A Reboot of a Campaign

  • After some thought I decided to go back and try to beat Xcom 2, but with fewer mods to help remove some clutter. This in turn unfortunately makes some characters in the Character Pool a bit unusable, thats where I come in with this…

    Random generated soldiers are fun and all in Xcom 2, but the repetitive biographys and appearances gets a bit boring. So heres my question, do you want me to make a character of your design to appear in my latest playthrough of Xcom 2? Obvious thing is their human and choices for customizing are a bit limited, but I will try and make them as close to your descriptions as I can. As such, I'm fine if no one responds to this as its your choice and I respect that decision.

    For those who do choose to have a character appear in my playthrough, here is a base character sheet thats easy to understand and helps me in making said characters.

    First Name:

    Last Name:

    Nickname: (In Xcom it appears like this: John 'Alpha' Doe) Optional.

    General appearance: Hair color, eye color, skin tone, clothing, etc.

    Favorite Color:

    VIP: Y/N, this means do you want said character to also appear other being a soldier i.e. Scientist or Engineer, random everytime.

    Biography:(Inspiration question; Why did they join Xcom?) Hate to say it, but it can't be too long as Xcom 2 does not allow too big of a biography word limit. Also, this can be pretty much comedic, dark, or noble as you want, I have no preference for any tone of writing and it gives a good varity along with interesting say...relationships, with fellow resistance fighters. :3

    I'll wait on starting the playthrough for sometime to get everything ready and get characters made, so you have plenty of time to think about it. Will give updates once finished on how everyones characters are doing in said playthrough.

  • Oh man, I love Xcom 2. I'll definitely come up with a character for you soon! I might even start another campaign just so we can compare how we play. Or something like that.

  • Cool to hear man, eh but I'm a slight scrub for Xcom 2 cause of mods. XD

    Though i am currently trying to cut back on some though by getting rid of a few mods I don't really need.

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