• Pyruoo

    Full name:  Pyruoo

    Nickname: Py

    Race: Crow

    Occupation/class: Warrior/Scout

    Physical Appearance

    Age: 19

    Eye Colour: Crimson Red

    Hair colour length and style: long white feathers jut out from his head, each one with a black tip.

    Height: 2'

    Type of body (build): athletic as far as a bird can be. He's in top physical shape.


    Wears a head band around his longer head feathers. If he did not wear it his feathers would flop down around his head and face like a mop.


    Not a whole lot of options for bird weaponry. He has a talon attachment made out of steel, it attaches to his right foot talons extending his talon range and lethality.

    He can also utilize small stones and gravity.


    Pyruoo speaks in the third person, addressing himself as he speaks

    "Pyruoo cares not of your miserable plight."

    The rest of his clan does the same. He is a warrior by nature, but a lover at heart. He may act tough but he's just a lovable ball of fluff. Make no mistake, he's a fierce warrior and will not hesitate to take action. He is very protective of the ones he calls friends and of course his family.

    He enjoys playing tricks on friend and foe alike. He also likes to peck and bite at those that he likes.

    He has no mate.


    Greatest Strength:

    His natural ability of flight puts him at a great advantage against most enemies. He can travel vast distances in short time spans, and use it to scout efficiently.

    Greatest weakness:

    Being a bird puts him at great disadvantages against some of the bigger species of beasts that wander his world. His body is frail comparatively, making him an easy target to anything that could get a hold of him.


    Born in the kingdom of Pnumica, birth by the queen, and son of the king. He is heir to the throne of Pnumica, and former captain of the guard. A fierce warrior prince, he has led many battles against invaders. Birds and beasts alike.

    His duty as guard captain was short lived, he retired from the role, taking up a wanderers life. He met many good beasts and birds through out his travels. Even assisting in the liberations and wars of others.

    Many tales of his adventures will be written out soon.

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