The Guild (potential game) EDITED

  • Hello fellow redwall peoples!

    Ive been in the mood to try out another game Idea! Because my last game idea was, admitedly over complicated and unballenced xD

    That said, I present The Guild.

    Set in the Redwall universe the story takes place in the north east on the far side of Mossflower. A land of small villages spread out through several meadows, forests and mountains. The land is unclaimed by nobles or warlords and is protected only by the local guard and The Guild, a small band of rangers, foresters, mercenaries and brave beasts dedicated to holding up the law.

    The Guild protects merchants along the roads, hunt bounties, and explore the area.

    Most problems are solved through rp but there are stats when there is a need for them.


    Attributes: You have 12 points to spread across these attributes. Min 1/ Max 5.


    Might: Physical prowess.Strength
    Swift: Agility and grace
    Focus: Dexterity, aim, attention
    Logic: problem solving, Inteligence
    Wits: Expression, communication.

    Feats: You have 2 feats. Feats are skills, qualities, traits, perks that give you am advantage and a +1 die to your roll. Example. If you are an archer then you roll +1 when using a bow, repairing a bow, or apprasing a bow for sell at a shop.

    Example feat:
    Writer: Mr. Smith has dedicated his life to the fine arts and is a proficient story teller.


    Dice Rolls: The number of dice you roll is = to (stat + feat(s)) 5-6 count as 1 success and for every success you roll +1 bonus dice.

    When rolling against a challenge the enemy, the danger, the obstical etc also roll its own dice. Successes cancel each other out, the player with the most successes is the victor for that round.

    Consiquences for success or failure are determined solely by RP. Generally the difference between dice rolls determine the extent of either. IE. Lose a roll by 1 success and you might get a cut across the arm, lose by 5 or more and you are looking at broken bones.

  • This is a little comlicated, though I'm sure others would like it!

  • Lol! Thank you ^.^ Its why I decided to edit it again xD I took the basic mechanics from another game which was simpler xD

    I might still tweak it a little though.

  • wow! nice! but will you play this here? how will you know what other people role? or are you going to role for them?

  • To the first question, yes, I would play this here 🙂

    The second question, it depends on the player. They can roll and post the rusults oocly. Or they can have the GM roll for them.

    Im debating where or not to put in a way to track wounds or have a collective meter that tracks the progress of the party as a whole o.o

  • wow! I wpuld Otally play this, but I'm bad at stuff like this;)good luck:)

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