“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” ~Ozymandias, Shelley

Basic Information
Common Name: Aynur
Apparent Age: Late 50s
Apparent Species: Red fox
Gender: Female

Physical Statistics
Height: 15 hands
Weight: 9.25 stone
Fur Colour: Ruddy-orange, brown, black, white
Eye Colour: Green
Build: Venerable

Privileged Information
Full Birth Name: Aynur Vüsalayeva Safavi
True Species: Red fox
True Age: 61 Seasons
Sex: Female

Immediate Family:
–--> Vüsal Leylayeva Safavi (Mother, Deceased)
----> Yusif Sarkarov Safavi (Husband, Deceased)
----> Ruslan Safavi Shirvani (Son, Deceased)
----> Sevinc Aynuryeva Safavi (Daughter, Deceased)
Marital Status: Widowed

Short History

Aynur has seen the end of an age, the toppling of a dynasty, and lived to scribe the tale. Even in her advanced years, though, she still takes pleasure in the vitality of youth, enjoying the way destiny swirls around important people. Were she a younger vixen, she might even like to go adventuring, but her old bones never let her stray too far from her home and garden.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

“Come, child. Let us cast the bones, and chart what fate has yet in store for you.”

The Second Dream

OOC Notes
Aynur's immediate family have passed on into the Dark Forest, but that doesn't mean there weren't grand-kits that escaped the purge.

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