Nation RP: Barbarian Stirrings

  • =2nd Age 700, Spring= (Indeed, time bubble good idea since diplomacy is always a fickle beast)

    "Until the meeting tonight Commander, may the warm sands bless us with fortune." The Por'El  bowed in return as the commander left them. At a  steady pace both representatives began their walk to the Prime Minister's office. Shortly during their walk a small talk began between the two in their native language of Esalani, "Is something the matter Shas'Ui?"

    At the question the vulpin shook a bit,"Its…its that I understand my orders are to escort you sir, but my Shas'Vre did not mention I would be more involved being...

    "A representative as well?"

    "No offense sir, but I don't see how one such as me can be of use in politics. I've trained to be a Fire Warrior and so has my family before me."

    He merely chuckled, "Indeed, and why would they send a such a Fire Warrior as my escort then, hmm?" Before he could reply back they reached the Prime Ministers office. His answer delayed for a time as a few quick words were shared as the vulpin knocked on the door.

  • The door knocked just as Rose nodded and went to the door. Looking back at Kiloc  and seeing the Minister's nod, the Thylian woman opened the door and help it open for the two before going on her own way. Now there remained only 2 Lapin. Both men seemed to be decently built although granted the one standing looked larger and seemed that he could probably throw a one of them out of the room with ease despite his jolly appearance. The Lapin sitting down waved to two in and stood up. "Ah you must be the Zulkan Representatives, I am Prime Minister Reginald Oliver Kiloc and this is 3rd Division Representative Theodore Rimbalt, the woman that left is Elizabeth Rose whom will be monitoring repairs on your ships.  Please have a seat." Kiloc said as he gestured towards the seats where a bottle of Isurmi Vodka and wine sat along with several glasses of various sizes. "Care for a drink gentlemen? Judging by your fleet's condition I take it this is now vacation." He asked as he poured himself a shot glass of the vodka as paced as bit glass in hand. Kiloc was a very different kind of Politian compared any other major political leaders who their status of upper class or royalty made them rather prim and proper. Kiloc on the other hand, granted a very respectable gentleman like many lapin was actually more casual and direct. His outfit was well made but appeared more like a commoner's good suit instead of a wealthy noble's outfit. Leaning against his desk he looked back at the envoys "So then shall we begin this meeting or is there anything you'd like to say prior?"

  • The elder Cameriu and young Vulpin representatives entered the room and bowed in greeting. "Ah you must be the Zulkan Representatives, I am Prime Minister Reginald Oliver Kiloc and this is 3rd Division Representative Theodore Rimbalt, the woman that left is Elizabeth Rose whom will be monitoring repairs on your ships.  Please have a seat."

    "We thank you for your hospitality Prime Minister Kiloc and for assisting in our repairs." Mi'Yos said back in reply as both took their seats. Indeed the Por caste were correct on the mannerisms of the Lapin back home from merchants doing trade with Isurmo.

    "Care for a drink gentlemen? Judging by your fleet's condition I take it this is now vacation."

    "I respectfully decline the drink Prime Minister." The Por'El says solemnly and his Shas'Ui escort shook his head to decline the drink as well.

    "So then shall we begin this meeting or is there anything you'd like to say prior?"

    "No, I don't believe so Prime Minister." Mi'Yos said as he composed himself and had a solemn expression on his wrinkled face. "I do believe you know the reason for this visit? Zulkan wishes to know what Isurmo plans to do about the Verja raiding both our trade routes and if such action is to be taken then both Nations can support the other by coordinating with each other?"

  • The minister shook his head to this and Theodore gave a slight groan as they both knew exactly what the Por'el was talking about. "So that is what those bird raiders are called? Some Trade routes have gotten so dangerous that we don't allow ships to sail through them without Marine escort. My marines have taken to calling them and excuse my language "Bloody winged bastards". So yes we are well aware, in fact Parliament has been crying for us to deploy a assault force but many fear that Zulkan might take it as a act of war so it is good that you have arrived to discuss this. But regardless this is not my decision alone, we must take it to the Parliament they might want more then just organizing a fighting force. But for now I guess we still need to discuss about the issue so please continue explaining the situation."

  • "The Verja, as Zulkan calls them, are native to the mountains in our lands and while spread very far from one another flocks can pose some threat. From our earliest records they were nothing more then scavengers that prey on lone travelers or caravans with little escort in quick and bloody raids before flying off back to their nests with their ill-gotten spoils. Not much else is known as they reside high in the mountains and ever since before they rarely attacked our caravans ever since the first clans united to build our capital." The elder solemnly sighs. "Shas'Ui Damos knows more of the Verja as of now currently as one of the few to fight them as of now." He indicated to the Vulpin beside him as they took a breath before speaking.

