• I hope this will become my character for RPGs, but please tell me if I need to change her.
    nick name-none right now
    name-Arries (She is like Russa, noone knows where she came from)
    description-She is a brown squirrel, she is very skinney, usually wears a red (tunic?). Her tail is very long. Also, her fur is very unrully.
    weapons- She has a bow, small sling, and a dagger.

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  • i have a new not-arries character! she is a hare called Willow Shortpaws! She is a stern no nonsense type of character, exept when she is not working.

  • mor info on Starlight.

    name- starlight
    looks- She is of average height, has brown fur. She has odd eyes, they are pure black, but has speckles of white, like the night sky. She usually wheres a red tunic, and a belt that has a small dager and pouches of herbs on it.
    weakness- hates fighting, and almost never uses her dagger. She gets sea sick easily. She is not strong or fast.
    strengths- Starlight is very good with herbs, and is very paytient.
    Background- Starlight never knew her family, where she came from, or anything. All se knows is that something bad happened. She was found at the Abbey getes when she was 8, and has lived there evr since.

  • new.
    name-birchrose the sheild.
    looks- She is as big as most badgers, if a little small. She is black ang white fur, with blue eyes that turn purple when the bloodwrath takes over. She usually carries around a big shield that has a picture of a oak on it, and she can weildit in ways nevrr seen before. She also has a dagger.
    weakness- She ha bloodwrath, and she is not very fast. She has a big temper, and she sometimes acts without thinking, putting her and those around her in danger.
    strenghts- Sh has the strength of 2 badgers, can cook, and when her emotions dont overcome her, she is very intelligent.
    background- when she was a baby, she and her caretaker got attacked by vermin. her caretaker fended them off as she ran for nearby redwall. the caretakers wounds were fatal. So redwall took her in, and they named her birchrose. When she was 19, she felt the urge to go the salamamdastron, on the way, she met a kindly old hedehog who trained her, and gave her the sheild. she stayed with him for a few seasons, then trekked off again.

  • more on squirrel arries.
    weaknesses-  horrible cook, not strong.
    strengths- good at climbing, stealthy, fast.
    background- Her grandparents were evil. They were good partners in crime with arries the wildcats grandparents. Her parents ran away, and tried to hide arries. when they found out they were discovered, they told arries, who was 7, about her grandparents. then they hid her with a family of squirrels, and ran away. they were slain, but the wildcats never found out about arries. Arries has moved place to place with the family, and now resides in mossflower woods. she is about 20, and lives by herself, though she visits the fanily still.

  • new chara, im a fountain of em, lol.
    name- Redpaw
    speices- rat
    weaknesses- weak, coward, slow.
    strengths- intelligent, silvertougue. great at  giving commands.
    background- He is one word, VERMIN. he is a vermin, through and through. he had a vermin family, vermin friends, vermin everything. He has served under the wildcats all his life, and is 2nd in command of wildcat Arries's horde. Arries told him about her past, and he prompts her to be evil.

  • more info on Arries the wiodcat.
    weakness- does not like water, cant swim. not very strong. she is constantly remined of her family.
    strengths- fast, cunning, determined.
    look- looks like wildcat. she has green eyes, and dull orange fur.
    background- All her famiy is evil. her grandparents were associated with arries the squirres grandparents, who were also evil.  her family was always out to destroy, conquer, and slave. Arries never liked that, but her family saw this as a fault. so Arries was raised so that her cmpassion would be extigwished. it never was truly gone, but arries hid this, and tried to live up to her fanmlys expectations. Then an army rose up to destroy the wildcats rule. Arries ran away, fearing foe her life, and when she found out that everyon was dead, she blaimed herself. so she is now raising up a horde to try and follow in her familys footsteps. she doesnt troly want to, but she belives that th8s is the only way to redeem herself.

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