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  • This is were u talk. talk about life, your rps, anything!

  • anyone read the dragonspell series? ?_____?

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    I never have. I grew up reading Redwall, the Lord of the Rings, all that fantasy mythological stuff. Never heard of the Dragonspell series.

  • me neither. I've readย  Redwall, LOTR, Narnia, and several others, but this is the first time I've heard of Dragonspell.

  • Same. I've read Redwall, Warriors, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Shadowdance, some series off the top of my head that I can remember.

  • ah. makes sense though, it isnt really popular.

  • what is your fav. genre?

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    Besides Fantasy and Adventure, I also read Mystery, Dystopia, Science Fiction, and some Horror. I love the Fantasy and Adventure above all else.

  • ๐Ÿ˜ฎ cool. what is dysyopia? other than the mystery and horror, i like the same ones.

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    Dystopian literature is a genre of fictional writing used to explore social and political structures in โ€˜a dark, nightmare world.' The term dystopia is defined as a society characterized by poverty, squalor or oppression and the theme is most commonly used in science fiction and speculative fiction genres.

    Google's words.

  • woah. not my thing, but it does sound cool. does anyone own a youtube account? more spicific, any channels?

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    I have neither of those things myself. Only my Tumblr blog: Destiny Beckons (Jared Sandeye Character blog) Warrior Unleashed (a Miscellaneous blog). I'm working on more content for DB.

  • and i dont hav that, lol.

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    Remember, you're always free to check out the blogs if you like, most especially Destiny Beckons. Your attention, input, and questions would do wonderd and be greatly appreciated. They would mean so much to me, no matter what great or small things you do. That blog really needs help, all it can get.

  • u, need help? unthinkable ๐Ÿ˜‰ will check out.

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    Thank you! I'll be awaiting your questions.

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    OK, so I have plans to write more Drabbles/Short Stories for my Tumblr blog. There are, however, a number of factors holding me back:

    1. School, obviously. I mentioned that my college choir will be traveling to New York in two weeks, to perform at Carnegie Hall.

    2. Lack of plot material. With my previous Drabbles, I actually had something to work with. The Blood of the Past is an invaluable crucial key to The Prophecy. On the Abbey Balcony illustrates the romantic bond between Jared and Larina before they started dating, and was majorly influenced by the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Fernleaf is my favorite so far, and anyone who's been reading Curious Dreams knows the significance of it, and why Fernleaf and Jared have the brotherly relationship that they do.

    3. I get very little time to myself these days. I've started new classes as of Monday, and the trip to New York is drawing ever closer. Even when I do get some private time, it's more often than not spent doing homework or studying my vocal repertoire. So my writer's brain goes on dormant lockdown, and it was a miracle that I managed to get posts in yesterday and today. Motivation, inspiration, and initiative are my keys, but they've gotten rusty over the last month since publishing Fernleaf.

    So if you could all help me out, I really want to write more Drabbles. Any advice helps, big or small. Thanks, everyone.

  • why not make little thing about when he was young? some mischief or something?
    This has been going around my brain, but in MARTIN THE WARROIR, Clog and his crew said that crowds were lots and lots: lots+lots=crowds. so what would be: lots(crowds)=? i dont like math much, but it has been bugging

  • Eulalea(sry for typo.) is pronoced UE-LAE-LEE-A? any other pronuceations?

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    That pronounciation of Eulalia is actually correct. Jacques was very specific about that. Good job!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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