    "They were a threat back then and even now proves what some back in Mosasta guessed as well. In comparison to now they had more numbers in the past, but the only reason they never expanded out is because of their chain of command…or lack of one. A weakness exploited during Zulkans forming and solidifying our borders, every Verja is innately distrustful of others except for themselves and as such flocks rarely grow over 20 individuals." A tinge of gloom seemed to appear on his face as a thought crossed his mind. "What happened during our trip here, showed how wrong we were in thinking the Verja cowed and contained in their roosts. Seeing first hand of our own tactics being used against us and how effective they used them cost us two escort ships for finding that out. If by somehow an individual Verja within their ranks has control of their own races weakness, or that their being controlled by a third party somehow, it does not bode well if a problem such as this is not dealt with quickly." He relaxed slightly as he finished his report. "That is the extent of what is known of the Verja so far."

  • Theodore scoffed at this. "Bah, those winged nuisances may have been a massive issue for our trade but they still are no match to just one of our marine battalions and due to their hostilities we do have a large enough outcry from the civilian population to want a formal declaration of war although as mentioned earlier despite our wants many are still concerned about how Zulkan and any other nations would react to Isurmi military forces practically invading another." With that Minister Kiloc chimed in" Representative Rimbalt is right, Tensions are high with the Oblarians up in northern waters and with diplomatic relations in the east is currently in a very delicate stage as those blasted Reformation only seems to demand about us considering talks to surrender independence and join their empire, bah." The lapin said as he waved the thought with distain. "Regardless of this we would be more then happy to act as long as we get a approval from the Parliament. Besides I am sure many people here would love to have potential talks of Zulkan joining the International Trade Agreement and possibly even alliance but I am getting ahead of myself  uhh…." The minister paused for a moment as he seemed to just remember something. " Ah, Completely slipped my mind but I believe I never gotten your names gentlemen. Besides We do have about half a hour before the meeting with Parliament begins so I do believe there isn't any harm and perhaps idle chit chat until then."

  • "Por'El Mi'Yos me'nd Zersa and," the elder indicates to the vulpin beside him, "Shas'Ui Damos me'nd Mosasta." He turned back to the prime Minister. "I understand Isurmo has coming strife from the Olbarians to the north and diplomatic tensions with the Reformation to the east, a precarious position to be in indeed." He nods before continuing, "An alliance between Zulkan and Isurmo has surfaced occasionally in our Council and proposals sent to our Sultan directly. Though some within have considered the idea to bring Isurmo into the fold of Zulkan for protection and guidance of Ad Maius Bonum." At this he shook his head solemnly.

    "To which others disagree as the least desirable option taking into consideration Isurmo's own history with independence would only widen and deepen a divide between both our nations. A scar that would take long to heal, and impossible to forget as time went by."

    His solemn expression soon softened after a bit, "I do apologize, one tends to ramble as they get older. Mayhaps you can enlighten on how Isurmo plans on dealing with the Verja Minister?"

  • (Bump, so you can see Rodo.)

  • Minister Kiloc smiled as he gestured for the Drakani in a the military uniform. "Commander Unchan, please explain to our guest the best possible options." The commander nodded as he stood up. "Considering that our Navy will not be able to do much  unless they are along the coast line. So perhaps our best option will be to Send in our Marines. They will be able to provide assist on the ground. From there we could push the enemy to the coast. Then from there our Navy could finish them off with artillery from our naval fleet." He said as he looked at the Por'El. "Any questions?"

  • The Shas'Ui Damos had a look of just horror and looked as if about to voice a very verbal objection, until the elder stayed him back with a paw. A calm look as if to stay his words for now, which the vulpin reluctantly followed his superiors non-verbal order and backing up a bit. The Por'El looked back though with a solemn look and shook his head, "I am very sorry Commander, while it is a very sound and effective plan of attack I must dutifully inform you such action is not possible."

    "This information would've been shared soon, but it seems it must be shared sooner." He cleared his throat and then gestured for his Shas'Ui to begin, which the vulpin stepped forward now.

    "Well the plan you suggested commander is…vastly different from ours and yet certainly effective, but as the Por'El states we cannot agree to such a plan. Our scouts had made a report before we came and it said the Verja had attacked three outlying villages near the Northern mountains simultaneously. All three were razed to the ground and all the citizens within each have been taken…hostage, the Verja sending word that if any attack comes to their port." He seemed to struggle with the last part as if difficult to say, which the Por'El finished for him.

    "They will execute 100 for each navy ship that is spotted near their domain with ill-intentions."

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