Chi-an The Brave

  • Chi-an The brave

    Full name:  Chi-an

    Nickname: Chi-Chi Von Otterbutt

    Race: Otter

    Occupation/class: Archaeologist in training/Warrior

    Physical Appearance

    Age: 18

    Eye Colour: brown

    Hair colour length and style: Normal otter colours and length. Brown fur.

    Height: 6' or regular otter height

    Type of body (build): Stream line and athletic.


    Dark greenish black tunic, with a hooded cloak attached at the shoulders. It is not long enough to interfere with walking or running and is thin enough to lay under his equipment attached to his back. A black undershirt lays under it all. His tunic is modified the same as Myrel's, many pockets and tools lined his clothing.


    Trained by Myrel in sabre duelling. He carries one the same way as her, a scabbard tied to his back like a sash. Easy to reach and draw when needed.

    Despite Chi-an's many flaws he is very proficient with a bow. He has dead eye accuracy and extreme confidence wielding one. He has one laying opposite of his sabre, with the bow string unbound and wrapped around the willow shaft.


    He's an otter that can't otter, but that doesn't dampen his iron-willed spirit. He will always have a smile, a joke to tell, and a barking laugh ready at all times.

    He is not afraid to fight against evil and for those that he cares for. His bravery knows no bounds.

    He has a curiosity to match his companion squirrels and a love for adventure.

    He has a love for botany and all things that grow. He seeks out tales from every beast that he happened to meet, and he is excited to learn more of the world around him. He keeps most of the stories within a journal that he keeps on his person in a water proof leather case.

    (I will be writing some stories as told by Chi-an.)


    Greatest Strength:

    His spirit cannot be broken; no matter the torment befallen upon him. His smile and joyful carefree nature will pull through, only ending when he finally dies. He's also surprisingly good at climbing trees.

    Greatest weakness:

    His carefree nature tends to lead him straight into trouble. If he didn't have Myrel to guide him he wouldn't have been around long. He's also not very good at Otter things. He can't swim very well or use any type of water craft to any proficiency.


    He only just recently met and partnered up with Myrel. He helped her out of a tight spot and in appreciation she offered him the chance to tag along and learn from her the ways of archaeology and exploration. He has travelled with Myrel for over a year, learning all he could from the red squirrel.

    He has developed a crush on the squirrel, she is very pretty and quite attractive to him. He does not know her true age however, he believes her to be around his age. He hasn't confessed his feelings.

    He was orphaned at a young age, left to survive on his own for some time before meeting up with Myrel.

    His former home land lies in the North lands across the great sea. (Mossflower)

    Any adventure involving Myrel and Chi-an will most likely take place in the south American continent.

  • the multitude of reasons for having a nickname of Otterbutt. XD

  • @Unknowsoldier:

    the multitude of reasons for having a nickname of Otterbutt. XD

    Otter's have really good butts. I like to touch dem butts.

  • buttom

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