Favorite redwall book and characters

  • I acctually just joined this site because i wanted to talk about redwall. I have read all of the redwall books except rakkety tam and eulalia! (im reading legend of luke now but dont tell anyone xD) Anyway, my favorite book so far has been Taggerung. Coincedently, hes my favorite character. I also like all the dibbuns, martin ( of course)  but all the otters are the coolest.

    What do you think?

  • Another otter fan, woop woop.  I like otters too and really like Taggerung, but my favorite book is High Rhulain, thus my RP chara is from the Green Isle, is a decedent of Tiria, and I'm writing a three part backround story on my chara which is, oddly, taking place in the Green Isle.  My favorite chara?  That's a hard question.  There are so many I like so much it's hard to decide.  I'll get back to you.  OH and welcome to Redwall's Legacy.  I hope your become a big poster.  Its always good to have alot of those.

    PS: Read my fan fic,  The Pirates of Jentez and tell me what you think.

  • By the way, Welcome to Redwall's Legacy.  Ya I'm the first one to welcome you.  Five points for me.  PPPPPPPTCHAAAAAAAAAAA.

  • Well, I like hares and mice, and also, here's your second welcomer :)!

  • Cloudberry second, three points.  PPPPPPPPTCHAAAAAAAAAAA.

  • I happen to be a major fan of the foxes and cats. A shame, though, that they never survive.

  • Gingiver and his heirs did in all the books they where in.
    I think foxes are the best leaders with the exception of the cats. They have cunning and thats always usful in wars and campains.

  • Hmm, my favourate book is probably Martin the Warrior (it was the second one I read). My favourate character would be Mariel or one of the hares.

  • Hell, Mariel and Welcome to RL! I read "Martin the Warrior" first and it was my favorite. "Pearls of Lutra" and "Mossflower" came in pretty close though.

  • I just finished the Pearls of Lutra last night…and I agree, it's really good! As of yet it's one of the only ones where the characters I like best made it to the end that I've read. 🙂

  • Sweet… and I second the welcome. Man, I love your sig. I have a countdown on facebook for that. I looks like they kept to the book like in the first one. But I hope the action is better.

  • Thanks! 🙂 I hope the action is better as well, I think it will be. 🙂

  • 😕 I would have to say redwall and silent sam as my fav's

  • My favorite book was "Loamhedge"
    That was a GOOD ONE!
    Fav characters?

  • I would have to say that my favorite chara was that mouse in "Mossflower." What was his name? He was the one that was always causing touble and stealing stuff.

  • That would be Gonff the Mousethief, if I have my spelling correct.

  • Thanks Cyber. By the by, when are you going to change your name back? I like it the other way. The one you have now is just to hard for me to pernounce. Cause I am lazy. 😛

  • My favorite character is either Rakkety Tam or Deyna/Tagg and my favorite book is Pearls of Lutra. Man, it was so sad when the mouse died … imagine being pecked to death by birds.

  • My favorite book….is Martin the Warrior, and ,my all time favorite character is...you probably guess because of my name, FELLDOH!  O8D

    Me second favorite book is Loamhedge. And my second favorite character is probably Rakkety Tam.

  • GO loamhedge!

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