a warm mug o' mulled cider by the fire. As fer me home, I come all t'way from me family's Holt Riverhull, on the Eastern Shores, far north o' here. I been a long way since then, even caught a vermin leader, ferret by the name o' Skuge Blackboot. An' I should think ye fer welcomin' me so kindly into yer wondrous Abbey. I wonder if'n I might take a look about the place? I'd be much obliged to ye if'n ye'd show me around."

  • "Happy too." Tessa said as she led the way to the Great Hall. "Not much happens around here, its pretty quiet." she said opening up the doors going to the great hall. She halted in front of Martins Tapesty, "This is our founder of Redwall, Martin the Warrior, he is the one that built the abby and protected it before he passed away. Legends tell that he appears when the need is great." she looking lovingly up at the tapestry, "Oh how I would of loved to known him," she sighed and continued to walk, "Those doors lead down into the kitchen, up the steps leads to the sleeping places, hospital and library on the upper floor." she said as they went up the stairs.

    "Do you know why all staircases go to the right? it makes it harder for a swords person to fight their way up the stairs, unless you fight with your left hand." she indicated to her two swords on her back, "I fight with both hands, its useful in most cases." They reached the top and she opened up the door to the library, "This is the library, aka the best few you can get of the abby." she said heading to the window over looking the bell tower and pond. "Over there we have the belltower where Mathias defeated the evil rat cluny and saved his beloved Cornflower from his clutches. It used to be one bell, but it was now formed into two bells." she said pointing to the bells.

  • Venn smiled in recognition. "Aye, I've heard summat o' these legends from the kind shrews who took me to this abbey. I unnerstand there's countless adventures what took place 'ere, an' I'd surely like ter learn 'em." He gazed at the Bell Tower for a while, then his gaze shifted to the books on the tall library shelves. He sighed longingly. "I know that as a species, otters aren't generally renowned fer their reading, but I've always loved books… The cracklin' pages, the smell o' adventures long lost ter memory... 'Tis the only thing I don't like about bein' an otter, ye can't sit inside an' read all day, ye have ter go swim, or wrestle, or catch vermin. But occasionally, when no one's watchin', I'd sneak up to a book and just get lost in the pages..." He sighed again.

  • Tessa poked at him, "well at redwall you can read all day, no one here will judge you." She gave a smile, "if you want you can spend the day in here reading. Supper is at 6pm you'll meet the rest of the creatures living at the Abby."

  • A young mouse walked by, Carring aa load of books. She stumbled and a book fell off her pile. She expertly caught it in midair, and put it back. Then she noticed the otter.
    "Oh, hello, I haven't met you yet. I mean, Hello , my name is Sarier!" She carfully streched out a hand, balencing the books on the other one.

  • Venrig shook the mouse's hand heartily. "Pleased ter meet ye, Sarier! I'm Venrig Rudderwake, traveling otter. I see ye enjoy readin' as much as I do. What are ye interested in?"

  • Sarier waved her free hand about.
    "Oh, you know,this and that," She smiled, "What are you interested in?"
    She started to walk again, now with both paws holding the books.

  • "Anythin' with far off lands in it. I'm also partial to comedies, and -er- cookbooks!" He winked humorously, then turned to Tessa. "While we're on the subject, what're you interested in?"

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