I put this, because i want to know if i should just stop everything, untill i have studyed very hard on being a rper, or just go with the flow!

You're doing fine. You learn to RP by RP'ing. nuff said, as Bomboar would say.

I would very much like to join "The Inn Far Down the Road" and "Shipwreck Island", if you'll allow me to do so.

I'd like to join Shipwreck Island. I thought The Inn Down the Road was interesting, but so far I see a vermin there, and I don't play vermin or other villains very well. They either end up goofy or so utterly evil they give me the creeps. However, is the Inn open to all characters? I will have to think up some characters to play in those RP's.

all my rps are open, and shipwreck island, only the pirates are bad, or if you want to make a backstabbong cjaracter. same in he inn down the road.

i am still deciding on whether to hop in Shipwreck Island, but I do plan on joining it.

Roleplay is how you learn. Everyone started off in the same boat, so it wouldn't be fair to exclude younger/less-experienced people. Roleplaying together builds both experienced and inexperienced at the same time.

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