Venrig Rudderwake

  • Nickname: Venn
    Full Name: Venrig Rudderwake
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Goodbeast
    Species: Sea Otter
    Description: Tall, wiry, tousled black-brown fur, long scar along left arm, kindly expression, wears a long, loose, deep green tunic fastened with  a belt at the waist.
    Possessions: A sling, a javelin, a pouch of slingstones, a rapier which he never uses
    Strengths: Storytelling, plays the mandolin well, ranged weapon aim I.e. Slings, javelins, bows
    Weaknesses: No sense of navigation whatsoever; literally cannot walk in a strait line for more than a mile, left arm slightly crippled by his scar, meaning he cannot perform complex motor tasks well
    Personality: Outgoing, hardworking, protective of his family; Loves Dibbuns; close friend of Bomboar's
    Background: Venrig was born and raised in a small Holt called Wavehull on the Eastern Coast. When he came of age, he decided to set out into the world to adventure.
    He wandered a long way, battling eagles (how he scarred his arm), foxes, then joining a Guosim tribe. But when Venn was attacked by snakes in the Quarry, Logalog came to his rescue- and was never seen again. Venrig, grief-stricken, wandered off in search of his lost friend.
    Along the way, he beat three vermin who swore revenge from their entire horde.
    He met ten Long Patrol hares, and shortly afterward they were indeed attacked by a vermin horde led by a powerful ferret named Skuge Blackboot. They fought bravely, but they were being overwhelmed when help came in the form of Logalog and nine shrews!
    They finished off the inexperienced horde and the three groups decided to band together and head for Salamandastron. Logalog explained that he had not been killed by the snakes, instead he had run off through the forest with nine shrews, searching for Venn, who Logalog did not know had gotten back to the Guosim camp. He spent days searching for Venn, until he heard the sounds of battle and- here they were.
    Suddenly, they realized that Skuge Blackboot had escaped! They spent several days tracking him, then once he was caught, they returned to Salamandastron. Shortly afterward, the Guosim took Venrig to Redwall, where he has lived ever since.

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