Shipwreck island

  • OOC: This Rp is where pirates attack a merchant ship and its escorts, but a storm hits and each ship crashes into a different island in an island chain. There are stowaways that stile spmethong from the pirate captain, ans that os why they attacked. This is a open topic.

  • Astream Fishfight looked towards a blot on the horizon. It looked loke just a rock, but what rock moved? Astream squinted harder, and her keen eyes saw what it was.  Her eyes grew bigger and told a sailor to hail the other ships, Pirates were coming!

  • Runtgit saw a blot on the horizon as well, but slowly grew bigger as the corsair ship sailed forth. Up on the ships lookout nest he spotted the merchant ships and called out his sighting to the corsairs below. Finally, the chance the runty rat wished for was in sight and soon his own little schemes would come to bear fruit. Patience though…patience is something he must forget as he silently schemed for his rising of through the ranks.

  • Astream set off the silent alarm, telling them of the danger, but to move cqusallt, as if they didn't notice that they were coming. She was so busy raising the alarm, that she didn't notice the dark stormy clouds behind them.

  • Log-a-Log Arkal saw the coming ship as well. The shrew had an idea of what was coming. "Let's get ready for the pir…" He stopped, sniffing the air. "We got other worries right now. Storm is coming! We need to batten down the hatches. Up and about, Guosim! We need to get ready!"

  • Runtgit barely noticed the dark clouds behind them until his tail twitched. Looking back he saw the dark clouds and internally screamed, all his planning and chance to take control went up in smoke from bad weather. "Hellsgates!" Cursing silently to himself he gave the alarm for an incoming storm with reluctance.

  • ooc- is logalog with the convoy?
    Astream dared o look at the looming clouds.
    "The pirates wouldn't dare to attack us in this weather, would they?" she asked outloud to noone in particular.
    she then shook her head and amswered her own question.
    "It doesn't matter, we will be ready, attack or not, weather or not!" She then scurried away, getting ready for the storm.

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